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  1. In Dolphin, right-click on your Path of Radiance game and click 'Properties'. Go to the AR Codes tab and select 'Add...'. Name your code (doesnt matter, just anything you would recognize), and paste the code. The code to give Ike an Arms Scroll in his first item slot is: 042B16D0 80935F30 (specified item) 002B16D4 00000001 (item uses) Click 'ok' and 'close' and run your game. Once you're at the main menu, reset the game (best to assign a hotkey for it so you can do it fast). Now load up your save file and it should work. Save your game if the code worked, exit the game and then disable the code. Alternatively you can edit the config itself, allowing importing/toggling more cheats at once more quickly, but whatever you find most useful. Also note, as far as I know, cheats won't ever work while the game is running and you need to reboot the game for them to work.
  2. These codes worked for me: $BEXP Part 1 043CAADC 48694000 $BEXP Part 2 043CAAE0 48694000 $BEXP Part 3(Ike) 043CAAE4 48694000 They're just the default ones from geckocodes.org https://geckocodes.org/index.php?c=RFEE01 Also, as for giving units skills, the codes on that page do work, but only for normal mode. However, to add skills that take capacity, you need to give a value to that capacity or it won't show up. Add 4 bytes to the address, so for example to give Micaiah Vantage in her 3rd skill slot, you need 04886DF4 807101B0 04886DF8 00020000 This makes it use 0 capacity but it does show up. Put 00030000 instead to give it a lock as well. If you put any other value (haven't tested much but I'll assume as much) it'll cost the default capacity, which is 10 in the case of Vantage. Sadly you can't make it cost something else, only default or 0, but there are tools to manually edit these into the roms anyway). Sadly I don't know of codes for easy or hard mode... someone else might, though. But at least the BEXP codes work on all difficulties.
  3. Very old but might still be useful for people: These codes worked for me: $BEXP Part 1 043CAADC 48694000 $BEXP Part 2 043CAAE0 48694000 $BEXP Part 3(Ike) 043CAAE4 48694000 They're just the default ones from geckocodes.org https://geckocodes.org/index.php?c=RFEE01
  4. I know this is a necro, but I got the solution to the OP's issues: what helps for me is turning on the code, which does make the unusable item appear. RESET the game (don't close it, you can set a custom hotkey to reset on Dolphin under the Options tab). Now the correct item should appear. Save/suspend your game and then turn off the code if you only wish to create one instance of the code (if you trade the item it'll keep duplicating itself). Note that doing this on the map is risky since if Ike gets equipped with something he can't normally use, his sprite will turn black and the game will freeze if you equip something else (game can't decide what sprite to load so it hangs, hence the black sprite). So this is best done in the base but might also work in the prep screen. Hope this helps!
  5. Happy birthday!

  6. So while GBA-ifying the colors, it automatically made the lightest armor shade a tad darker, which brings it to a nice contrast; Thanks a bunch Aeo :D
  7. Oooh I like it, but I feel like the lightest shade is frankly a little too bright haha.
  8. That's precisely what I'm doing ;) I'm pretty good with colors, especially battle sprites, but portraits are sometimes a bit tricky, especially when the portrait isn't of that high quality.
  9. FE6 has some pretty good color choices... the execution is just bad very often, however.
  10. Yesyes, just recolors, nothing more :P.
  11. After some discussion with some spriters, these are the new versions; So unless anyone spots any quirks in them, I think they're good as is.
  12. Late how? I'm intending to do something different than what you're doing.
  13. Happy new year folks!~ I've been trying to make the colors in Alan's and Lance's portraits match their official arts more, however, since I'm not the best with portrait colors, I've been having a little bit of trouble, and I'm wondering if these could stand to improve some; https://i.gyazo.com/d6eff60eb7728d16f32bfc9067b7d172.png I think the one at the top looks fine, but it's not too accurate still, and whenever I try to make it more orange or dull like in the art (see the middle one), it just looks off. The hair as well to a lesser extent. https://i.gyazo.com/77198a27c8d9656dd3a2192c5752876a.png Lance wasn't as hard, and I think it doesnt look too bad, but I'd still like to know if it's good enough or not. So blast your opinions this way, and if you feel like they could be improved, your help is greatly appreciated!
  14. It's not an update to his version, it's just alternative for both shaman versions (vanilla and marky's), so just keep both. Also the code is bork'd.
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