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  1. Happy birthday!

  2. So while GBA-ifying the colors, it automatically made the lightest armor shade a tad darker, which brings it to a nice contrast; Thanks a bunch Aeo :D
  3. Oooh I like it, but I feel like the lightest shade is frankly a little too bright haha.
  4. That's precisely what I'm doing ;) I'm pretty good with colors, especially battle sprites, but portraits are sometimes a bit tricky, especially when the portrait isn't of that high quality.
  5. FE6 has some pretty good color choices... the execution is just bad very often, however.
  6. Yesyes, just recolors, nothing more :P.
  7. After some discussion with some spriters, these are the new versions; So unless anyone spots any quirks in them, I think they're good as is.
  8. Late how? I'm intending to do something different than what you're doing.
  9. Happy new year folks!~ I've been trying to make the colors in Alan's and Lance's portraits match their official arts more, however, since I'm not the best with portrait colors, I've been having a little bit of trouble, and I'm wondering if these could stand to improve some; https://i.gyazo.com/d6eff60eb7728d16f32bfc9067b7d172.png I think the one at the top looks fine, but it's not too accurate still, and whenever I try to make it more orange or dull like in the art (see the middle one), it just looks off. The hair as well to a lesser extent. https://i.gyazo.com/77198a27c8d9656dd3a2192c5752876a.png Lance wasn't as hard, and I think it doesnt look too bad, but I'd still like to know if it's good enough or not. So blast your opinions this way, and if you feel like they could be improved, your help is greatly appreciated!
  10. It's not an update to his version, it's just alternative for both shaman versions (vanilla and marky's), so just keep both. Also the code is bork'd.
  11. Female shaman palette fix~ [b]Female shaman palette edit, includes Marky's FE7 fix.[/b] [img]http://i.gyazo.com/f9702d6e74df88d80cd943be2e9fe83c.png[/img] Credit: MarkyJoe1990, Feaw Description: Slight palette edit for the female shaman for a bit more freedom for the cloak's trimming. Includes a version for FE6+8, and a version for FE7. [url=https://www.dropbox.com/s/2ywn9riajepjt2d/FemShamanpaledit.zip?dl=0]Download[/url]
  12. Oh my goodness, this topic is amazing! Thank you Prime! f you want you can add the tilesets/palettes I released recently. The post link is in my signature. No zip file... too lazy to make one, but if it's demanded, I can make one (so let me know if I should).
  13. Feaw

    Spriter's Resource

    Yessss, Nihmaps gogogo <3
  14. Feaw

    Spriter's Resource

    I suppose I should finally just decide to stop hoarding and being a smug ass and release my tileset palettes/tileset add-ons, since I have literally not made any maps in 2-3 years, and the project I used to be ambitious about is dead, and I have little by little given people access to my stuff, I see no reason to not just open-source the whole dealio, since making a palette isn't exactly that hard for me. Most of these tilesets aren't hack-insertable, but nothing stops you from just using the palettes to edit an existing ones (or adding some new tiles if you're savvy enough) and having some nifty new palettes for your hack's maps! Note that this isn't possible for all palettes since some have been edited beyond that point. Please give credit if used. First some that I made specifically for certain hacks; Some of my older (and some derpy) palettes; Palettes I made for my ancient and extinct project; And some bonus content; Aaand I think that's about it. Likely forgot a thing or two, but they probably aren't noteworthy anyways.
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