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  1. so i plan to make a fire emblem game called shadows i have no plot yet but what kind of things would you like in it and i will do my best
  2. so what if chrom doesn't marry someone will lucina still be playable ?
  3. So i am wondering can lucina or her Mister marry chrom cause If her Mister marrys chrom then her sister is her mother and If lucina marrys chrom then she's her own mother
  4. so i was wondering can i use the amiibo characters in the main story mode and if i can can the marry or support any characters
  5. Hacking Red

    FE hack

    i am a newb at rom hacking so what do i need to make a rom hack
  6. I always wondered if anyone has made a FE Awakeing rom hack for Fe 6,7, or 8 and if there isn't would you like to see one in the near future
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