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    Fire Emblem (obviously), Gray Garden, Final Fantasy, ANIME, Danganronpa, Wings of Fire, Writing, Magic the Gathering, Hamilton, Heathers, Wicked, other assorted musicals, even MORE anime, etc.
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Greetings fellow FE scum.

I'm gonna be honest.  I'm mostly here for the memes, to just chill and laugh. I'll participate in serious discussions and arguments on occasion as well.

I do consider myself a pseudo veteran and/or masochist?  I've played FE4 like 3 times, FE5 is one of my favorites, and I like to make myself suffer on lunatic mode.

I'm into Drawing, Writing, and Gaming, the whole artsy business. I'm into edgy/dark genres to light and happy genres, so I'll like almost anything you could throw at me (or will at least try it).

I'm shy, so try not to make me too uncomfortable, please.

Thanks :^)



Favorite Character From Each Class


Lord - Eliwood (FE7)

Knight - Amelia (FE8) ((I KNOW DONT YELL AT ME))

Cavalier - Sophie (FE14)

Paladin - Perceval (FE6) or Titania (FE9/FE10)

Archer - Rebecca (FE7) or Leon (FE2/FE15)

Sniper - Shinon (FE9/FE10) or  Louise (FE7)

Bow Knight - Lester (FE4)

Mage - Nino (FE7) or Lute (FE8) or Soren (FE9/FE10)

Sage - Pent (FE7)

Monk - Lucius (FE7)

Shaman/Dark Mage - Odin (FE14) or Ewan (FE8)

Bard - Levin (FE4)

Cleric - Genny (FE2/FE15)

Troubadour - L'Arachel (FE8)

Thief - Patty (FE4)

Assassin - Jaffar (FE8)

Pegasus Knight - Cordelia (FE13) or Est (FE2/FE15)

Wyvern Rider - Jill (FE9/FE10)

Mercenary - Inigo (FE13) or Saber (FE2/FE15)

Pirate - Dart (FE7)

Fighter - Charlotte (FE14) or Othin (FE5)

Manakete - Fae (FE6) or Ninian (FE7)

(stupid and op) Master Knight - Lachesis (FE4)


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