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  1. Hello there, I am the person who drew the bottom drawing when I was 11 LMAO A friend told me about the meme this topic is about, so I went to see if my deviantART days will haunt me and if this abomination will actually pop up on Google. And behold - it popped up on Google because of this post, even on SerenesForest. Being a diehard FE fan for years, I nearly pissed myself laughing seeing my incredibly old drawing end up on a forum I have been a member of for years. Thank you so much for this amusement Greetings, Michelle (the not so hedgehog)
  2. Thanks for all the suggestions, by the way! I will keep them in mind for future playthroughs (which I certainly will do a few of as I love FE10 to death)! I started this run (I'm in the Tower of Guidance rn) and focused on using different units compared to my first playthrough and getting the 2nd playthrough bonuses, so no biggie. But for the next ones I will certainly use some of those recommendations.
  3. Soooo. I just finished playing FE9 and set up a FE10 file to get the bonuses of it - and plan to get all the second playthrough extra events as well. But simply playing it again on Normal mode (since Hard mode changes are stupid imo) will be boring. Do you have any fun ideas which are more fun than PMU, ... (Also note that I play on a physical copy and have no access to hacking devices).
  4. Hmm, let's just make it favourites based on weapons (etc), huh? There are so many I'd love to see! Sword : Any lord, really. And we probably know who's really likely for this. I'd be really happy for Lyn especially! Jaffar would be fun too. And Raven! Axe : Hector all the way. No one deserves it more. Armads time. Lance : Ephraim is a obvious choice, but for the less popular one : Nephenee! She's a fan favourite (I guess) from FE9/10 and a great representation for a unit which exclusively uses lances. Tomes : Let's divide this into the types of magic, shall we? Light shall be Micaiah, Dark would be a well earned spot for Lyon (maybe even summoning?), the obvious answer for Fire is Arvis, Wind either Soren or Lewyn and Thunder... Robin probably? And Nino! Maybe Pent? Bows : Takumi is veeery likely, but I would love to see Innes, for some reason haha. He's the cooler cocky archer. Or Shinon! Mounted : While Xander is very likely, I would like to see Sigurd in this spot. If you reach a bit further, maybe Eliwood. Pegasus Knight : I can see Shiida here, but why not the stunning queen Elincia? <3 Wyvern Rider : I would love to see Haar or Jill! And as much as I'm not too fond of Camilla's popularity, she'd be an interesting pick thanks to her access to Magic Villians : The unstoppable force - the Black Knight <3 And he also has a nice option for an alternate skin. And as I've already mentioned : Arvis and Lyon. Shape Shifters : Tiki is pretty much a given for manakete, as well as Corrin. Else... laguz! Maybe even one of each 'type'. Caineghis or Ranulf for beast laguz, Nasir or Kurthnaga for Dragon and Naesala or Tibarn for the birds. Even if I dislike Awakening, Panne sounds fun as well.
  5. Just as most here say : the triangle of Anima, Light and Dark returning. For Light you can get Bishops. I wouldn't mind Dark Knight being kicked out of the Dark Mage promotion and having Summoner again. The stats of Summoner are meh, but I found it to be fun in FE8. Another class I really want to return is Soldier class! Spear Masters also would do it, but I guess that class basically equals Soldier when applied to European aesthetics. Axe/Lance/Sword/Bow Knight split would be nice too, with the promotion gaining another secondary weapon and only being able to wield legendary weapons of their native weapon. It would make the units themselves even more unique. For Bow Knights, they could use Normads as a base class. This is about classes, but : I personally would like the stealing mechanic and Canto to return. Hit-and-runs are fun.
  6. Ike and Soren, simply said. I just enjoy their interactions quite a lot. Ike and Ranulf works too. And for Micaiah... as much as I like their interactions, I can't get myself to like Micaiah x Sothe. They call each other siblings and truly treat each other as such. I prefer their relationship to stay like that. Pelleas would be nice for her, though. But my real ship is Micaiah x Zelgius. I'm not sure if it's simply unpopular or if it grosses people out. Both are branded and have lived a life in fear of being discovered. Their ingame interactions also appeal to me. I'm not quite sure if Sephiran ordered Zelgius to do so, but he kept protecting Micaiah and even offered her to take her with him to the Tower of Guidance to save her from Ashera's judgement. Hell, even if it was ordered by Sephiran, I still ship it.
  7. I voted for a game I haven't even played myself (FE9), but the Tellius games really seem nice. So far I can recommend FE10, too. If you want to buy a game and get the most out of it, I'd probably recommend any of the Fates games (especially Revelation), since you have all the online options there. Don't expect too much from any of the Fates games' story and gameplay, though. Conquest has fun maps at least. (PMUs are especially fun thanks to Marriage Seals and Friendship Seals)
  8. Not OP, but definetely one of my favourite units and one of the better ones in general. He's great as a anti-mage unit, kills off low Res units and works as a decent healer later on too. If you're into glass canons, look no further. Also his skill is pretty good, which makes him even more reliable. It's a shame that light magic has no Luna counterpart.
  9. To be honest, I think it's mainly personal taste. You already named the main points why it's so disliked. I think another reason is that many maps take quite some time because of the gimmicks, which many people seem to dislike. For example, waiting for elevators or plowing some snow takes up unneccesary amounts of time. The few maps copied from Conquest and Birthright in the beginning may also be a reason perhaps?
  10. I hope I'm not too late! I read most of this topic yesterday, but no unique questions came to mind. It's awesome to see another great voice actress here on SF! I'm interested in voice acting myself, so it got me really excited. Both characters you voiced in Fates sound so great and it really fits their personality, especially Scarlet! I always love hearing her criticals! (Next time playing Birthright, I'll probably romance her, hehe.) Voice request for Scarlet : ''The flower you gave me symbolized eternal affection. It made me so happy. And so, I was able to fight with even more strenght than usual.'' - from Scarlet and Ryoma's JP Scramble Conversation And here's one from female Corrin and Scarlet's A support conversation (I shortened it) : Scarlet : ''When I die, what color star do you think I'll be? Don't tell me you've never wondered what happens after you die.'' Corrin : ''D-Don't ask that. It's bad luck. But... the shiniest stone on your weapon is the one you would be.''
  11. No problem, else I would've probably dipped into the Pegasus Knight to get some skills. Thank you for the new request! I don't remember Velouria's map to be too hard, so that shall be manageable.
  12. Sorry, but only supportable units are preferred. Also there's no guarantee that Orochi (or Niles) will be used/is strong enough to do her lil' capture trick. The idea sounds tempting, though.
  13. Name: N(atural Harmonia Gropius) Game: Pokemon Black & White Class: Dark Mage Personal skill: Swap, as a reference to the Pkmn games, maybe? Castle address: / Could you maybe do him for me? I am region locked to EU, but it would be great to see him! Apologies for not being of use.
  14. Got all units! Please no more requests, thank you all! Castle Adress : 06215-84252 07541-25264 (EU) Sooo, I've recently finished my Lunatic/Classic Revelation playthrough and it wasn't really challenging, so why not do a fun challenge? PMU is short for ''Pick My Unit'', meaning you guys can choose the units I have to use. The difficulty will be Lunatic/Classic and the route is Revelation as well. The file was already prepared with a +Mag/-Luck F!Corrin (I played to the part where you get the first access to your castle). Rules : - I will need about 15 units. - Any female units except Flora (due to late joining time) and Scarlet are allowed. You know what? Let's include Forrest :^) - Child Units are allowed as well and will be recruited once I finished Ch 18. I choose the parents and who I S rank together, however (unless the requested class requires a certain parent). -> Concerning child units : I cannot guarantee if I'm able to recruit Nohrian children, as the maps will be as difficult as Conquest Lunatic maps. I'd appreciate if an alternative unit is given, in case I don't manage to complete the map successfully, but I will certainly try! - You can request classes I should reclass the said unit(s) into as well - as long as the reclass still is usable (for example no crap like Strategist Effie or Wyvern Lord Elise). - Please vote for the class I have to reclass Corrin into as well! You may choose between Nohr Noble, Dark Flier, Witch,Priestess ,Dark Knight or Sorcerer (sorry, but ulitising the +Mag is a blessing). The most voted one will be used! - Subsitute units sadly have to be used until I have all the requested units ready, my apologies. It would be really hard to pull through the earlier chapters with barely no units at all. Once I got a unit I'll actually use ready, the subsitute will immediately be dumped. - I beg for a healer ;~; (and a Dragon Vein user besides Corrin, but it's optional). - DLC classes and characters (Anna) are allowed! So far : Corrin class : Witch 1. Maid!Sakura (A+ Elise) - Onion Chieftain of da ring 2. Dread Fighter!Selena - Ether 3. Oni Chieftain!Rhajat (mother Azura)- Jave, BindingFate, Wayward Alchemist 4. Wyvern Lord!Oboro (A+ Beruka) - CooledSheep, a friend 5. Falcon Knight!Elise (A+ Azura) / potentially Maid or witch - BindingFate, (kcirrot) 6. Spear Master!Rinkah (A+ Oboro) - Funky Tim 7. Basara!Ophelia (mother Orochi) - TrueEm (Note : I'll try my best!) 8. Swordmaster!Camilla (S rank Ryoma) - Guardian 9. Hero!Beruka - Michelaar 10. Maid!Peri (A+ Felicia) - Lord_Grima 11. Beserker!Velouria (mother Effie) - Bandit (I'll try my best recruiting her as well!) 12. Strategist!Anna - Levant Mir Celestia 13. Sniper!Selkie (mother Charlotte) - Vale 14. Master of Arms!Mitama (mother Hana) - SuperWow121 15. General!Effie - 11volt (THANK GOD) [spoiler={Chapter 7 to 13}] Chapter 7 : Basically soloed it with Corrin and her Dragonstone, Jakob supported and Azura did some nice dancing things. But all battle EXP was fed to good old Corn. Chapter 8 : This one was really easy as well, Corrin nearly one shotted everything. Gunter was her loyal pair up. Sakura and her retainers (+ Kaze) joined at the end of the chapter, so here comes a new actual team member! Chapter 9 : Oh, Chapter 9... Mr Wind's Wild Ride, how I hate it. This one took two tries, in the first one a unfortunate gust of wind fucked everything up. The second one worked well, except that it ended with Gunter being permanently killed because he was blown up to the 'platform' where Fuga stands. He is my favourite Fates character, but who needs him in Revelation anyway. No supports, crap growth and he's not a part of the PMU so - bye bye, rest well, old man! Rinkah, a unit I can use to actually fight, and Hayato joined. Chapter 10 : Let's just say it took me 50 turns because I was super careful. Every EXP possible was given to big buff fire puff Rinkah. Hayato and Jakob had some fun solely being used to plow some snow. Azura did some nice singing action for Rinkah, that's about it. The guy that needs to be blamed, irrelevant guy and Oboro joined! It's nice to get units you actually have to use. Paralogue 1 : Giving all EXP to Oboro and Rinkah, that's it. They didn't even gain too much EXP, but I needed some support grinding to get Rinkah into Spear Master. Some grinding on the first map aaaand - Rinkah was reclassed into a Spear Fighter! Chapter 11 : This one was tricky, but I managed it my first try without anyone dying! Reina and Takumi had to be used as a last resort two or three times, especially fighting against the prepromoted Master Ninjas. Oboro and Rinkah were already really high in level and didn't gain as much EXP as others. And let's not talk about overleveled Corrin and Sakura. But seriously, the Master Ninjas are REALLY scary, overleveled Witch Corrin wouldn't have managed to hit or defeat them efficiently. At least there aren't a ton of reinforcements like in Birthright, else it would have taken multiple tries. Anna on the Run : I wanted another team member, soooo why not get Anna by now. To be honest, I just threw Corrin with a Jakob pair up into the horde of Beserker bros and let her dodge and kill everything. Oboro and Rinkah aren't really able to do wonders here. Chapter 12 : Short : Attempt at getting up Anna's Level. In this one I got every unit on the two boats near Corrin and just hoped for the best. It took about two tries? This chapter isn't too bad, but the Corrin boat was in a pinch quite often. Once the Dragon Veins popped up, I cleared the boat with Beruka and Rinkah. After this it was just waiting for the reinforcements to end (ABOUT 30 TURNS, agh) and then move onto the Flora boat. All the reinforcements are quite dangerous because Sorcerers and Beserkers hit like trucks, but magic Corn can handle it. Rinkah, Oboro and especially Anna took out the weakened prepromotes. The Camilla squad joins! And then support grinding between Oboro and Beruka happened - Friendship sealed Oboro into Wyvern Rider. Beruka actually gained a level despite it being the first map. After she got Lunge, I reclassed her into a Fighter right away. Selena was reclassed into a Dread Fighter immediately, a Weapon Scroll was used on her as well. Chapter 13 : That one scared me quite a bit since the start of it is pretty hard, but it worked on the first try! Corrin took out the Onmyoji and Master of Arms on the right, once the Swordmaster was taken out, the coast was clear. Selena and Beruka were fed almost every EXP possible and now they are overleveled beasts as well. Anna got a bit of EXP too. I love how strong Beruka and Selena are! Selena is great with Shuriken and Beruka is still very accurate, even with the Gamble skill on her! The royal brothers are too strong in this chapter, so they had to be taken out with OP Corrin. Camilla was a pair up bot for Beruka all the time, I won't really use her until she'll actually gain EXP and is close to be reclassed into Swordmaster. I think Elise and Effie join in the next chapter, so that's something to look forward to! Thank you for reading, special thanks if you chose a unit! c: - Osi
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