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    Hi, welcome to my profile!
    Im just a guy who likes to play FE Awakening and Fates, though i have Radiant Dawn somewhere in a box..

    Im also gay for Keaton and Kaden. Cause im gay lol

    I believe in all things Soleil X Ophelia and Niles X Camilla is a otp that makes a OP Nina

    Dont marry your siblings oki? Or Azura
    Anyone else is fair game XD

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  1. Ah OK, time to go get a Grandmaster seal then ^^.
  2. I'm saying if the avatars child marries one of the royals child characters, will that child character be able to be a Nohr / Hoshido Noble because the avatars child could possibly pass it from a Partner Seal
  3. Hello. So in my latest play through, after marrying everyone together, my kids for the most part turned out good, some very good (Selkie, Asugi, Velouria, Kana and Forrest) and some very bad (Hisame, cause Peri! Hisame was the leftovers) But ive been wondering... I have the DLC for Grandmaster, but I was contemplating if Forrest, could get Nohr Noble. In this Revelations run, Sakura! Forrest and Avatar! Velouria were done. My idea is... If I S rank Forrest and Velouria, will this give Forrest the access to the Noble Classes (Since hes Technically the son of Nohr Nobility and is a semi fitting class) Or would it just be better to get the Grandmaster seal and give it to him? Forrest Stats: Str 9, Mag 27, Skill 14, Spd 19, Lck 20, Def 13, Res 28 : Total 130, Strategist Level 2 Thanks for any advice you give and have a great day!
  4. Probably going to end up doing Takumi X Oboro Odin X Elise Niles X Setsuna Lazlow X .....? Hana? Can Lazlow marry Hana? I could do that, shes the only person not getting married and I dont like Orochi that much.
  5. Hello Serene Forest! So im almost done with optimization of my game for Revelations, about to go to chapter 13 to get the next wave of characters. (and Keaton) (and Kaden) But I have 8 units left and i'm not sure how to configure them... Heres who I have left paired with who: Odin X Orochi Niles X Setsuna Lazlow X Oboro Takumi X Elise People say its better to put Odin X Elise and Takumi X Oboro, but im not sure since ive been marrying all the royals together... What do you guys thing?
  6. You made a Chloe too? How close did you get? And yeah she would be lol
  7. Dude omg your My Avatar version of Victoria from LiS made my day, it really did :)
  8. I do it cause i just want my units to be stronger and i dont have infinite time on my hands to grind them, thats all.
  9. Hello everyone. So does anyone have a Jakob with Aptitude? Seems like no one does and I want to make him better so Dwyer is better too. Thanks if anyone does and have a great day!
  10. So Should Saizou marry Oboro then? Or who do you suggest.
  11. Someone told me that a few hours ago, and i understand Arthur X Kagerou but how will Mitama benefit from Effie as a mother?
  12. Hello once again Serene Forest users, its been awhile... So by chance of luck I won a local Gamestop raffle for a charity I put money too and got a $20 buck card and used it to buy Revelations Only problem is... Who to I pair up with who? Theres like, 39 people who produce 21 kids... So i started a list and heres how it goes of what im doing. Femui X Keaton A Combination of all royal siblings being married (excluding Azura) Ryoma X Camilla Xander X Hinoka Leo X Sakura Takumi X Elise Then everyoen else i decided with: Arthur X Effie Azama X Kagerou Benny X Oboro Hayato X Nyx Hinata X Peri Jakbo X Mozu Kaden X Rinkah Laslow X Hana Niles X Setsuna Odin X Orochi Saizo X Beruka Subaki X Selena Silas X Felicia Kaze X Azura I think some of these pairings are good and some are bad Blue Means its a pair i think is acutally good everythign else im unsure of... so im reaching out to all of you to give me good advice. Well, thanks to anyone who does help me out and have a great weekend!
  13. Hello Serene Forest members! So im wondering what to do with Leos son Forrest. Hes so fabulous looking and his mother is Felicia, which is like the most optimal pairing to Leo in Conquest. But what class is best for this child? Id love to here your insight on how to make him a very good unit!
  14. Really? Could you put out a Jakob with Apt at some point? Hes one of the only units I dont have aptitude on yet!
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