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  1. Finally got around to revisiting this on maddening, and at the end of the chapter this time, there was no option to spare him. Was there something I did, or didn't do that removes that choice? Just curious.
  2. Just looking for ideas. Does everyone just give it to a character on horseback? Perhaps your healer?
  3. Due to gender lock classes being a thing unfortunately, I usually use female Byleth for easy darting blow. Early sylvain is great too.
  4. And i just assumed I could. Well darn. Thanks.
  5. No restrictions against this right? I want to unlock death/fiendish blow with darting blow on a half dozen female students for later (ab)use in the renown system.
  6. I guess only fairly recently coming to fire emblem starting with awakening, and FE8 ROM colored my perception a bit. Granted, Cormag, and Tana were great. I generally found wyvern riders passably good, and generally slower on average (especially in fates where wyvern lords were fashioned as flying generals). Here in 3 houses, they're among the fastest classes in the game at swordmaster-tier, only being generally out-sped by assassins, can be rid of their bow weakness at the cost of -2 str/speed, with canto on top. Having none of these features for the past 3 fire emblem games for this class is... like they suddenly became gods. But as I've said before, the stat bonuses on the classes made me pretty much ignore Edelguard's personal classes in favor of wyvern riding for hyper-mobility, and the option of double-ing, one-shotting, or just leaving the area.
  7. Title. Just wondering what other people think of it. I kept Edelguard on dragonback after 20.
  8. So what does the progression stars for these skills fill up based on? Some sort of rank threshold? Getting 'perfects' during instruction sessions?
  9. Okay I can't figure out how it is determined on a character. There's weight. There's speed. Character has no visible constitution stat, and attack speed isn't as simple as character speed - equipped weapon weight. So how the hell does it work?
  10. Merc Gray Merc Tobin Mage Kliff Cleric Faye Archer Atlas Only things I feel I need to explain is Tobin, and Atlas. I tried archer Tobin; felt like dead weight waaaaay too long (aka the time between not having a killer bow, and getting a killer bow). Didn't hit enough, and didn't hit hard enough if he did. Archer Atlas is the one archer that did alot more than just chip when he hit, and he at least conveniently joins when you reach the village with the blacksmith. Honestly, I really dislike the amount of terrain avoid + the comparatively low hit of bows in the game, effectively making archers unreliable and painful to use before killer bow, but absolute monsters when they get a killer bow. Not much inbetween at all.
  11. Tatiana. Only saint with fortify. Tatiana + Faye = warp, rescue, fortify, and invoke.
  12. Closest thing I could think of is the Hikaru Genji plan, though that's expression is more associated with raising a child to be a spouse http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/WifeHusbandry
  13. Reina on my first run. I'm a sucker for humble motherly types.
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