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  1. Yes, it is a pretty broken strategy, you would stay alive for the whole deathmatch duration. Volo is the only unit who can do it, probably one of the main reasons he is considered top tier.
  2. Enid is an interesting unit, she is one of the best after promotion but terrible when she joins. Which is why she absolutely needs the liquid magic. I forgot and gave it to Perceval in my run and had to wait till chapter 13 for her to promote, even that was thanks to savestate abuse. Doesn't help that she loses Paragon around lv 10/12. For me it was the opposite, I made the Angon first but never managed to get a second sheet, so didn't get to test the Colichemarde. From my experience though, Angon seemed much more valuable than another sword. It can be used both from 0 range and as a throwable weapon, so it was a perfect weapon for Larentia after her spear (can't remember the name) broke. Yeah, don't know about favorite, but it certainly became a nightmare after chapter 9... Which is why you should have went for Gonzij first, since the northern part will become busy soon enough. Somehow I doubt that...unless you bring Ward there to guard him every turn. I like Perceval, he is much better than Aegina and Owen is busy enough with healing. Not having a personal weapon hurts in the late game, but there are still enemies weak to magic so doesn't feel like a waste to bring him there. The only problem he have is, getting the skills for promotion. In another news, I finally managed to reach chapter 15.
  3. Been a while since I last replied here, was mostly busy playing games... As far as I remember, it increases magic resistance and likely magic damage too. I never tried but I think it does give higher magic damage for the magic arrows, but won't deal extra damage for the normal ones. It is probably the best bow in the game IMO, my Sherlock turned to a monster when I gave it to him. By the way, I can't seem to get past ch 13 of BS, the map doesn't look all that tough and not like I am getting too unlucky but I can't seem to progress without losing someone. The team's positioning is likely the reason for this, I don't really want to sacrifice anyone so close to the end, any advice would be helpful.
  4. You could also use the cliff area with the house near the bridge if you are using Burroughs, since he can't get past the shallows, which makes luring them to that area risky.
  5. Don't worry, your opponents are Disaad and Volcens level strategists, I know you can manage them... Looks like this will be a hilarious update. Pretty much my reaction when he appeared. Except, he managed to damage himself with the backfire on his first try... I had Sherpa and Faramir block both exits, they are hilariously OP in this map, nobody even tried to attack either. Can't be a Ruben playthrough without weaker units getting good levels... Can we spare this guy, he is indeed amazing! No! you monster... Pretty much my Sherlock...he is the low hit magnet of this game. I am glad it was not corrected, been a while I genuinely laughed out loud while playing a game...
  6. That's too bad...I wanted to see how their story changes. Should have guessed, we can't have different outcome for every event especially the minor characters.
  7. Esteban's arc as well, that archer will be scary without his help... He is back! Don't think that was a good idea...he is really tough to handle with just one unit. I fought him with 3 units including Clifford and he still managed to live for 3 turns... That was badass, too bad most players probably won't even know there was such an epic moment.
  8. Finally, Chapter 3, one of my favorite maps. There is just so much to do, feels like it could be broken into two different maps. They do stop to heal you as long as your injured unit is on their path, even if they are only one step away. Yeah, I have some bad news for you... Probably just in case one of the priests reaches him before you. Ward in the previous map and now Clifford, looks like they hate OP units. Yes, he can die if you use up the miracle charm before reaching this event. She was holding her breath, real hard. It happened to me too on my run, I obviously restarted in fear of losing it. No thanks, I am blocking reinforcements to get the heat off a bit, not to get a heart attack every time the defender takes damage from the other enemies... You know, you could provoke one of the enemies with Clifford instead of keeping him there. Really? You mean I was just wasting my time each time I restarted because she died... How did you manage that previously is the real question, he moved each time I went in his range... Looks like this is going to be our first death of the LP, do remember to provoke him with Elbert first in case he misses.
  9. And you totally could have gotten away with it if not for the green colored edit, didn't even notice anything wrong for a while. Among all the praise of the cavaliers, endgame beard, early bishop and my favorite swordie, Axel is the unsung hero of the army. A lot of situations would have been really difficult without his abilities. When I played it, I completed the whole map then had to manually escape my units because the escape all prompt didn't appear. Then he gave me a heart attack when he suddenly ambushed Ruby who was still at a low health... atleast Christine was nereby, otherwise it would have been dangerous. Well, they had Derrick to guard the Ballista. And of course Volcens would probably decide to strengthen his castle's defense instead of fighting them. Missing after all that buildup... are we sure he wasn't Arthur's long lost brother? They are really valuable, too bad you can't choose number of charges to use though. My run right now is pretty much like you described, my units keeps missing 70+ hitrates while keeps taking hit by 30s... Yes, this map really showed that war is the real evil, not the enemy army without saying much. Only if I remembered this... then I wouldn't have to sacrifice so many horses...
  10. I love all of Ward's monologues, especially the ones with a certain descendant of the Heimer clan. Yes, Fortify is great, it was really useful in Chapter 9. Finally finished it after a lot of resets and have to say, it was the most difficult map I have ever played in this game so far. And since I haven't permanently recruited my main healer yet, having to rely on Izerna after so long was not very good experience either.
  11. Did you ever bring no healers on a main mission before? I don't think I would be able to finish even this map without healing. Especially since Vulneraries are one time use items here. Haha, love this new characterization of Valery, makes him much less forgettable. I always thought it is the ring requested in one of the civilian requests. Looks like I am in trouble now, I knew about the ranking thanks to the wiki but didn't bother with it earlier and currently at chapter 9. If my calculations are correct then I need to get full 3 points from this chapter, otherwise I won't be able to recruit that unit... Kramer is pretty good if you are not using Volo, and that other unit pretty much outclasses all other infantries and most mounts in this game besides maybe one or two, if you are talking about the same unit I am guessing.. so it's ok. His personal weapon is good, but not having a second round does hurt. Czene is a fun and useful unit to have, atleast if you need someone beside Axel, like in the next main map. When I saw she gets horse when promoted I decided to train her, but completely forgot after the 2nd thief joined.. now she is at lv 4, probably not worth the effort anymore. Faye is pretty good with her Cutlass, though she becomes useless the moment it breaks. Sure she promotes when permanently recruited, but getting that happiness requirement takes long. I used her so much that the Cutlass broke even before I reached the Chapter 3 main story's boss. And it broke again at green durability after repairing it, so didn't bother with it again. Currently trying to get her to lv 10 by deploying in side missions. Isn't that pretty much all fights with Czene though, aside from other thieves and archers? Yes pretty good mechanic atleast if it isn't your own unit... Is it just me or the screen shows Bottle Cry instead of Battle Cry.. I personally like this music better than the standard boss music. Still good for chipping down enemy armors and a certain ice lizard that can't be damaged with normal weapons. Probably a side effect for sacrificing so many units previously. Yes, there is really no reason to use her after he joins, and you get another healer during that time too. I usually let my weaker units do the capturing, like Czene or Izerna, since you get exp from capturing too. Really? I find him really tough to hit in the forests. I usually lure him towards the cliff using Provoke, then weaken him with Kramer and Ward. Had to do it 3 times due to restarting. Don't worry, they are waiting for you in the next main mission... Indeed, 'botained'... She does perform pretty well in the early levels, her problem is having so low strength, so she can't really fight the high defense enemies in the later chapters. And having 23 HP at lv 9 doesn't help much either. That's why you give bags to all units... I managed to cripple him, and savestate abused to get the cripple again after each restart, those knives are much better than regular daggers. That's a pretty cool feature, wish I knew about it earlier. Well, not everyone can be Eugen.
  12. Nah, I want you to use Ruby, then it will be a bit different from my run. vanMillion thanks.. Ok, will try it then, usually I don't bring him against tough opponents with high hit rates, since his hp is too low. Although he is only lv 7 right now. Will definitely use her in my next playthrough promise. Atleast if I can finish this run in a reasonable amount of time... Haha, will try to be a bit more active since now I have more time. No, I am not just too lazy to write them, what are you talking about... Can't believe I fell for it... Disaad. How do you guys make so many puns, I can't even make old Lee ones properlee yet...
  13. This single dialogue made me restart twice because I thought he would try to flee with the contents in the bag, and tried to rush with Arthur and of course every enemy ignored him and went for Ruby instead... I tried using her because I liked her backstory, but she kept getting killed, so I had to bench her. Although it is a shame I won't be able to recruit that unit... they were insane on chapter 3, pretty much soloed the north-eastern part of the map, even if it was the easiest path of the map. Arthur turned out pretty good, Hurry is a really useful skill especially on a mounted unit. Flourish is good for training other weaker units, didn't have much success with getting injuries with it though. Didn't even remember he had Desperation because of his low speed till he promoted. He was one of the few who could tank hits reliably, and my first unit to promote, on chapter 6. I hate Darkmend, especially on maps with turn limits. How do you set flags in this game? I can't seem to find it.. Still better than getting berserked for the first time in a tough map as a beginner. Really, how? Are you planning to jump off the cliff with her or something? Same, although I haven't really used her much. This is the first time I am replying in this format, so forgive me if something goes wrong... Still, can't believe I am writing such an lengthy reply, even if I am not that busy due to the current lockdown.
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