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  1. Oh, I see then it's just another way to pronounce it, that's good then.
  2. Dorothea is totally Stephanie Sheh, at least sounds a lot like her, Ashe is Yuri Lowenthal I think?
  3. Ignace is now a Ignatz for some reason, so there you go.
  4. Something interesting to note, Nintendo sent a Cease and Desist to a leaker for E3, https://www.vg247.com/2019/06/10/nintendo-cease-desist-e3-leaker/ So it seems they're aware of leakers, now granted this a special case since the Nintendo conference is tomorrow, and they don't want anything getting spoiled early, but I do wonder if they were even aware of thani spilling out info, or if they were, they don't care about 3H enough to stop it.
  5. LMAO at knights having no skills, IS finally realized they're trash and didn't even bother with them. On the other hand is super cool that steal is back!
  6. Yes indeed, Thani did say that she's getting her sources from early versions of the game, so most likely some stuff will be cut or changed in the final release.
  7. So I had a chat with "someone" and I can say I believe thani now, this famitsu article proves a lot of what she said before to be true (and yes thani is a woman btw). One to thing to note however, is that she purposefully gave some false information to avoid huge story spoilers and to get people of her back. I have some big issues with some stuff in the leak, mostly about the sexual orientation of some characters but whatever, I'll talk about that when the time comes. All I can say is, from my part thani is telling the truth.
  8. He PM me this too and he said he doesn't want it to be shared, I respect his wishes but I still don't believe this since that screenshot can be fake too. There's also another thing in that "proof" that takes more credibility away from this.
  9. Maybe Thani does have the real leaks but they're the complete opposite of what he has been saying, maybe the game is so bad that it makes Fates look like a masterpiece in comparison and he's feeding us all this info that we want to hear to set us up for when the real things come out we all cry in disappointment and he laughs at our misery... But that's just a theory. A game theory!
  10. Speaking of that meme, Mangs did a video already about the spoilers lol
  11. So the mods know something and they're playing along? Hmm interesting, very interesting...
  12. So I sent him a message asking him in a polite way if he has any physical proof for what he's saying like a picture of the game or something, that was 2 hours ago and he didn't reply, I asked around to other users that did the same and they didn't get a reply either, but the guy is still answering in the thread so he's avoiding this on purpose. That does seem super fishy.
  13. @Thane It definitely feels fake, mainly because the story sounds like it will have many dark twists and turns that I just can't see a modern FE making.
  14. I don't know how to take this... Some of the things he's saying make sense but other things are just reaaaaally sketchy. I don't know thanibomb personally, but I do know that he's a long time member of that subreddit and is not a shitposter so I doubt he would destroy his reputation by doing a fake AMA if he wasn't sure of his sources. Good god this is why I hate leaks, so much hype but some awful things as well, like the fact that there's several Bi options and the "subpar" map design.
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