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  1. I spent quite a lot of money on orbs this month. Now I feel very self-conscious about it even though I’m still well within my budget.
  2. Thoughts on +Atk/-Spd FMorgan? Should I try for another one or is she good as is?
  3. Forgot to mention this yesterday, but I managed to get Micaiah! She’s +Res/-Def, so she’ll be a great magic tank. Only needed to spend 5 orbs to get her.
  4. Pulled on the Winter banner early this morning. Managed to get Winter Lissa, and she’s +Atk/-Res! That’s a good way to finish off the Winter banner. I would like to get a Chrom with better IVs as well, but now I’m gonna focus on the 8% banner.
  5. Got Christmas Chrom ... -Atk/+Spd @RezzyWhat did I do to deserve your wrath?
  6. Dumped 154 or so orbs today. Notable pulls: 5* Tana (+Spd/-Res) 5* Lyn (+Atk/-Def) 5* Ogma (+HP/-Def) 4* Reinhardt (+Atk/-HP) I finally got Tana after a miserable failure on the Magvel banner. I also managed to get a Lyn with fantastic IVs to replace my first Lyn, who was -Atk. Getting the 4* Reinhardt was also nice because +Atk will go a long way for him, although I'm going to need another 13k feathers to promote him. As for the Ogma.... I'm not sure if I'll ever use him. Maybe I'll give his Brave Sword to someone else?
  7. I have the means of building a Firesweep Bow+ Lyn with Cancel Affinity, but I can't bring myself to sack my only Faye.
  8. Huh, at least in English the message is there on the gauntlet banner but absent on the Fates banner. Hopefully this is just an oversight rather than a harbinger of things to come.
  9. The notes at the bottom of the new banner notice no longer states that the units may be available at different rarities. I don’t think there will be any demotions this time around and IntSys may be moving towards no longer demoting any banner units.
  10. Managed to build up 9 orbs on the last day of thr 8% banner and decided to make a last attempt at getting a better IV Celica. And I got her on the only red orb in that session. She’s +Atk/-HP so she’s MUCH better than the other two I already have (+Res/-Atk and +HP/-Spd). I also spent the final four orbs on a green orb. Got a 3* Gunter lol. I can finally leave this banner in peace.
  11. I was thinking of building Fjorm with Ice Mirror, Distant Def 3, Shield Pulse 3, and Deflect Missile seal. Good idea or bad idea?
  12. I've gotten a few 5*s in the past few days Bridelia (+Res/-Def) Lute (+Atk/-Def) Celica (+HP/-Spd) Was hoping to get a non -Atk/-Spd Celica to replace my -Atk Celica, but I guess you can't win them all.
  13. If I have enough orbs for this, then I'll probably focus on red and colorless, and maaybe green. Red: Celica- The one I already have is -Atk/+Res. Would like one with better IVs. Colorless: Bridelia- Can never have too many great archers. Genny- She can become a pretty decent combat unit with the healer upgrades and Wrathful Staff. Plus I like her as a character. Green: Deirdre- Didn't get to summon her from the Jugdral banner, so she would be nice to have.
  14. Hmmm, I don't recall Amelia being this masculine. (+Atk/-HP)
  15. With the orbs I got from the new paralogue, quests, and Chain Challenge, I gathered enough orbs for some summons on Ayra’s banner: 5* Eirika (+Res/-Atk) 5* Ayra (+Res/-HP) 4* Cordelia (-Atk) 3* Barst 4* Fae (+Spd/-HP) FINALLY got Ayra! I’m so happy right now! Finally got her after getting a -Spd Brave Roy, -Atk Eldigan, and a -Atk Eirika. I also got some solid fodders. Barst can provide Reposition and Fae can provide Renewal 3. Overall a very nice haul.
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