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  1. I found your FE7 lp too late, so didn't follow it that closely, so will try to follow this time, good luck. I suggest Hugh, cause he is my favorite BB unit and Geese, incase you consider Hugh as the best mage for some reason.
  2. I haven't played Conquest so idk what horrors awaits you but good luck, if I am already not too late. And RIP Christine in another Berwick run, hopefully Shrimperor will have enough units remaining at endgame to not do a lord only run.
  3. This sounds hilarious, hopefully Ruben can keep his deaths on the low side this time. Also, idk if you will be able to but I think some more details on how the runs are going could be fun. For example, who killed the boss, what did you miss, surprise mvps etc.
  4. My vote goes to Berwick Saga, I have never played FE1 and 3 not counting the remakes, as well as Vesteria Saga and never managed to finish 2, 4 and 5. I can't really say much more than what Ruben already said about Berwick, however, one thing I didn't like is how the game never really explains what effects some mechanics have, like foods or furnitures. Aside from a few things I think could have been handled better, I like almost everything about the game. The story is pretty good, music is awesome, I would rate the graphics and animations as one of the best in the series including the 3ds titles. Most of the maps feels unique and challenging, there are plenty of sidequests aside form the main missions. The RNG can feel a bit unfair thanks to low hit rates, breakable equipments etc, but there are ways to get around those most of the time. Of course, it still feels bad when a personal weapon breaks at green, but you get ways to repair them although limited. The capture system feels the most RNG reliant but there are ways to increase the chance including abusing the 5 turn saves to get the important captures. I especially like how they managed to balance the units and even the most op units can't break the game unlike most other FE. Skills and equipments are far more important than stats, even the meme unit have their uses. The relatively smaller cast makes each character feel unique and interesting, including most of the major NPCs and enemies. The mercenary system feels more realistic compared to random people joining you for no reasons. The mounted units are valuable and powerful just like in FE, but Berwick manages to balance them by adding a lot of places they have to dismount or can't access at all, as well as giving the horses their own hp, which means you have to be careful about using and managing them. There are a lot of things you get to manage aside form doing the missions, like horses, foods, mercenaries, civilian quests, bounties, crafitng items, furnitures etc. You even get unique and some of the most powerful items in the game by methods which I won't spoil. In the end, I would say it is the best strategy game I have played so far. There are obviously some flaws but the positives overshadow the negatives completely, definitely recommend playing this masterpiece. As someone who didn't like the huge maps and stopped playing around chapter 2, I would like to know more about Genealogy as well. I lost the previous save and never really bothered to replay it from the start. Unlike Ruben, my main problems were the maps and how different the mechanics felt, trading for example.
  5. This was an interesting read, it was nice to know what the creator's thought process were when creating my favorite turn based game, thanks for the translation. Judging from the title, I will be looking forward to later parts as well.
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