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  1. Did you try to rename the save state so that is matches the name of your new ROM?
  2. As someone who had to deal with original Dory, I wholeheartedly agree with this decision. He felt like too massive a difficulty spike for chapter 5, especially since the next two bosses were quite easier to deal with. I was forced to fight the reinforcements because Marcus couldn't kill him fast enough with his bow, the only safe way to fight Dory.
  3. So are Hard Mode bonuses a thing in this hack? I ask because I just got Rutger and it appears as his stats are exactly the same as on Normal Mode.
  4. Okay. And it finally worked.
  5. Your new patch is broken. Every time I complete chapter 1, it immediately takes me to chapter 21. What the hell?
  6. Alright. Speaking of Sages, maybe this is also because of the early patch I have, but there's a glitch with the critical animation of Sages where the sound doesn't play when they make the triangle of magic balls before attacking. Also, Monks don't have any sound when attacking like they do in FE 7 and FE 8. Also their movement sounds is that of an Armor Knight (I think Saint's have that same problem too, but I can't remember).
  7. I hope that's a Hard Mode thing. because in my normal playthrough only the two dragon bosses were changed into Bards. That's nowhere near a quarter or third of the total Manaketes. I would honestly prefer it if you changed all the Manaketes, including reinforcements, into Bards.
  8. Maybe the blue mercenary had something to do with me being on normal mode? I know you said to play it on Hard Mode, but since this essentially a new game, I have to go through it on Normal Mode first. Can you make a .sav file of this ROM hack available so people can play on Hard Mode from the start? Or maybe it was somehow caused by Merlinus? This was the first time I actively deployed him since I got battle preparations (also something to note; Galle and his group of enemies never attacked Merlinus despite him being in range) and when he got taken out later in the map, the mercenary proceeded to walk off the map. I think this warrants some investigation As for me, I've beaten chapter 21 and am on 21x, so my plan is to beat the game, redownload and reinstall the patch, rename this save file to match the name for the new .gba file, and hope that works.
  9. Also, this one is definitely a bug, there is some sort of invisible blue mercenary unit on chapter 21 who moves on enemy phase, is only visible while moving, and for some reason is hanging around the shops. What's that about?
  10. So I just got to chapter 21, and either the game glitched or you made a really dumb decision, because Roy starts this map in the bottom right corner where the boss is instead of the upper left where the rest of the army starts. If this was intended, why? Roy's starting position immediately triggers Galle's reinforcements meaning that you have to deal with much more enemies earlier on than intended, and since Roy doesn't promote until after this chapter, he's stuck with only average stats surrounded by dragons which he is unable to kill if you didn't go the Ilia route to obtain the spear and Snipers with Killer Bows who will kill him with a single critical resulting in a game over. I lost this map twice so far because the Snipers murdered him in a single hit and one time because of a bullshit Berserker crit despite me having the Axereaver and while on a mountain. I had to waste a Warp and Rescue use because no one could conceivably reach him in time before he was surrounded and killed.
  11. There's already one for Fire Emblem 8. I would be interested to see one for Fire Emblem 7.
  12. So I got to chapter 12, saw that the dragon boss was changed into a Bard, and proceeded to laugh my ass off at the thought of Bern taking over the world with an army of Bards. Then I got to chapter 14 and the dragons are back. So what was the point of changing the boss of chapter 12 if the change isn't consistent like with all other enemies?
  13. XIII Hearts


    Is this a joke? There's only the letter S in the main post? Where's your project?
  14. Yeah that's been a continual bug. For some reason when you get back Andrei and the others, some of their stats break like that. I forget how my units were affected, but I think one of units got max strength thanks to this bug.
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