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  1. Alright, I spliced the ponytail on. It does look a lot less messy
  2. I was actually working on her bangs myself, but I love the scarf you made for her. how's that?
  3. Alright, I enlarged her body a bit, and lengthened her neck.
  4. whew, internship's been a bit rough with setting up, so had almost no time. Did 2 more mugs for chapter 2. This'll be Geldgier, the main villain of the first part. Still debating between Berserker or Warrior. This is Wendy, a cleric. I feel maybe her head's a bit big for her body, but I'll use her for now.
  5. Yeah, I have an idea on how to do the branch after some experiments with eventing. need some circular choice though, since it will be 3 routes. I'm thinking something along the lines of Pick route A? y/n if no, Pick route B? y/n if no, Pick Route C? y/n, if no, back to option for route a. not the most elegant, but it should work. Anyway, just going to put up 2 more mugs here. The only thing I could really do given how busy I've been the past week. [spoiler=Characters]
  6. Well, I'm starting my internship tomorrow, so progress'll probably slow down to the weekends. Already implemented Egil's animations into the game. Here's what I have for the map of chapter 2 so far: [spoiler=Chapter 2 Map] experimented with using Tiled to maybe make things easier for me event-wise, especially after the debacle that happened in my first prologue map. Still need to put it in, though, so we'll see.
  7. yeah, idk what happened with the color. I checked the original images, and the colors are fine. As for the timings, I'm sure I can fine tune that when I write the animations into the game. I might mess with the palette to see what'll look better, maybe add some shading to his cloak and arms if I have time.
  8. That looks way easier on the eyes, thanks so much. I had way too much free time today. Done with a battle animation for Egil. Not too polished, but I'm quite happy with what I got all things considered.
  9. some more progress on chapter 2, mainly Egil's frames are sorta done. Pretty simplistic, but it'll be serviceable for now. [spoiler=animated gifs of frames] standard attack critical hit evasion these aren't the smoothest, but I'll use them for the time being for the chapter. Working on making the map with matrix atm.
  10. Just a quick update of Chapter 2. Finished a preliminary standing battle sprite of Egil.
  11. Alright, I tried putting that hair on Egil's original face. prolly need to tweak the shadows a tad.
  12. Wow, that's fast. I like the hair, it's much smoother than what I've got. I'll tweak with it a bit. Still want to keep that smirk since he's that type of character. Thanks a lot.
  13. Thanks for pointing these out, definitely something to go on. I'll touch those up as best I can tonight. I'd appreciate it a lot, and even if you can't, some pointers to go on to fix'll go a long way.
  14. Hi, all! So, I've recently got into spriting for a hack I'm working on. It's been brought to my attention that they'll likely need to be touched up, so I came here for help in that manner. Here's a link for the hack project for any that's interested. And for the hackboxes I have so far: [spoiler=The Portraits] The avatar's portrait. I can't see much wrong with it, but if there's room to improve it, I'm all ears. Annette, the first main character. Her hair needs some polish, I think, but how to go about it is a bit iffy for me. Egil, the second main character. His bangs also need some polish, also maybe his left shoulder. Ciara, the third main character. I think the scarf is messing a bit with how her neck looks. Jeremiah, a monk from Annette's village. I don't know about this one, just that at times he seemed 'off'. Delwick, a mercenary. He's probably the most complex splice I did to date and I'm quite proud of him. Yuria, a mage. Again, something felt 'off' with her. Probably her colors. Also, some of the custom battle sprites I have: [spoiler=Battle Spritesheets] here's what I have for Annette so far. Used mainly swordmaster and Lyn's sprites as bases. here's for the avatar, who's the bard/dancer of the hack. splied monk with shaman and mage, but it definitely needs polish. Again, I'm quite new and not really inclined for drawing. The extent of my knowledge goes only as far as splicing. So, any pointers and help would be very much appreciated.
  15. Huh. The map should be different from the base game's prologue one. I'll look into it. On another note, Chapter 1 is done. Here it is. Use a clean fire emblem 7 rom for the patch, since I also tweaked the prologue a tad. I've done some play-testing myself, and for the most part it functions as intended. Still, any suggestions on improving any part of it is appreciated. Chapter 2 is planned out, though might take a bit since I'm working on Egil's battle sprite at the moment. Also, if anyone knows how to point a chapter to the title screen, I'd really appreciate it.
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