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  1. Yes , i use dslazy for extract the database files and decompress etc . The module function when i edit item and class but for chapter ├ęditor that show me weird value. Ps : i try with the north american version and this show the same problem
  2. Hello everyone , sorry for my very bad english, i have a probleme with the module unit editor. I use nightmare with shadow dragon european version , the class and the item editor function but when i use chapter editor that show nonsense value .i want modified the starting item . Someone can help me ? thanks you
  3. Hello everyone , sorry for my bad english , i want ask if it is possible to got this Ike animation ? It is for my own usage only , i can't found it else . Thanks to answer me.
  4. Hello everyone , first thank you for your job i greatly appreciate . I have a question , is it possible to make promotion in this patch and how ?
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