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  1. Who? Why are non-FE-fans so excited again? Is having an "epic cool" girl broken meta all it takes?
  2. Just how far will you guys take the story of a video game?
  3. You guys are really obsessed with her aren't you? It's really amusing how much you look like Dimitri, a simple fictional character that someone thought of in his head mind you, yet you pretend to pass as a real person.
  4. Can you add how do you obtain them?
  5. Seems the Tellius fanboy converted the discussion to something different entirely, I refuse to post any further.
  6. Apparently being slaves to another race is ok and rebellion is bad, so Edelgard that sought to liberate humanity is "evil".
  7. Seriously? Disinformation? Just how far are you fanatic fools going to take this fight? Doubting even manline game content because it doesn't fit your close minded opinion? You really need to take a break because you are seriously obsessed.
  8. Sounds like you just suck. There was nothing wrong with the Ninjas in fates. Only a fool would let them initiate on enemy phase.
  9. Only classes with blue letters in their description can use reason and faith.
  10. Reading all their C supports certainly helps too. The only choices I still don't understand are why Edelgard dislikes the "People you look up to" and "Places you want to travel"
  11. Fates had reclasses that had unique outfits and are mentioned even in supports like Odin, Takumi and Midori
  12. I still don't get how Edelgard and Dimitri can build support with each other since they are mutually exclusive in their routes.
  13. Just one detail about the calendar and time isn't much and anyway, similar things be found in other JRPGs too, it's not exclusive to Persona. But whatever, you already compared My Castle to fucking Farmville which is ridiculous, so you obviously aren't being serious here .
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