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  1. You all right there??

  2. precious honeypie

    your sweet radiance calls me

    to give all my love!

  3. So everyone who tries to get you out of your imaginary bubble is being toxic? They're trying to help you, and on top of you calling them toxic, you have the audacity to tell them to leave? That's very rude.
  4. snuggles also your world isn't little

  5. You do realize that the battle engines for both FireRed and Emerald have been updated to the Gen VI (and possibly VII) mechanics, moves, abilities, formulae and so on...?
  6. Then there's obviously more than 16 colours in your frames and you need to go fix them. (The 16th is the background, just like in portraits)
  7. I highly suggest you just use characters as the Pokemon and maybe focus on two or three games, like that main dex being mostly Archanea and the 3DS ones...Using generic units sounds quite a lot less exciting as the characters themselves, as well as them being actually characters who differ between themselves by various variables, meaning that you could assign their stat based on more than their role in combat, for example, skills, personality, background and so on...
  8. ...But why would monsters and humans be able to get along if this isn't a new setting (which you haven't said it is)? Every FE game to feature monsters depicts them as generic beasts, it might be helpful for you to explain how your world and monsters are different.
  9. Who is your avi???

    1. かベリー


      Artwork of Princess Yggdra Yuril Ashwaltz from the Dept. Heaven series video game Knights In The Nightmare. ^^

    2. ___


      wow...that's a mouthful...not just about the name, but the rest of the description, too. My respects and gratitude for such a great answer! She's lovely c:

    3. かベリー


      Thank you, she's really one of my favorite characters, especially her design!

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