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  1. Don't know if this is the best place to post this, but I cannot find the Project Exile translation patch on Serenes Forest. Whenever I try the link in the Fan Game Directory, I get an error saying that it couldn't find what I was looking for. Does anyone know what happened to it?
  2. If you're talking about chapter 21, there are Thieves that spawn from a cave in the upper left corner of the map and from the fort in the middle of the map, Wyverns spawn, and if the walkthrough on WOD is accurate, which it has always been for me, they spawn once you cross an invisible line while going for the village. I've had them spawn for me and utterly decimate one of my weaker units one time.
  3. Okay. Good to know. Edit: So I played through chapter 15 on Hard Mode, and made some interesting discoveries. 1. The two waves of Thieves seems to be a Normal thing only, and the second wave is replaced by Horsemen on Hard and above. 2. Only the Horsemen from the center forts seem to have the ability to destroy villages. After taking care of the initial Thieves, I went to the right and left the villages alone. The reinforcements from the top forts all ignored the open, unguarded villages even when none of my units were nearby. Not even the Horseman that spawns from there went for the village. After the Horsemen from the center forts appeared, I lured one of them to where the villages were located, and sure enough, once he was in range, he went for the villages and destroyed them. So the theory of all reinforcements being given the Thief ability to destroy villages seems to not be the case. For some reason, for chapter 15 at least, this bug seems to have something to do with the fact that the Horsemen spawn from the same castles as the Thieves. I specify chapter 15 because if what I heard about the Wyvern reinforcement being able to destroy the village in chapter 21 is true, I would have no idea why Thieves spawning from a cave would affect the Wyvern coming from the fort in the middle of the map. Hey @Saint Rubenio and @eclipse, do you two or anyone you know happen to know if there are anything special about reinforcements coming from caves that might cause this discrepancy?
  4. So I got to chapter 15 on my hard mode playthrough and left the villages alone. When the reinforcements spawned, the ones from the top forts were more focused on killing my units and ignored the villages, but when I lured the Horsemen over to where I was, the same thing happened and the Horseman went for the village and destroyed it (and I captured it on video on my phone). Do you or anyone here knows how the Thief AI works exactly? The general theory of all reinforcements being given the Thief ability when Thieves are reinforcements doesn't line up when there were three enemy units that could have gone for the open village but instead focused on attacking me. I know that Thieves behave somewhat differently whether or not they can use their full movement range, so if the above theory is true, my best guess is that since that one Horseman's movement range ended right at the village entrance, the Thief AI kicked in and it went for the village and destroyed it.
  5. So I want to test out what is actually happening and see if it is just a case of the game giving all reinforcements the ability to ransack villages as said by @Eltosian Kadath. So I got a Hard Mode file on a fan made reproduction cartridge I got a while ago, mostly to actually use the "How's Everyone" feature because Desmume is being stupid and it doesn't keep track of how much time has passed unless I manually change the clock, and when I get to chapter 15 again, I'll leave the villages alone and trigger the reinforcements, and hopefully I'll see if they all go for the untouched villages. But if I get some video capture software, I will make a video out of the one from my Lunatic Reverse playthrough because that felt like some magical fuckery when I saw it happen.
  6. I will see about testing that in chapter 18 on a lower difficulty, because I don't want to wait for reinforcements while being sandwiched by Lunatic level enemies on such a small map.
  7. Well in a game where it constantly hammers home that Thieves are the ones to destroy villages, one does not expect a Horseman to suddenly do that, so visiting the villages never crossed my mind when I took out the initial Thieves. And honestly the best thing would be to take a video of it, but I currently don't have any video software capture, and I'm worried about uploading it to YouTube and just posting the link for that because with their recent changes involving marking videos as "for/not for kids" and how shitty the algorithm is, I might get unfairly flagged and possibly penalized for a video that would be about 15-20 seconds long.
  8. Alright. it's edited. Well it certainly feels new since I have never heard anyone else even mention this. I want to upload the other image showing the turn before showing there were no Thieves near the villages in case some people think I'm lying, but Serenes Forest limits the size of what I can upload to ludicrously small numbers for replies (the image is smaller in size than the one I uploaded, but I can't edit it down enough to fit 0.21 MB without cutting out most of the picture).
  9. So I think I just discovered something that no one else has ever witnessed. I'm doing a playthrough of Heroes of Light and Shadow on Lunatic Reverse and when I got to chapter 15, the one from Shadow Dragon where you can only visit one of two villages to get either a Dracoshield or Energy Drop, something incredibly odd happened. I had save the villages from the initial Thieves and were farming the reinforcements coming from the center forts and right fort. The first turn of reinforcements were Thieves from the center and a Paladin from the right. The next turn Horsemen spawned from the center forts and a Paladin again from the right one (and this wave repeats for another turn). At one point two Horsemen and a Paladin were coming towards my army which I had set up at the island with the villages. I left a unit to take on the closest Horseman (and forgot the Paladin could attack him) and when the enemy phase began, instead of attacking me, the Horseman went to the village and destroyed it. A Horseman. Destroyed. A village. What the actual hell? Only Thieves are supposed to have that ability, so what the hell happened here? I only have a theory that I have no way of testing, so if anyone can confirm or deny feel free to do so, but this is what I think happened. On Normal through Maniac, the reinforcements from the center forts are two rounds of Thieves, but on Lunatic above, the second round of Thieves are replaced by Horsemen, so what I think happened is that when the Thieves were replaced by Horsemen, the AI programming remained the same as if they were still Thieves and since he could have gone for the village, he did.
  10. Did you try to rename the save state so that is matches the name of your new ROM?
  11. As someone who had to deal with original Dory, I wholeheartedly agree with this decision. He felt like too massive a difficulty spike for chapter 5, especially since the next two bosses were quite easier to deal with. I was forced to fight the reinforcements because Marcus couldn't kill him fast enough with his bow, the only safe way to fight Dory.
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