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  1. Hey there! I'm Xenith , known far and wide as things you wouldn't dare repeat to your parents. I've been hacking for a few years now and have built up a small collection of projects which I've not shared here yet. These aren't your usual hacks, as you'll find they're all no longer than a single chapter. "Why is that?" I hear nobody asking. Well, my curious FE fan, I have the attention span of a monkey and like having a realistic chance of finishing my projects. Definitely nothing to do with how the first 2 were made for single chapter contests. If you're in the mood for something short and sweet; you've come to the right place. All to be patched to FE8. Credits in the docs (I think). --------- Scarlet Rising (2020) Hacktown. By day, an unsuspecting town known for its mining operations and peaceful atmosphere. By night, one of the most dangerous towns on the continent, where adventurers and outlaws alike indulge in the thrill of high-stake duels. One day, a famous rescue team receives a vague and ominous letter alerting them to a crisis in the town, and they set out to investigate… V1 DOWNLOAD ---------- Saga of the Shivering Shores (2019) Set sail for new adventures! Dissatisfied with his now-normal life, our hero Lawrence embarks on a journey to find a new purpose. However, things soon turn awry when his voyage is entangled with an ancient seafaring folktale known far and wide as the ‘Legend of the Shivering Shores’. V1 DOWNLOAD -------- RE: Halloween (2018) Taking place shortly after Lawrence’s Magvel escapade in RE:Z, some of the RE cast are invited to a Halloween party, intended to be a joyful reunion. However, all is not what it seems when a few of the members arrive... V1 DOWNLOAD ------------ Well, that's about it. I won't be updating these or making any more, but if you enjoyed them leave a comment. I promise I won't forget to check back for half a year! Peace.
  2. Congrats! Always nice to see an update to this. RIP the Hugh glitch, recently did it on a shared FE6 iron man because we had no mages left...
  3. this hack is so good it made me post on serenes for the first time in years 10/10 would have a dream sequence again
  4. You think I have the mental capacity to think of a decent reason? Smh mega smh
  5. Hey, I'm Xenith. I completed a full FE8 reskin last month and it became weirdly popular. Go play it! http://feuniverse.us/t/rart-emblem-zero-the-rarted-stones/4055 (I have no idea how Serenes works so sorry if I've posted this in the wrong place)
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