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    Fire Emblem, art, metal music, Mortal Kombat, math, weight lifting, tennis
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  1. Happy Birthday!!! (sorry for a couple days late)

  2. Happy bday, Kenzo!

  3. Oh hey!

    Happy Birthday!

  4. Happy birthday!

  5. I guess now is as good a time as any huehuehuehuehuehue
  6. you were all like "yeah i'll do all these fucking musics" and then left and now my heart is broken

    also it's going kinda meh but thanks for asking, how bout you

  7. hey you fucking faggot

  8. Found a whole bunch on Fire Emblem General on 4chan. Brady x Azure Selena x Brady Mark(F) x n_n Tiki x Sairi
  9. You know, if you enjoy PoR, you should check out my dubbed project, and see if you should voice any characters. =]

  10. Wait, it's telling me that I can't add you :/

    You're also showing up in my friend list as a (?) icon so you should try adding me again? And then I'll add you back.

  11. Not really a compliment, but my female artist friend told me that I should "use my powers for good" Since when is drawing hentai not a good thing
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