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  1. So I was playing the new update, and I’m a bit disappointed that the armour break models aren’t equippable as regular costumes. I figured hey, why not ask some other people about the subject? Do you wish these models were costumes, and didn’t go to waste? Or do you not care? Beyond that, is it even likely that the devs will add the models as costumes in the future?
  2. A lot of people seem to be calling GBA style supports. From what we've seen and heard, it seems to be a mix of the two systems. You build them up by attacking, but you activate them in stage. Do we know if there's a cap on how many each unit can have, and do we know how they boost each unit? I mean, I'm glad there are supports, but I'm worried that they'll be too similar to the GBA system, and (contrary to popular belief) that's a bad thing.
  3. The die has been cast, now we wait... Yeah, I realise a response is unlikely, but it's worth a shot. I also find it odd how Nintendo of America is the only one with open DMs. Otherwise I would have tried both the European and UK accounts too.
  4. Nintendo has never typically had two directs/events in one month. I think the only time that happened was with the April 2014 Smash 4 direct, as there was just a regular one about a week beforehand. Though that hasn't happened since. I probably should have clarified my thought process earlier.
  5. Calling it now, NX either revealed in October or delayed to about mid 2017.
  6. Nah, I'm likely just dumb. Either that or brown/green colour blind. I mean, I said the same thing about Kotori (from Love Live), who also has light brown hair. I also could be purple/blue colour blind too, as I saw Oboro's hair as purple for a while.
  7. Ok, this may sound dumb, but I always saw Hana's hair as green, so wouldn't she be better for Midori? Then again, I could be wrong, maybe I just can't identify colours easily.
  8. Firstly, thanks, this really helps. So I have a list of the pairings I've either done or planned, which are as follows: Ryoma X Elise (Done) Takumi X Camilla (Done) Saizo X Charlotte Azama X Effie Kaden X Peri Hinata X Selena Subaki X Nyx Xander X Hinoka (Done) Leo X Sakura (Done) Benny X Oboro Keaton X Rinkah Arthur X Kagero Odin X Orochi Laslow X Hana Niles X Setsuna Now unfortunately, this means that I'm leaving out Beruka and Hayato. I could actually get away with swapping Charlotte and Beruka, as I like Saizo X Beruka more, but otherwise, Beruka would go to Kaze. That just leaves Hayato, who I have no clue what to do with. I would have liked him with Nyx, but that would leave Subaki with Selena, and that pairing is too overdone, plus it would leave Hinata in a bind. Felicia and Azura seem like the only options for him, and Felicia does have good Magic growth from what I've seen, so it could work.
  9. Oh, I know it's far from optimal, I'm just wandering which out of the Rev only pairings are the best. If I called it a challenge run, would that make sense? As for Elise!Shiro, he seems to make it just fine as a Spear Master, as the resistance boost helps him as a tank unit. On top of that, the extra magic helps for when I eventually get a Shockstick.
  10. Okay, so on my Revelations playthrough (hopefully I finish the damn game this time), I'm looking to do only Rev exclusive pairings. I've already done the Royals, since they're easy to do, but for the other characters I want to get the correct option. As you probably know, each character exclusive to Birthright or Conquest gets 2 extra marriage options and 1 extra A+ option. I want to do as many marriages as possible from only these options. However, there lies an issue. If, for example, I choose Laslow and Hana, Orochi will have only have Odin left, then Kagero will only have one option left, and so on. This means, if I want to get the best pairings, that I'll have to break the pattern somewhere along the line, and marry a character to one of their normal options. I want to do this as little as possible, so with that in mind, does anyone have any suggestions? Oh, and I'm going after all children, with the Avatar marring one of them. As for characters in all three routes, I'll have them marry each other.
  11. Maybe, but this is Nintendo. We also haven't been told what the NX is despite it being 7 months from launch. There's always a chance.
  12. So seeing as the FE Cipher card game never made it out of Japan, this seems like a pretty cool idea for the fans, and for Nintendo who want to make money. I never played Hearthstone, but I'm sure it made Blizzard/Activision a lot of money, so Nintendo would want to replicate that. Personally, I'd want to see this if only to have all that artwork upscaled without all the text and borders. The only thing that makes me doubt this possibility is that Kishima said that it will keep the main features of a SRPG, though admittedly, I have no clue on how Cipher is played, so it could still work.
  13. I just find it a really interesting story. I never felt like the flaws got the way of my enjoyment of it, and I do kind of like how parts of it are left open to interpretation. If a character's morality is debatable then I can see that as good writing in a way. Some could argue I just have shit taste, but at the end of the day, I found Fates to be no worse than any of the prior games in the series that I played (7,8,11,13). As for CQ MU, I find them to be similar to Lelouch in Code Geass (Though I haven't seen Season 2, so the comparison could fall flat). Both end up doing immoral things to reach their goals, but only Lelouch is called out on it. It made me think that maybe the reason why they don't ever call MU out on what happens in CQ, is because IS want to invoke thought from the player.
  14. You called? But in all seriousness, I believe that CQ's MU isn't in the wrong. They often outright deny to do what Garon says, hoping that they can change him. Then, they learn that there is no way to change him, and decide to put on a facade so that they can defeat him. As for the Awakening trio, which someone mentioned earlier, it would've been hard for them to betray Nohr in BR, though Selena is clearly against fighting the Avatar in both of the chapters she shows up in. I do prefer BR, partly as that's the only one I've finished, and also due to how we see the Nohrian royals react to the Avatar's betrayal.
  15. Too each their own, the way I see it, the people of Nohr are fine, just those in charge are fucked up. I'll still enjoy the story, but you don't have to. Subjectivity exists for a reason.
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