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  1. Oh okay! Ill take LifeTaker, Pavise, Aegis, Luna, and Rend Heaven
  2. Thor Odinson ~ Yeah ill take him but what are the skills? BANRYU ~ I think you put your castle code in wrong. I tried it twice to no avail Xenomata ~ Yeah it went okay! Your character is really strong Lord_Grima- Ok yeah ill take it! Ill go visit right now
  3. Eclipse- Ok yeah ill take him! With Shurkienfaire, Letality, Dragon Fang, Death Blow, and Draconic Hex Banryu- Heck Yeah! Ill go take a visit right now :p~
  4. No its cool :p~ Its not like im getting much other people who want to join I can wait another 24 hours~
  5. Ok so i went to your castle but your character was a lodestar? I left a accessory but I will wait for the berserker
  6. Thanks again! I just got her! Once my team is done ill let you know in case you want to online battle or something. Its coming along great!
  7. Xenomata- Ok so if you could i would like to get your MU as a berserker. I would like the skills Dragon Fang, Aether (If you have it, if not then lifetaker), Duelist's Blow, Life and Death, Renewal Eclipse- Ill take the Spear Fighter yeah, and ill take the skills Dragon Fang, Death Blow, Certain Blow, Rend Heaven, Quick Draw
  8. I need a Charlotte with Sol/Luna/Astra
  9. If you like you can add me as a friend on Serene's Forest and I'll pm once I have the full team and we can battle
  10. Ok if you could equip her with Rend Heaven, LifeTaker, Astra, Luna, and Death Blow it would be appreciated :)
  11. Ok thanks a ton! I got her btw :)
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