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  1. I don't see any reason why you can't play both! I'm trying not to be too biased, since Xenoblade is my favorite game, but it's always exciting to play a new game as it comes out. I'm getting my copy in the mail Friday, but I'm still going to continue playing through Persona 5 Royal at the same time. Just alternate to whichever one you feel like playing whenever you sit down to play!
  2. My bad, sorry! I mean, Catherine is pretty amazing and Maneula has a good spell list. Shamir's not too bad, but Hanneman and Alois are definitely a bit lacking compared to a lot of the students you have.
  3. Yes! Thank you so much. My internet was just acting up and I accidentally double posted. I'd say that Sothe could be considered bad. He's amazing at the beginning of the game, but he falls off pretty quickly, and gets stuck because of the promotion you mentioned. Even during Endgame, he can't do much. I still like him, though, so I try and always use him.
  4. No, you're right. I think that (not counting Syrene) she's definitely the worst of the three fliers you get, but being the worst of the fliers is still pretty good. I always use her over Vanessa anyways, because I have personal beef with Vanessa. I'd argue that Dart's biggest weakness is his promotion item. You get the Ocean Seal about 5 or 6 chapters after you get Dart, and even then it's really tempting to sell the Ocean Seal for the huge amount of 25k gold. I've never actually used Sophia, but I love her character and design. Recently, I've been using Kast to stream myself playing iron man runs to a few of my friends, while calling them on my phone at the same time. I'm just finishing up an FE8 randomized iron man, and I'm thinking FE6 might be next. Maybe I'll take a shot at using her this time around! Yeah, this. Ashe's Strengths are really good, allowing him to take advantage of some of the best classes and skills in the game. Axes make it easy for him to go into Brigand and get Death Blow, and then from there he can become a Wyvern Lord pretty easily thanks to his Budding Talent in Lances. On top of that, he still has good Bow rank, Bows being arguably one of the best weapon types in the game thanks to the availability of Close Counter. He's far from the best unit in the game or anything, but I think he deserves a bit more credit than he gets.
  5. I think she's definitely not as bad as people give her trouble for. One of her biggest weaknesses is ironically Paragon, and how tempting it is to throw it on another one of your already good units. I always try and use her, though. Oh yeah, I forgot about all the trainees! I love Ewan in particular, but Amelia and Ross are always fun to use too. I personally don't think Tana's that bad, though. She's usually not as good as Vanessa, but there's never really any reason to not just use both of them.
  6. The title says it all! What are some FE units that you know and acknowledge aren't very good, but still love to use? For me, there are definitely a few. My favorite character in the series, Nino, is obviously not a very good unit, but I always end up trying to use her. The same goes for Ilyana in both FE9 and FE10, even though she's not really awful as much as overshadowed. I always make an effort to use Tailtiu in FE4 too, because I think Wrath is just such a fun skill to use in that game. The more I write this list, the more I realize I just like using bad mage girls... What about you guys?
  7. Hard/Classic should be good! Awakening is a really broken game in its design, so often times if you play on Normal mode, the game flies by without much challenge. On the other hand, Lunatic is kind of stupid, and can feel really impossible if you don't know the few strategies to get through the early game. Hard/Classic is usually the best way to go!
  8. I'll give my opinions on some of these!
  9. Thank you! I'm appreciating the birthday love. This forum's been a great relief to me during quarantine. Just a reminder that everyone here is great and I love you all 🙂
  10. I had this Ashera idea laying around for awhile, so I thought I'd throw it out there. Also, with Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition coming out soon, I thought I'd make some Xenoblade builds! Enjoy! Mythic Hero: Ashera Shulk Melia Sharla
  11. Hey y'all! Today is my 18th birthday and I'm a bit bummed to be stuck inside because of quarantine. Really missing all of my friends. Who else here has had a quarantine birthday? Any tips on how to make the most out of it? Thanks a bunch 🙂
  12. Yeah, this. All three games are good, but the first one, 999, is my personal favorite of the three. They're a mixture of visual novel and point and click puzzle games, and they're a ton of fun. The characters are pretty much all likable, the dialogue is funny, and it's really engaging. There are multiple endings to each game, and each ending helps you put together a piece of the overall puzzle, until you can figure out how to achieve the true ending. Another good game for mysteries and stuff to discover is Hollow Knight. It's a platformer with a lot of focus on combat, so if you don't like that maybe stay away. But if you're willing to give it a shot, I think that the story and lore to that game is fascinating. None of it is flat out handed to you, and there are all sorts of tablets and hidden NPCs around the world for you to discover and put together the story.
  13. FE4 is my favorite game and I really encourage going into it as blind as possible for the best experience. I'm actually in the midst of writing an FE4 guide, which is currently at about 70 pages in length, so if you have any specific questions, I'd (or anyone else on this forum I'm sure) would be happy to answer them. I'll try to give some basic advice without going too into detail, though. Mounted units are really good because of large map size. You can and probably should use every unit, since you can deploy as many as you'd like. There is no trading, only selling and rebuying, so make sure the right units are getting item drops. Those are just the basics, but most of all have fun. FE4 is an extremely fun game, and it's strange mechanics may make it seem daunting, but it's not too bad when you get the hang of things. I hope you enjoy FE4!
  14. Welcome! It's great to have new people. I hope you enjoy your time here! Eirika is far from my favorite, but she has a sacred (stones) place in my heart, since SS was my first FE game!
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