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  1. I'm Currently trying to build some decent bond units. A tricky challenge and i tought i had everything figured out. I don't know why, but ond units are incapable of learning skills from themselves. since reclassing my bond unit would not allow them to return to the class they started in (the one i want them to be >.>). I figured i could obtain all the skills from their available classes by following this process. (i do not know why this doesn't work) Create a save with the unaltered units in their basic class on the unit roster of that playthrough. (so as not to lose them if a mistake was made) Create a second save to power level the unit through the class line and obtain the skills. Update the unit's logbook entry with the new skills. Return to the first save file and learn the the skill from the reclassed/trained unit. Update the logbook entry with the original unit that also has the skills. this would leave the heart seal options available. repeat the process for the remaining class lines. aqcuiring all available/desired skills. final update of logbook entry. purchase the unit on the desired playthrough. (Ghostly Grind... err Gold.) Seemed pretty solid to me. are the bond units able to learn skills from their own entries in the logbook? any information would be appreciated. I did snoop around for this topic, no luck. In case i missed it, please link me to the topic.
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