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  1. Apologies for posting on a thread this old, but I think I'm having the same issue as xandercolin and I haven't seen much conversation about it anywhere else. I made sure every individual file in the hack pack replaced a file in the extracted romfs folder, I can get the game running, the new supports are all listed in-game, but none of the conversations are happening. I've tried several different supports that are supposed to have conversations in that changelog - namely MaMU/Gaius S, the new MaMU/Sully C, Chrom/Miriel C, and Chrom/Cordelia C. All of them skip the conversations and go straight to the "gained support level" message. I've attempted to install this hack several times in the past few days, and no matter how many threads I scour for information I cannot for the life of me figure out where I'm going wrong. If I'm not mistaken, the Japanese files are what controls the conversations, right? There doesn't seem to be any Japanese files in the hack pack to replace those in the romfs folder. Do I need to find those files from a separate source? Do I need to code the conversations myself? I'm starting to lose my mind trying to figure this out, and any help whatsoever would be greatly appreciated. Edit: I downloaded the hack pack onto my phone out of curiosity, and found that my computer had apparently corrupted the Japanese file names beyond recognition while I was blissfully unaware they were corrupted at all, as the files of the hack pack coincided perfectly with the romfs folder files. Copying the hack files directly from my phone managed to solve the issue, and everything is working as intended.
  2. Redownloaded the UPS type patch and attempted to patch the best ROM I had. It at least said the file was patched, but VBA wouldn't run the zipped folder. I tried to open the folder and run just the file, but I got an error message saying Windows couldn't open the folder. Oh well, guess I'll just have to redownload a bunch of ROMs and see if they work now that NUPS is cooperating. EDIT: In a brilliant stroke of self-discovery and persistence, I remembered I could unzip folders! Astounding, self! NUPS let me patch the file from the unzipped folder and the game now runs perfectly. Thanks for giving me the power to try harder, and sorry to everyone else for the unbelievably large blob of text I posted earlier.
  3. Hi, I'm a new member. I've tried just about every possible angle to get this game to work on the newest version of VisualBoy Advance, but I just can't seem to find a way. I have essentially the same problem as this, but only with one of the methods I've tried. I've downloaded every Japanese Binding Blade ROM I could, and attempted to patch each with Lunar IPS, IPSWin, and DUPS, each with the respective file and each ROM file clean for every attempt. The only ray of success I've had is with IPSWin on one of my ROMs, and that was purely a black screen. DUPS wouldn't even act like it patched anything, only giving me an error message. Lunar IPS would say the file was patched, but the game would still be in Japanese when loaded. I want the game hard patched, but I tried soft patching anyway. That didn't work either. I have tried another translation patch, and it did work, but I would vastly prefer this translation based on the screenshots. Can I get a suggestion for another patcher that might work? Should I try with a different emulator?
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