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  1. Nah, I want you to use Ruby, then it will be a bit different from my run. vanMillion thanks.. Ok, will try it then, usually I don't bring him against tough opponents with high hit rates, since his hp is too low. Although he is only lv 7 right now. Will definitely use her in my next playthrough promise. Atleast if I can finish this run in a reasonable amount of time... Haha, will try to be a bit more active since now I have more time. No, I am not just too lazy to write them, what are you talking about... Can't believe I fell for it... Disaad. How do you guys make so many puns, I can't even make old Lee ones properlee yet...
  2. This single dialogue made me restart twice because I thought he would try to flee with the contents in the bag, and tried to rush with Arthur and of course every enemy ignored him and went for Ruby instead... I tried using her because I liked her backstory, but she kept getting killed, so I had to bench her. Although it is a shame I won't be able to recruit that unit... they were insane on chapter 3, pretty much soloed the north-eastern part of the map, even if it was the easiest path of the map. Arthur turned out pretty good, Hurry is a really useful skill especially on a mounted unit. Flourish is good for training other weaker units, didn't have much success with getting injuries with it though. Didn't even remember he had Desperation because of his low speed till he promoted. He was one of the few who could tank hits reliably, and my first unit to promote, on chapter 6. I hate Darkmend, especially on maps with turn limits. How do you set flags in this game? I can't seem to find it.. Still better than getting berserked for the first time in a tough map as a beginner. Really, how? Are you planning to jump off the cliff with her or something? Same, although I haven't really used her much. This is the first time I am replying in this format, so forgive me if something goes wrong... Still, can't believe I am writing such an lengthy reply, even if I am not that busy due to the current lockdown.
  3. Great, another Berwick Saga LP to follow... good to see you are doing well, stay safe, hope you can break all of your rules this time around. You have managed to kill off each of my favorite characters in your previous LP's, but this time my favorite is an OP unit, so you likely won't even use them, will tell when they become recruitable.
  4. Finally an LP of Berwick Saga after the translation, and good to see you like Sherlock, he was my favorite among the 1st map units too. He did got replaced soon enough though.. Just a suggestion, Desperation is actually a pretty good skill to kill thieves IMO, and good for Dean since he have low hit rates and have enough hp to survive a few hits.
  5. You did an amazing work, started this game a few days ago and it quickly became my favorite. Thank you for translating this masterpiece, since I probably wouldn't even try it without a translation.
  6. It is called the Blessed Bow in this translation. IMO it is good but you need to trade an Azoth which could be even more valuable for some... And it requires 14 mastery so probably only raquel would be able to use it for a while and she already one shots monsters with iron bows so it would be a waste to give it to her... I am currently at 2nd route split, and looks like Ruben's team is pretty similar to mine. I am using norton and tom as well and chose lee and lionel. Just to brag, my lionel got 10 mov at lv 20 promoted... Currently my top 5 units - norton, lionel, san, raquel and raffin. Will give updates at 3rd route split even though nobody asked...
  7. I like the format change, the previous posts were getting pretty long. Here are my choices, Runan - Sasha, Kate, Zieg, Norton, Plum, Raffin, Lee, Raquel, Garo, Julia Holmes - Arkis, Kreiss, Esther, Roger, Mel, Martel, Juni, Xeno, Vega, Tom, Bartz, Maruj I started playing TRS for the first time after seeing your LP, currently at chapter 6, seems pretty enjoyable so far. This LP will be a nice guide for me since I don't like playing blind that much. Had to restart once so far (for underestimating black hole, because it didn't look all that threatening in your LP...) Oh and happy new year everyone, hope you stay well.
  8. I will list my favorite battle themes and other themes separately because they are pretty different for me to choose a favorite, Battle themes - Kanto: Gym leader battle Johto: Ho-oh battle / Trainer battle [hgss] Hoenn: Wally battle [oras] / Gym leader battle [rse] Sinnoh: Champion battle Unova: Colress battle [b2w2] / Gym leader battle [the music change was a really good idea imo] Kalos: Champion battle Alola: Wild pokemon battle [sm] / Ultra Necrozma [usum] Other themes - Kanto: Route 11 Johto: Route 42 [frlg version] / Dark cave Hoenn: Victory road / Cave of origin Sinnoh: Route 206 / Eterna forest Unova: Sky arrow bridge / Route 10 Kalos: Anistar city / Route 8 Alola: Route 3
  9. Nice to see someone pick Bulbasaur, it is my favorite gen 1 starter. I have only one suggestion, can you put the updates in a spoiler? It will get pretty long soon.
  10. Klein, since you don't have any early bow user yet, and he was pretty good when I used him.
  11. Depends on how long the game is, how hard it is and how many different classes there are. For example, Sacred Stones had a very small cast but since it was only 21 chapters it didn't feel low amount. While, FF6 had 50+ units yet it didn't feel too much since the game was much harder and the units had much lower growth rate making them easy to get RNG screwed. IMO, If there are a low amount of chapters, like 15-20 then 15 - 25 units should be average, while it is a long game like Last Promise then 40 - 50 should be available. Also, there should be atleast one / two unit for each class.
  12. Sapphire - Treecko Fire Red - Bulbasaur Leaf Green - Squirtle Emerald - Mudkip Diamond - Chimchar Platinum - Piplup Heart Gold - Cyndaquil Soul Silver - Chikorita Black - Tepig White - Oshawott Black 2 - Snivy White 2 - Oshawott Didn't play the 3ds games but if I did the starters would be - Froakie, Treecko and Litten.
  13. Nice to see you decide to use Hugh, he is one of my favorite units in this game. Just one thing though, Niime is not his mother, she is his grandmother, the very same one with a "headache on her back" and if you look at her sprite, it is actually pretty believable that she could have such symptoms..... One of the reason I like your LPs is, like me, you use under used units. Sure I have never used units like Matthis, Tomas or Wade before, but seeing you use them made me happy. There are many great LPs out there but what makes your LP enjoyable is you manage to use the supposed worst units with success, thanks for using them and I hope you will continue making such LPs.
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