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  1. yeah that's pretty good no doubt. but +1+1+1+3+1+0+2 isn't as crazy a swing
  2. I just realized I miscounted the chapters marcus was available. CH17 is going to be fun.....
  3. Is he organic? not trying to throw shade or anything I'm just curious because if so that is easily the best lowen I've ever seen, I feel lucky if the blind wonder breaks even.
  4. I think finalinsanity has the next pick after me
  5. fiora so are we using the average stats patch or is it anything goes?
  6. I'll join in! I've run into the same problem myself but never really could get into the super efficient ltc stuff the regulars are into. This sounds like exactly what I've been looking for.
  7. C1 9/9 turns Roy charged forward as fast as he could while trying to keep from getting surrounded,like gradius I needed the same speed strength and rapier crit. village was skipped. C2 12/21 turns Same as before, but higher enemy count caused me to get stuck for a while in the first 2 sections, got the armorslayer with merlinus and used thany to ferry it over to roy in time for the boss kill. I'm confident I could have found a more efficient strategy but I really didn't feel like doing it over again. C3 14/35 turns Took way longer than it probably needed to but I felt i'd be better off getting chad trained, missed the treasure but got the mend staff C4 9/44 turns Roy and chad barreled forward while merlinus got the door key,I had set up roy so he could ohko the 2-4lv caveliers with the rapier. after recruiting Clarine I sent a unit down to get the angelic robe and rapier-ed Erik for the throne C5 6/50 turns ran towards the gate and unlocked it on turn 2 I think? it might have been 3 though but chad and roy one rounded the melee units and then punched a hole through the ranged units so roy could make a run towards the boss and sieze next turn. shout out to merlinus though for distracting all the units to the north on a foothills tile so the didn't go after the undrafted guys. C6 9/59 turns Could have completed this faster but I needed to rescue sue to recruit shin later, so I went up the left and used merlinus to lure the main force down the center. used the door key with clarine so roy could talk and chad could unlock the north door in one turn, used elen as a dodge tank in the doorway to keep the chasing units busy while clarine and roy run to the boss after chad kills the mage to give them a hole. roy seizes on turn 9 while chad takes the unlock staff, no other treasure was taken. C7 12/71 turns merlinus got the longbow and torch staff on a suicide run to the left while the main force went right. Roy went north first to recruit zelot and treck while everyone else went west to pick up the villages. Noah was the MVP of this chapter as he kept the entire main force at bay by the other side of the map while I could move up around the right side of the wall. zelot did some shopping and chad and clarine took the contents of the chests while roy treck and elen fought through the reinforcement army. I think I picked up everything but I'm not positive. C8 20/91 bolted through the long hallways like everyone else while chad stole the keys of the enemy's, the mounted units went ahead while ojay and lilina cleaned up what was left behind, got stuck for a turn at the chokepoint at the bottom but it went pretty smooth for the most part, picked up most of the treasure with keys,chad and using the promo rule to use astol some C8x 10/101 Treck picked up roy and spent the chapter bolting towards the end using the elixir to keep from dying(clarine could not survive the trip without extreme rng manipulation which I wasn't going to do) while ojay lilina and elen trained up on all the enemies. reached the end and dropped turn 8, killed Henning on 9 with a KE crit, and seized turn 10. So far this has been a lot of fun, and I'm looking to see how to complete 11L with my band of misfits. unit stats below
  8. I mean so would only 2 people having dancers,but were doing that anyway so I don't see what exclusivity has to do with it.
  9. I'll join, why ban warp staff though?
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