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  1. English I encounter other error. My Johan,are in sleep state,and i send him with Warp magic,to the castle,and i encounter a error in the font.View in attach files. Spanish Encontre otro error. Mi Johan estaba dormido,y lo envie con Warp al Castillo,y vi un error de fuente. Vean en attach files,una imagen. Adios-GoodBye
  2. In English In this download that a,a i am sending,were the bugs,in this patch v7 (in format 7zip) I killed Isthor before Liza,and this error happen. Please download it,and fix the error. Tinny talk,not Isthor,in this bug. http://filenurse.com/download/4f679e60912b2d1343e24eeecb276682.html En español En este descarga,les envio los bugs que tuve en el Cap 7,cuando mate a Isthor (antes que Liza),y tuve un error en su dialogo,cuando moria. Por favor,corriganlo. Es un archivo zip,con imagenes. Tinny habla en vez de Isthor http://filenurse.com/download/4f679e60912b2d1343e24eeecb276682.html GoodBye-Adios
  3. In this conversation,Nanna and Leif are lovers. This happen:And the game froze. The image is in Attach Files. In spanish En esta conversacion,Nanna y Leaf son pareja. Esto Pasa;Y el juego se congela. La imagen esta en attach files.
  4. In a new save in this game,i beat Ishthor before beating Liza. Was happened was in Attach Files.
  5. This happened in Chapter 3,My Aira kill all Eldigan Soldiers,except one and Eldigan talk in distance to Sigurd and this happened.Aparently is a variation in Sigurd-Eldigan conversation in the distance.The image is in attach files.
  6. A i am a spanish player,I do understand 80% english. In the 3 chapter,with Ayra i kill the eldigan army,and and then,eldigan He approached Sigurd. This Happened: http://subefotos.com/ver/?448cffa1578c1d223a9fe40591170bb9o.png VIEW THIS,THIS IS NOT TRANSLATED and in attach files is a copy of the image
  7. I am currently translating the intro of the prologue. View Uno.png in attach files. Its OK Now see,dos.png. PROBLEM How delete that word?. I use as a base to translate the rom in English View Tres.png. The word does not appear!! HELP
  8. I changed the font of FE4 ,and i began the translation. But,the text are show bad. How fix this? The Kanji is not listed is the hex editor. View my attach png files. EDIT I fixed the problem.View File 3.png
  9. I am a spanish speaker,and I am translating FE4. I use Hexecute RC7,and my first attempt for changing the text it was OK. I load the file english.tbl,and i changed a few letters of the Cap 1. But,when charge the english.tbl file,content varies each time charge. Example I:1 time:Load Prologue text and Cap 5. Example II:Load Chapter 3 and 9. Or whether the text never appears in its entirety. Is diferent every time,and not leave everything and this messy. And,so I can not translate comfortably This is problem of Hexecute,the english.tbl file,or is normal? If file problem could you send me another tbl file,or hexadecimal editor with tbl support. Thank,and please help.
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