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  1. Hey guys. I had never posted before, but the doubt was killing me so I just had to ask. So, I was playing Conquest on hard chapter 23: Possessed when I noticed something very strange. I attached an image so you can see better. As you can see, all of the sudden Laslow's mov was reduced by 3, and the reason was stated as "move more". This only lasted on turn, and he had not engaged in combat for a couple of turns ruling out the possibility of an enemy skill being the cause. At firts I understood that it was a penalty for moving him to much, which would've been strange given the fact that I had moved him just as much as any other unit. Obviously after checking on the internet I realized that was not the case, or at least no one has reported it. Now, I know that the next chapter (ch 24) revolves around ground units losing halve their mov, in which case this would make sense, but given that this happened during ch 23, it raises the doubt, is there a new mechanic which nobody knew of that consists in punishing you for moving a unit around too much, or is this just a bug in the game? Ps, this is not an april fools joke, just clearing it out.
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