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  1. scattered thoughts: being nobility/royalty is inherently bad, but you can still have people in those positions who the audience can relate to in some way in order to create some kind of grey area or emotional connectivity and like dandy druid said revolutionaries can get more and more "brutal" as time goes on but you should be careful because that kind of view (generally propagated by the ruling class to delegitimize resistance) is often something seated in or fueled by the kind of classism that makes people side with the ruling class in the first place and the classic fe writing of nobles (but only the bad ones!) as ugly indolent pigs is in a sense correct but usually goes on to ignore all of the reasons people of privilege -- moderates, liberals, so on -- side with them to this day that is, as long as the (relatively) important classes receive protection and the suffering of the lower ones is ignored, treated as unsolvable, or given an outside cause, there's no reason (in their own minds) for the "decent" classes to resist/pursue major forms of change and due to the inherent foundations of nobility/royal classes there is no such thing as "good nobility" or "good royalty", only some kind of spectrum of relative humanity. like eliwood is a "very nice person" but he's still assured a life of luxury at the expense of everyone below him in the social order, and at no cost to him a noble antagonist in the kind of story you describe would ideally be somebody like eliwood, who is easy to see as a morally upright person and who easily earns the support of middle and upper classes due to a kind of privilege-blindness this kind of conflict is going to be black and white from certain perspectives (like mine) but will still involve the suffering of people who strictly speaking have very little idea of who they're hurting by virtue of their own existence look at the cuban revolution for an example, where people of severe privilege who could through a certain lens be seen as average or "everymen" -- liberals, moderates -- had the benefits of a fascist government stripped away from them and chose to flee instead and contributed through their privilege-blinded viewpoints to the surviving perception of cuba's new government as a totalitarian state
  2. giselle

    My Sprites

    i still do this i guess
  3. I have to disagree with your point on Persona 2. Gameplay-wise, yes, it's extremely different from 3,4, and 5 (and very outdated in some ways), but narrative-wise it's the best in the series by far.
  4. That's some admirable and remarkable confidence you have. Your sprites have some clear issues in terms of anatomy, shading, creativity, etc. The first guy's eyes are overshaded and too far apart. There's a bit too much shading to the right of this eye. It's an odd dark spot. As for his armor, well, it's a recolored version of Sain's. Try customizing the armor more. You can get some interesting results. The second guy's face seems off; his eyes are entirely dark and his head is very small/round. On top of that, his neck is entirely too long. The girl's shoulders seem uneven to me, like her right goes out too far.
  5. Azreal, like the angel of death Azrael but with an ironic pun added in
  6. I'm a huge fan of older characters. Maybe that's because some of the most interesting FE characters happen to be a bit older. Hell, my personal FE fangame project features a mid-fifties protagonist. If a character's age stops you from being able to relate to them (aside from severe examples, like a 90-year-old character to a 12-year-old player), you're just bad at empathy (horrible oversimplification, I know). The fictional character I've been able to relate to most of any character ever is nearly twice my age. Age is only relevant to empathy if you're a bad writer.
  7. Quindex is officially the best character name I've ever seen
  8. These are really good. I've seen a lot of Fates GBA portraits, but none as good as yours. The shading on the bodies is absolutely fantastic, and the hair is perfect. I do have to agree with Coby, though -- Kagero's face kind of just looks like a really hot guy.
  9. giselle

    My Sprites

    here's some stuff I've made for fallen king
  10. I haven't played the entire hack, but I'm ready to say some... things about it. In all honesty, I didn't find it to be great. I'll start with a basic idea of how I feel: the sprites are garbage, the gameplay is bad (and unfun), the characters are mostly bad... Now, about characters: The unit balance is questionable. Now, I feel like I could use just about any unit in a lot of situations, and that's bad. There seems to be a serious lack of... singularity in the units. Every unit feels about the same (dealing singular blows of 10-15 damage to every enemy) One of the few exceptions is the MAIN CHARACTER, who feels mostly useless (another was Laura, who was just ridiculously good). However, I think this issue probably stems from the severe lack of enemies. Every map is sizeable, but the enemy force seems to be stupidly small, consisting of nothing but a few tiny groups. I don't know if sluggish is the right word for it -- the game doesn't necessarily feel turtley -- but I'll say it feels sluggish. The story is just plain and uninspired. Not much to say on that subject, honestly. Most of the characters get very little screen time, and the ones who actually get some aren't all that. Claudio is beyond dull (although my view might be biased by his performance as a unit.) I do like the enemy king character. From what I've seen of him, he's a bit of a smart-ass. It's unfitting for a king, but entertaining nonetheless. I didn't beat the hack yet, but I'm excited to see how you shoehorn in a dark sorcerer plotline in a matter of 4 chapters. Now, onto my absolute favorite part... The sprites! I've seen worse, but they're certainly bad. I don't want to sound like a dick, but half the cast has necks. Miguel's sprite is my favorite because I legitimately laughed at it. It had actual comedic value for me. The opinion I've presented so far makes it seem like I see almost nothing good in this hack, which isn't true. I still enjoyed myself playing it. On a slightly less rude note, I'm willing to make better sprites for your hack if you'd allow me.
  11. giselle

    My Sprites

    Yeah I've noticed that with them before but my sprites kind of just "happen" so I'll end up making girls if I end up making them, really
  12. giselle

    My Sprites

    no, i just make them at random mostly a few of them are for characters for an fe fangame (http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=62600) though
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