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  1. So, I recently completed Path of Radiance on Easy mode (I picked easy mode for the higher XP gains), and I wanted to transfer my file over to Radiant Dawn. However, I found out the hard way that Easy mode saves don't work well with Radiant Dawn transfers. I really want to use the level caps, supports, and coins I earned in PoR, and I already put 40+ hours into that gamesave. To that end, is there a way to create or edit a Path of Radiance save file so that it is exactly the same as my existing PoR save (but, say, on Normal difficulty)? I was hoping to do the transfer and create the Radiant Dawn save via Dolphin so I can put the saves on an SD card and play it on my Wii. It'd be nice if there's a GUI editor out there, but failing that, is there a hex editor reference to find where all the data is stored to edit it manually? Thanks!
  2. Yes he does. Just tested it. Iago, with 35 Mag and 24 Skill, would have a 144 hit chance with his Freeze staff if he didn't get any class bonuses. My Effie at this point, counting all pair up/debuff/rally/etc. bonuses, has 22 Res and 29 Lck, making for a 47.5 staff avoid rate. When Iago attempted to cast Freeze on Effie, he had a 100% hit chance. 144-47.5=96.5, so if he didn't get any class bonus, he would not have had a 100% hit rate, so I believe he does get a Hit bonus in Staves as well.
  3. Just labbed it with Yukimura and a Spirit Katana in an Invasion battle 27 STR + [(5 Mt - 0 Eff. Mt drop) * x ] + 4 (S Rank) + 0 (no WTA) + 2 (from Avatar's personal skill) + 7 (Lv 3 Quarters) - 26 DEF = 29 Damage on forecast Solve for x and it's 3. For sake of comparison, with a Venge Katana: 27 STR + [(9 Mt - 0 Eff. Mt drop) * x ] + 4 (S Rank) + 0 (no WTA) + 2 (from Avatar's personal skill) + 7 (Lv 3 Quarters) - 26 DEF = 32 Damage on forecast Solve for x in this case, and it's 2. So it seems that effective weapon coefficients take precedent over effective skill coefficients. In both cases, the number was green, indicating effective damage.
  4. The Hunter's Bow is only effective against Beast units; it isn't effective against Fliers as well (so it will still be effective against Sky Knights [Flying + Beast], but not Wyvern Riders [Flying + Dragon]). The only weapon effective against multiple enemy types is the Blessed Bow (Monsters & Fliers). I'm willing to bet that this was intentional so effective weapon damage wouldn't stack. As for stacking Blessed weapons with Golembane, I don't know; I'll lab it out and report back.
  5. What are some good character-based supports for Revelations? I've got a few in mind, but mostly I'm looking for more good supports between the parents (and optionally, a good mother-child support or father-Shigure support). I don't care that much about the kids' stats (although if a good character pairing also gives good stats, that's a nice bonus) [spoiler=My favorite pairings so far]Selena/Subaki (to make Cordelia Caeldori) Silas/Camilla (they even admit to love in their A support) Arthur/Felicia or Arthur/Setsuna (I love how clumsily cute both pairings are) Saizo/Kagero (rekindling an old flame) or Saizo/Sakura, Saizo/Hinoka (the hair) Hayato/Orochi (I like their competition with each other) Benny/Nyx Leo/Takumi
  6. I have a few questions about this: Would this work if I had the English special edition cart and all the English DLC (but didn't use any of the DLC)? Or would I have to delete the DLC data from my 3DS first? Also, do I need to go through Chapter 6 to hack this, or can a Prologue save file be hacked? Lastly, what are the risks of going online and interacting with people (like, say, if I wanted to give an accessory gift to someone)? And how easily recoverable is this once I do it? Is there a "reset button" (for lack of a better word), or is this permanent? I'm only planning on enabling the missing outfits that were already partially localized (see https://imgur.com/pIEmifY?r if you haven't already). I don't need to do a full conversion, so I don't know how any more or less risky it would be in terms of console/game-bricking, online banning, and DLC compatibility. Apologies for the barrage of questions. I think we all know how rare those special edition carts were, and I just wanted to know the risks before I jumped into this.
  7. 3DS Friend Code: 3883-7031-6215 My Castle Code: 13115-34647-09441-98656 Path: Hoshido (completed!), Nohr (in progress), Revelations (soon) Avatar Name: Brian Castle Name: Forsaken Fort Region: NA Resources: Milk, Crystal Difficulty: Moderate
  8. I didn't see anything about growth rates of supports on the main pages and search turned up nothing, so I figured I'd get the topic started. It seems to me so far that each battle in which two characters are in Attack or Guard Stance, one point of support is gained, and I've found that there can be a maximum of 6 points gained per character per map. I recently tested supports on a My Castle battle: *At the start of the battle, I had Corrin, Nyx, Selena, and Beruka, all of whom had not yet fought any battles paired up with or next to each other *I fought three battles with Corrin/Nyx paired up *I fought three battles with Corrin/Beruka paired up *I fought three battles with Corrin/Selena paired up *I fought three battles with Selena/Beruka paired up After the battle, Corrin/Nyx ©, Corrin/Beruka ©, and Selena/Beruka © became available. Because all pairings involving the above 4 characters require three points and Corrin/Selena's C support wasn't unlocked, I think that there can be up to 6 points gained per character per map. I haven't yet gathered anything on units that are adjacent but not in the Attack/Guard Stance with the main unit (i.e. they're adjacent but don't show up in the battle animation), but I wanted to share what I'd found first.
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