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  1. So everyone who tries to get you out of your imaginary bubble is being toxic? They're trying to help you, and on top of you calling them toxic, you have the audacity to tell them to leave? That's very rude.
  2. You do realize that the battle engines for both FireRed and Emerald have been updated to the Gen VI (and possibly VII) mechanics, moves, abilities, formulae and so on...?
  3. Then there's obviously more than 16 colours in your frames and you need to go fix them. (The 16th is the background, just like in portraits)
  4. I highly suggest you just use characters as the Pokemon and maybe focus on two or three games, like that main dex being mostly Archanea and the 3DS ones...Using generic units sounds quite a lot less exciting as the characters themselves, as well as them being actually characters who differ between themselves by various variables, meaning that you could assign their stat based on more than their role in combat, for example, skills, personality, background and so on...
  5. ...But why would monsters and humans be able to get along if this isn't a new setting (which you haven't said it is)? Every FE game to feature monsters depicts them as generic beasts, it might be helpful for you to explain how your world and monsters are different.
  6. I don't know how you haven't heard of it before, but it's a thing. http://www.feshrine.net/ultimatetutorial/ Not perfect, but you don't need much else.
  7. Correct me if I'm wrong, but Asuna uses rapiers, not katanas, like the one Lyn uses. Eirika is a better fit for her. Bloodline's lord uses two swords, use that as an inspiration when you get to it.
  8. ...Literally any tutorial is enough for adding a single character into FE7. >_>
  9. So you're basically asking others to make you a hack because you lost motivation after " messing around with some in game sprites"? Instead of hoping someone makes this for you, why don't you try learning FE hacking? Your idea requires literally no scripting and could be easily done.
  10. You can very easily remove Lyn's tutorials by applying a patch or simply removing the event data for the chapters. Also, Anna's right eye (our left) seems to have a random dark pixel and two transparent ones near it, you should fix those. Anyways, this seems like a typical crossover reskin, I hope you bring new ideas and change the gameplay (altering enemy locations, adding new weapons and so on) to spruce it up, but no matter what, I hope it gets finished, good luck. Oh, and um, if you're going to use FE8/7 mugs, recolour them to the palette used by the game you prefer, it makes everything look a lot more cohesive. And if you need any animations, map sprites, class cards or even spell animations (those are easy and I highly advise you to mess with the magic system) check out the Resources subforum here.
  11. Basically, do all the edits and then pick a few characters you really like from other games and stick them where you can. Lyon is replaced by Julius from FE4 and can use anima and also has Falaflame, but it's renamed to Falafel, but he's a (3) Pupil. EDIT: Here's a really cool new randomizer with new features: http://feuniverse.us/t/fe8-chaos-randomizer/2068/3
  12. Apply as many utility/randomized/rebalance/inflation patches as the ROM can handle and replace all the playable characters with your favourites from other games.
  13. The SAO world is surprisingly fitting for an FE game, but that doesn't mean it'll be easy or that people will flock to be your hacking slaves. You should just start hacking by yourself and focus on scripting and so on and use placeholder graphics-grab people's attention and they'll offer you a helping hand. If you have any questions, PM me and I can tell you of other sites/discord chats that might help. Tally-ho!
  14. Why did they update the site, now all my cringy old posts are on the activity tab. ;-;

  15. haha thank god i thought i actually had to make portraits or put effort into something for a second
  16. -plays le epic vocaloid nightcore and unsheathes katana and schoolgirl uniform gets ruffled by the sakura petals on the background of the night sky and eyes turn a glowy purple sharingan and cuts you into a million tiny pieces and clones self and attacks from all directions and flower petals everywhere and darkness tears apart reality itself and throws katana to pin your body in place and uses ultimate death coloured master spark star fall ultra dx and kicks the moon to destroy you-
  17. d-do you need a title screen i can do that
  18. Oh, um, if you haven't touched upon her, can you ignore Kabocha for a while? I made some weird decisions while describing her personality and she came off as a bit pushy and things, I'll try making any mug or weapon icon I can in return so you don't get mad at me so I can support this meme pile.
  19. It's the only version of P3 that I've played and I've finished it around four times and I love it, one of my favourite games overall. Never played the male route, I was already attached to the female and I prefer to feel close to the people that I'm supposed to save the world with.
  20. It's possible to be used in a project though. I can also help with that.
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