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  1. This game will be the moment of ascension for Fire Emblem. It will be a critical moment, where Fire Emblem will have the potential to rise beyond what it has done before. Awakening saved the franchise, Fates and SoV consolidated it, Heroes and Warriors brought it to new horizons, and Three Houses...Will bring it to godhood. The moment of truth approaches. Spring 2019.
  2. What about Shadows of Valentia? Isn't it a much more conservative Fire Emblem when it comes to character designs and sexualization? In my head, that game is IS's answer to the purist fanbase's preocupations.
  3. As I was listening to ''The Task At Hand'' from Fire Emblem : Radiant Dawn, I reflected upon the current situation of the Fire Emblem franchise and community. After the Dark Ages of FE : 11 to FE : 12 (or some would say : FE : 9 to 12), Fire Emblem has been saved from extinction thanks to Awakening's intervention. Despite being a somewhat controversial game because of certain character designs and the marriage system (''Waifu Emblem''), none can deny Awakening effectively saved the franchise we all loved. It deserves respect, at least for that fact. FE : 14 built upon FE : 13's systems, generally to the satisfaction of newcomers, and dismay of some purists (although, some veterans are very tolerant of the new designs/trends seen in FE: 13-14). FE : 13 and 14 brought a lot of new blood to the franchise, consolidating the financial support of the franchise. On the other end, FE : 15 answered the preocupations of the purists by bringing a remake of a beloved past Fire Emblem in a masterful way. Not only are the new designs more conservative and aligned with designs from the pre-FE : 13 era, but the remastered story and gameplay brought satisfaction to many veterans of the franchise, also to the satisfaction of newcomers. As for FE Warriors, it has expanded the reach of the franchise towards new genres, with respectable success. On the very lucrative mobile front, there is Fire Emblem Heroes, which has built an extremely solid and devoted fanbase, full of memes, fun and amusement. Fire Emblem Heroes has received strong financial support and its handlers have been rather skilled at remaining attentive to the community's enthusiasm and requests. The game continues to receive extensive support and remains the the subject of many discussions. The consecration for Fire Emblem's return will be FE : 16, also known as Fire Emblem Switch. It has been a long time since Fire Emblem has received a full fledged traditional game on a console (the last time being Radiant Dawn, which received a mixed reception, and lukewarm sales). With the Switch being a tremendous success, and Nintendo backing it fully, FE : 16 is set to quite possibly become the franchise's greatest success, as well as a major console seller. Which is why I have reached the conclusion that we are in a Golden Age my friends. Fire Emblem is saved and prospering. The future seems more secure than ever and the community is growing. Our franchise is set for a bright and prosperous future, full of joy, amusement and fellowship. In light of these facts, do you also share my optimism for the future of Fire Emblem?
  4. The Naga and Valflame spells are alright in FE13, but still do not convey the same ''legendary'' feeling as the Elibe legendary magic tomes. They lack weight and presence. And the other spells are bleh. FE10's Rexaura, Rexflame, Rexbolt, Rexcalibur and Balberith however are on par with the GBA legendary tomes. They convey the feeling of ''we're a big deal'' when cast.
  5. I always thought that the legendary magic tomes of Elibe looked freakin' awesome. Those weapons were held by Legends. The weight of history resides within them. Using them is a sacred, exceptional act (which is why this music the music that accompanies them in FE7 is so appropriate). The best is seeing Athos use Forblaze in the final chapter of FE7, the tome he used during the Scouring. You're witnessing one of the 8 legendary heroes use his mastery of magic one last time in order to help a new generation of heroes save the day. He exhausted himself using this power at his age, but damn was he inspiring by doing so. Apocalypse required Brammimond to completely erase his own personality. As for Aureola, I have no idea what kind of skill, power or will was needed by Elimine to use it, but it must've been pretty demanding. So which of the tomes is your favorite and why?
  6. Grima is an okay villain and all. He's quite terrifying in his dragon form (many eyes, giant mouth with tons of sharp teeth, huge size). But I had trouble taking Grima in his human form seriously. He's just a physical copy of the avatar who occasionally uses red text to show how mad he is. I think they should've made his human appearance much more sinister, red eyes, rough traits, a disturbing, mad smile, or other physical elements that convey how this human body is a vessel that has been taken over by Grima. I mean, if you chose the first girl model (the shortest one) for your avatar, who is even going to take Grima seriously in his (her?) human form when you see him? It just makes me laugh at him... Of course, when we first see the avatar's ''copy'' when we meet Validar after the fall of Gangrel, they could've kept the human appearance identical to the avatar's, to keep the mistery. Grima would not have revealed his cards yet, so it wouldn't have been convenient to him to just let his body reflect his true nature. What do you think? Was Grima's human form ''intimidating'' enough as it is? Or were you just indifferent to it? I just didn't feel very impressed...It's just ME.
  7. Also, the graphical style of SD and Mistery of the Emblem was a difficult transition from the GBA sprites players had grown accustomed to. They somehow had less charisma and felt less impressive (to me at least). I do believe that the critical hit abilities looked less amazing or satisfying, not to mention the character models (in combat) had no EYES. It made them look like faceless characters that could be associated to generics, supressing part of their charisma. I understand IS did its best to succeed in the transition to the DS graphically wise, but it didn't cut it for quite a few fans.
  8. Why would you want that? If you hate Fire Emblem, are you on this site just to bash on it? :(
  9. Well, what's also good is that Awakening's success is a gateway to the past Fire Emblem games, first of all because it makes people curious about the rest about of the franchise, but also because it is a ''franchise party'' (through its spotpass characters and DLC). This should help the previous games get attention and help the community of those games survive.
  10. As all well informed fans should've heard by now, Fire Emblem : Awakening has saved the Fire Emblem franchise from extinction. Due to the somewhat poor sales of FE10, 11 and 12, Nintendo considered to stop making FE games. I somehow come to realize the franchise almost hit the bottom of the barrel. Imagine if the series had been canceled for a large period of time...or even, permanently. This makes me think about how this franchise brings people together. It's almost as if the FE extinction threat is an FE story itself. After years of stagnation and lack of innovation, with the impending threat of death, FE : Awakening arrived... The long time Fire Emblem veterans, eternal guardians of Fire Emblem knowledge and history, rose together, as each game commands them to do, to get the game and spread its existence through the world. Then, the newcomers, the people, joined us into the fray, bolstering our ranks, bolstering this very community that has existed for many years. Such breath of fresh air made the world realize that we are not dead yet...That Fire Emblem LIVES and that it is an exceptional franchise that deserves to make its existence known. Is it not a beautiful story? Fire Emblem has always been about the people it brings together, about the bonds they form together. And in our most desperate hour, the game that was supposed to be the last breath of a franchise, reincarnated it and assembled the power of the people around itself. Through this miracle, we were able to form bonds with each other and strengthen the ones we had already formed. What do you think about all this? About coming close to extinction and being reborn from the cinders of a weakened franchise?
  11. Its nice to see the event staff are looking for expert FE players to help newer players! : D
  12. That god damn skill!
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