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  1. Seeing it's been a month since people looked at this, but I have something to show, does this count as something for this thread?:
  2. Yesterday, I managed to get two of Rhea's health bars on Chapter 18 on Crimson Flower Maddening down, thanks to Byleth, Edelgard, and Caspar. Getting the rest of my units from the left side of the map to meet up with the rest of them in the middle was a smart decision. Hopefully, I'll defeat Rhea eventually, it's just a matter of how long my units can dodge and take attacks, as well as survive Pegasus Knights and sometimes Paladins and Boltings, and she deals around 20 damage to some of them a piece, and she can't double Byleth, and, I think, Ashe, due to having 31 AS. Also, for some reason, Cyril doesn't attack me, even though I'm in his range, only attacking if anyone was at a lower corner of the map, but he just stands there as I attack Rhea.
  3. On another one of my tries today, I, again, got a health bar off of Rhea. I lost again because Byleth, Edelgard, and Felix couldn't dodge her AOE, and they all died due to some enemy units. My Wyvern Lord Ashe could've done more damage to her, but he got killed in her room before I could begin the assault. I'm not giving up, especially after getting one of her three/four health bars down, and I already feel proud of the Warp+Stride strategy I currently have going on.
  4. Have you tried to use the Impregnable Wall Gambit? I employed that strategy in Chapter 14 on CF on Maddening Mode starting on one of my tries.
  5. Today, during one of my attempts at Crimson Flower Chapter 18 on Maddening Mode, I decided to bait the four Pegasus Knights in Rhea's room, each with Impregnable Wall, and kill them, and then Warp Byleth and Edelgard into Rhea's room after Striding them, with Wyvern Lord Ashe hanging above the wall, ready to enter Rhea's room as well, and they both can take a hit form Rhea, and she can't double them, so Rhea, in my opinion, seems to be easy, despite the buffs to her level and stats and even got one health bar gone, but I still lost due to Paladins, but I'm getting confident with this Warp+Stride strategy, I just have to keep my Warpers and Striders, as well as Mercades alive.
  6. The problem I'm currently having with CF Chapter 18 on Maddening are the Pegasus Knights, which have 38 Strength, and they're faster than many of my units. I can take Gilbert with no problem, and I can Warp into Rhea's room and break a barrier, but the Pegasus Knights are screwing everything up, especially since more of them show up as reinforcements.
  7. I got really close to beating Chapter 17, Wyvern Lord Ashe failed to get Dimitri, who was the only boss left, defeated in critical hit with his Killer Axe+ using the Combat Art Smash, but I will keep employing this strategy, I can tell it was a good test run, so I'd say that it's working so far. Edit: I finally beat Chapter 17 on Maddening Mode after a few days. This time, after one or two more tries, I managed to destroy Rhea, though I had Caspar attack her first, Dedue, and Dimitri with a critical hit from Wyvern Lord Ashe's Killer Axe+ with the Smash Combat Art. As to how Chapter 18 will go, I'm curious to see how it'll go myself, as I think I managed to beat it on my first try on Normal Mode/Casual, though I had only Byleth left on that map on my first playthrough.
  8. I'm currently trying to use all three Warp users to help make Crimson Flower Chapter 17 smoother, and kill the Bishop Boss in Chapter 17 to stop the reinforcements, while the others deal with Rhea, Dedue, and Dimitri.
  9. I'm currently on Chapter 17 on Crimson Flower on Maddening, and oh boy, due to Rhea and her troops moving the first time they appear, and the powered up stats the Pegasus Knights and the other enemies that come to attack me when I cross to the other side is intense. I usually aim to try to defeat Rhea, who's combined sum total of stats being 317, with a critical hit, and I also destroyed Dimitri with a critical hit twice, but I still lose, but I'm not saying this as a bad thing, I welcome this intense time, and to figure out how to beat it. Some of the reasons I lose in Chapter 17 in Maddening is because I try to take out Dedue before he transforms, and Lysithea ends up dying for that after defeating him easily. Chapter 17, to me, feels like Conquest Chapter 26 in an outdoor map. Also, going across the bridges in Chapter 17 on Tailtean Plans, the one that goes up for 'easy' access to Dimitri and Dedue, and the left one are hard to traverse, and that got me several of the screw ups I got on Maddening Mode.
  10. I'm looking for a Corrin with Lancebreaker, as I've started up Birthright Lunatic, and I'm planning on having female Corrin marry Kaden. Edit: Never mind, I found one.
  11. Does anyone have Beruka with Aegis? I'm planning on having Benny marry Beruka. Edit: I got the Skills I needed. I just got Ignatius, now I'm looking to get Aptitude and Draconic Hex for Ignatius.
  12. I would like to be able to get more points for Visit and Battle Rewards, as well as the Battle and Visitation Seals, so, I would appreciate it if you visited my castle, and battle me, here's my castle address.: 08486-61680-23507-05697
  13. Just a few moments ago, I got Sol from the Inner Sanctum, and I'm looking forward to getting Luna and Astra. I gave Sol to my Mathilda who's a Skogul.
  14. Hey guys, I've been thinking about doing a Revelation playthrough with only Corrins, on Hard-Classic mode. All Corrins must start at level 10, they must start in an unpromoted class, or a DLC class, and can have up to one exclusive skills from any class, even from a DLC class, acting as their 'personal' skill. I will need you guys to give me your castle addresses so I can recruit your Corrins, and make sure there's nothing blocking the throne and make sure no one at the castles is equipped with anything, an don hold. You must also list your bane/boon along with the class of your Corrin. Unlike other Corrin runs people had been doing, I will allow the Corrins to have up to two stat boosters on their stats, just don't go overboard on the boosters. Also, I live in North America, so North Americna Corrins only. This will be the list of Corrins I will be taking in, the list may grow in the future and as of right now, I'll take 20 Corrins.: 1.Valzor: Talent: Fighter, Bane: Strong Boon: Slow: Personal Skill: Quixotic
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