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  1. Hi, I am still early on but have got to the first time where I get reclassification to beginner classes. But I'm still at level 5? Is this different to the main two 3ds games? Can I go past level 5 commoner to level 10 and gain more skills? Or is this a more linear route? I dare not reclassify yet until I understand. Lastly can somebody give me a route to end up as a magic user?
  2. Literally the only game I’m waiting for. Love Intellisys!
  3. @Cute Chao. He must be mistaken because it’s not had/been “months” of availability. Not at least in regards to the Seasons of War Ltd Ed. The normal release I’ve had pre ordered for months from other websites but Nintendo UK have only just put up the pre order this week for both. Internationally, it’s been different but not the UK.
  4. Hope you all have gotten yourselves a copy... I’m amazed it’s still available, even if they (maybe) did make plenty this time.. I’m sure that Fates lasted less than an hour the last time round. There’s no excuses now as still available as I type. This game is all I am waiting for, July 26 can’t come fast enough.
  5. Thanks for the info. Another question.... I don't want to be missing out on recruiting characters who aren't recruited in the conventional of just meeting up. For example. I'm nearing chapter 15 where if I didn't happen to glance at a post by random chance... I wouldn't have had Kaze and Corrin at A supports so I would not have been able to recruit Midori. Or is it Kaze will leave if I don't have A supports by 15? So are there any other special conditions I need to know about?
  6. I can't see my weapon's usage counter? Do they have a life span like in FEA?
  7. Yeah fair enough if there is actually some smidgen of content there... But there isn't. And also do not call it Map Pack 1 then!!! It's Season pass!!! The map pack should not be available for purchase or at least warn me before I pay. When you go to the DLC section it does not say that it is a type of pre-order and it even has a section stating "Release Date 5/20/2016" Though all is forgiven.... just cos it's FE..
  8. Urrrgh.... Downloaded map pack 1 only to be told that I can only play it when Nintendo release them.... One by one no doubt.... So a word of warning... Don't bother with it until the whole thing is ready.
  9. I didn't buy that one but why would Conquest only be downloadable way aways on June the 9th? It's out now on hard copy? Give their helpline a bell. Though strange as it seems.... When I went to the DLC section to download Map pack 1.... I didn't see anything but the free Awakening map and Map pack 1....
  10. Thanks guys. That means I'm owed a code too because I bought from Nintendo UK.
  11. Which store did you guys receive (or yet to) your free theme?
  12. Hey people, I seem to remember reading somewhere about a free Fates theme for our 3DS with a preorder? Can you guys remember which store that was from?
  13. Bloody spent most of yesterday just on character creation!! Reading up on boon, bane and talent!!! Not a simple game to get into if this is your first FE! There seems to be tons more story to Fates, which is good. Playing on medium setting and it's a lot harder than FEA.
  14. Seriously! I wasn't expecting it until launch day. This has never ever happened to me before! Two days before launch!!! Had wee go a few hours ago before having to do some family time. Gonna sneak in a few before bed..
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