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  1. Alright, I spliced the ponytail on. It does look a lot less messy
  2. I was actually working on her bangs myself, but I love the scarf you made for her. how's that?
  3. Alright, I enlarged her body a bit, and lengthened her neck.
  4. whew, internship's been a bit rough with setting up, so had almost no time. Did 2 more mugs for chapter 2. This'll be Geldgier, the main villain of the first part. Still debating between Berserker or Warrior. This is Wendy, a cleric. I feel maybe her head's a bit big for her body, but I'll use her for now.
  5. Yeah, I have an idea on how to do the branch after some experiments with eventing. need some circular choice though, since it will be 3 routes. I'm thinking something along the lines of Pick route A? y/n if no, Pick route B? y/n if no, Pick Route C? y/n, if no, back to option for route a. not the most elegant, but it should work. Anyway, just going to put up 2 more mugs here. The only thing I could really do given how busy I've been the past week. [spoiler=Characters]
  6. Well, I'm starting my internship tomorrow, so progress'll probably slow down to the weekends. Already implemented Egil's animations into the game. Here's what I have for the map of chapter 2 so far: [spoiler=Chapter 2 Map] experimented with using Tiled to maybe make things easier for me event-wise, especially after the debacle that happened in my first prologue map. Still need to put it in, though, so we'll see.
  7. yeah, idk what happened with the color. I checked the original images, and the colors are fine. As for the timings, I'm sure I can fine tune that when I write the animations into the game. I might mess with the palette to see what'll look better, maybe add some shading to his cloak and arms if I have time.
  8. That looks way easier on the eyes, thanks so much. I had way too much free time today. Done with a battle animation for Egil. Not too polished, but I'm quite happy with what I got all things considered.
  9. some more progress on chapter 2, mainly Egil's frames are sorta done. Pretty simplistic, but it'll be serviceable for now. [spoiler=animated gifs of frames] standard attack critical hit evasion these aren't the smoothest, but I'll use them for the time being for the chapter. Working on making the map with matrix atm.
  10. Just a quick update of Chapter 2. Finished a preliminary standing battle sprite of Egil.
  11. Alright, I tried putting that hair on Egil's original face. prolly need to tweak the shadows a tad.
  12. Wow, that's fast. I like the hair, it's much smoother than what I've got. I'll tweak with it a bit. Still want to keep that smirk since he's that type of character. Thanks a lot.
  13. Thanks for pointing these out, definitely something to go on. I'll touch those up as best I can tonight. I'd appreciate it a lot, and even if you can't, some pointers to go on to fix'll go a long way.
  14. Hi, all! So, I've recently got into spriting for a hack I'm working on. It's been brought to my attention that they'll likely need to be touched up, so I came here for help in that manner. Here's a link for the hack project for any that's interested. And for the hackboxes I have so far: [spoiler=The Portraits] The avatar's portrait. I can't see much wrong with it, but if there's room to improve it, I'm all ears. Annette, the first main character. Her hair needs some polish, I think, but how to go about it is a bit iffy for me. Egil, the second main character. His bangs also need some polish, also maybe his left shoulder. Ciara, the third main character. I think the scarf is messing a bit with how her neck looks. Jeremiah, a monk from Annette's village. I don't know about this one, just that at times he seemed 'off'. Delwick, a mercenary. He's probably the most complex splice I did to date and I'm quite proud of him. Yuria, a mage. Again, something felt 'off' with her. Probably her colors. Also, some of the custom battle sprites I have: [spoiler=Battle Spritesheets] here's what I have for Annette so far. Used mainly swordmaster and Lyn's sprites as bases. here's for the avatar, who's the bard/dancer of the hack. splied monk with shaman and mage, but it definitely needs polish. Again, I'm quite new and not really inclined for drawing. The extent of my knowledge goes only as far as splicing. So, any pointers and help would be very much appreciated.
  15. Huh. The map should be different from the base game's prologue one. I'll look into it. On another note, Chapter 1 is done. Here it is. Use a clean fire emblem 7 rom for the patch, since I also tweaked the prologue a tad. I've done some play-testing myself, and for the most part it functions as intended. Still, any suggestions on improving any part of it is appreciated. Chapter 2 is planned out, though might take a bit since I'm working on Egil's battle sprite at the moment. Also, if anyone knows how to point a chapter to the title screen, I'd really appreciate it.
  16. right, finals had been a bit iffy, so sorry for the 2 weeks without updates. Chapter 1 just needs the text put in now, along with playtesting. Here are some screens on the progress. [spoiler=screenshots]
  17. I wouldn't consider myself a sprite maker per se. I'm more inclined for programming and have been mostly just splicing stuff together. I'll do it once I've finished chapter 1. I know my limits in spriting, but I want to have some more groundwork done first, at least.
  18. Alright, some progress updates. Almost ready to progress with Chapter 1. Just need to finish the map for it before coding can begin in earnest. Finished 2 more portraits for characters to appear in Chapter 1. also finished the avatar's animation. It's bare bones at best, but should fit the portrait at least. I'll practice putting this in free space instead of replacing like I did with Annette and see if I can do that without causing a major meltdown.
  19. Hmm, I'll keep that in mind moving forward. I managed to fix the problem by closing and reopening feditor and re-inserting the animations for now. it's all still a bit clunky, and I need some fine tuning on the frames and sounds, but it's in there now. I'll work on the avatar's while getting chapter 1 going.
  20. Well, hit sort of a major snag, I suppose. been putting in the custom battle sprites into the game for Annette, one for normal axes, one for hand axes, one for unarmed game worked when it was only normal, but when I put in the animations for unarmed and hand axes, it now freezes when I attempt to dance for Annette. The indexes that I replaced were hector's 3 animations respectively. Any ideas on how to fix this?
  21. ]Alright, finished with the prologue! Well, the events, at least. Still need to work on the map and battle sprites for annette and the avatar. I've made a patch containing it on NUPS here if you all would like to tear my soul to pieces give some criticism on it. Still a bit unsteady with the code, but I feel I'm making progress. Fire Emblem Relics of Arcadia prologue.zip known issues include: -crashing when using rouse with animations off (most probably because the avatar map sprite doesn't have the animation for it) unknown issues are, well, unknown.
  22. I may use it as a placeholder, but I do want to see if I can't finish that custom animation in the meantime. Also, I tried to implement some tile changes with the village on my custom map, but... well... that happened upon visiting, and when a bandit tries to destroy the village, the tiles stayed the same and he proceeded to continue trying to destroy the village till the end of time.
  23. Thanks a bunch! That solved it right up! This had been bugging my ocd for the past hour or so.
  24. Alright, just gonna get some updates going on progress. Coding the prologue is going. Still learning my way through but managed to get some real basic stuff down without crashing. If anyone knows of a way to in feditor control who smiles when without the entire group smiling, I'd appreciate the tip. Using Hector as Annette's placeholder for now. Speaking of, also did a first go at Annette's custom standing sprite. that's it for now. Hopefully the prologue will be all there by mid week, or the end of the week if school work gets rough.
  25. This is a hack a friend and I thought about making. We're not out to reinvent the wheel, but we do want to make a game with a compelling story, interesting villains, and more complex lords. Fire Emblem: Relics of Arcadia(Updated: 5/9/2016) “The Lords of old challenged the foul monstrosity that besieged their land. Unfortunately, they succeeded. From its corpse, malice and evil spewed forth. The Lords were swallowed by the inexorable tide. Their relics, drunk on vile blood, became vessels of the creature’s madness. And so the kingdom fell.” The story takes place in what was the kingdom of Arcadia. 100 years ago, Arcadia was a prosperous and unified kingdom, protected by five powerful relics and the lords who wielded them. One day, however, an otherwordly force appeared and started to ravage the land. The lords gathered their army and fought the beast. They succeeded, but in its death the beast spewed forth a corrupting miasma that blanketed the lords and their army. The relics were tainted, and the lords slew each other in madness. With no army nor leader, and much of its center now an inhospitable wasteland, the kingdom descended into lawlessness and fractured. Only two regions, Nearia, the seat of the Church of Awakening, and Oppidorum, who still retained its army through the foresight of its lord, kept hold of a threadbare order. The ensuing fighting elsewhere left most places desolate. Time passed. The Capital and central Arcadia remain inhospitable and fallow. The countryside elsewhere now lives under the fear of bandit lords, who vie for control and demand feudalistic tribute from the solitary villages that survived. Most of them answer to a self-proclaimed “baron,” but others choose to independently maraud. The baron claims to provide “protection” from these rogue groups. The Church remained silent, and far to the South, ambitions for a ‘New Arcadia’ grew in Oppidorum’s new king. All the while, the cursed relics, lost after the tragedy, await their new masters. And their new pawns. So far, we’ve planned out the prologue and chapter 1 in detail, as well as the general flow of the story. We are planning at least three paths, each following a different ‘lord,’ branching at about ⅓ of the way through the story. [spoiler=Characters] So far, we've done the portraits of the main lords and the character recruited at chapter 1, so we'll show them here. [spoiler=Avatar] The avatar of the player in the story. Interested in both studying and recording history. Their encounter with Annette marks the beginning of the tale. Will be playable as a Historian class, which serves as the dancer class of the game. May also have access to dark magic, depending on how balancing works out. [spoiler=Annette] A young girl from a village in Serenica, the lawless part of Arcadia, with a strong sense of justice passed on to her from her father. Her father, who had been a deterrent to the bandits in the past, recently passed away, and her village is considering falling under the influence of the Baron to avoid being overrun by other enemies. She encounters the Avatar as she gathers wood outside the village, beset by the Baron's men. The first 'lord' of the story. Wields Axes. [spoiler=Egil] A self-proclaimed ‘treasure hunter’ and outlaw of the Baron’s that had been a thorn at his side, breaking into his forts and stealing from his men. Encounters the party early on. Has an easygoing persona, but seems to have some sort of connection with the Church of Awakening. The second ‘lord’ of the story. Wields Bows. [spoiler=Ciara] A knight in her early twenties from Oppidorum. She is one of the King’s most trusted soldiers, and she is fiercely loyal to him. She highly values order, and wishes to help expand Oppidorum’s power and unify the land once again. The party comes to Oppidorum during their travels, and she is assigned by the King to accompany them. The third 'lord' of the story. Wields Spears. [spoiler=Jeremiah] A local priest of Annette's village, preaching for the Church of Awakening. Though he had never actually been to the holy city in Nearia in his life, he remains devoted to the teachings of his childhood. He looked up to Annette's father, and followed the party following the events of the prologue. He is of the priest class. [spoiler=Yuria] A girl Jeremiah ran into that was being chased by bandits. Part of Egil's group but was separated after a botched attempt at one of the bases. Timid by nature. [spoiler=Delwick] A mercenary grudgingly under Geldgier's employ. He's a man of few words, and is generally dissatisfied with the status quo. Dispatched along with others in the area to chase after a girl who had been stealing in the south. [spoiler=To Do] There's probably a lot more, but I'm putting the pressing matters down here. All the battle sprites for the lords. Going to try to do these myself like the portraits, but might take a while. I'll focus on Annette's and the Avatar's since they're there for the prologue. Code Prologue events. already in the works. Done. Chapter 2 is in the works now. Figure out how to do branching paths with fe 7 as a base. This is still a ways away, but I want to at least get a head start now, since it is crucial. Alternatively, I could always code 3 different versions of the hack, if this turns out to be impossible. Get Music. I'll defer this to my friend, since I'll have my hands full with the sprites and coding. Clean up Sprites and Battle Sprites. Yeah, avatar's [spoiler=Current Version] Relics of Arcadia demo ver. 0.2 Features: -Playable prologue and chapter 1, with custom maps and events. -5 characters (so far). Planned/Unimplimented: -Chapter 2 in the works for the coming month. -Supports. Still the base fe7 supports, may incrementally ammend these as we go. -Implement some sort of end-of-demo chapter so it doesn't awkwardly move on to the next chapter of the base game. [spoiler=screenshots] [spoiler=Credits] matrix_001, who kept me grounded with the story and planning. Arch for his eventing tutorials. Nintenlord for his tools. All of you for reading and trying out the patch. That's it for the time being. I'll keep updating this with new progress as they occur. If you have any comments/suggestions/criticism, feel free to post it here. I'm still learning through all this, and there's always room to improve.
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