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  1. PHEW! Finally! The next video is out. Today, we cover Don't Make Fire Emblem submissions themed around visual novels!
  2. Uh. Quick heads up. I had to take down the video because the final joke was missing for some reason. I'll reload when I get home from dinner. Sorry for the inconvenience! X.x
  3. If you like Pokemon, then this next submission may interest you, since they literally turn SRPG Studio into Pokemon! ... Darnit, I forgot how to do the thing. EDIT: Updated video link
  4. Thanks for the help, GodSejeong97. And to you, Shrimperor, I think once the engine gets some better art assets from the community, there will be a significant increase in people who use it. It's just going to take a while because the community has a bit of an artist drought. Some fellas are beginning to tighten their belts and get good at art though, so maybe the issue won't last for much longer. Next video is up. Today, we look over a submission that... literally just makes Fire Emblem. BUT WITH A TWIST! You can't do normal attacks except as a counter attack on enemy phase. Instead, you can only use combat arts. How well is this concept executed? Let's find out:
  5. The next video is up. Today, we're covering submissions that turned SRPG Studio into various board games! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pKNNVLQptj4 Crap. How do you embed?
  6. Heya Robinco. Thank you for posting this. I'm hoping with this contest, I can garner more interest in SRPG Studio as an engine, since while it's great now, it can go way further than what's possible now. The things I listed in the video are just the tip of the ice berg. Lady Rena/Claris recently began implementing a MegaMan: Battle Network style system, and there's a fairly old plugin for Gaiden-Style exploration. I'm confident I can finish this contest within a reasonable time frame despite the huge number of submissions. Thankfully, the contest had a 1-hour length limit that was enforced by my team of judges, so playing through these will be lightning fast. Oh yeah. One last thing. None of these videos will be Let's Plays. I feel the format has become obsoleted by scripted content and streaming, since the former allows the creator to precisely articulate their thoughts and critiques, while the latter gives users a greater sense of authenticity and interaction. All of the videos will be scripted.
  7. *Claps* Thanks for taking the request of LPing Marc's Precious - Revenge, TheMoniker. I do hope to see you more in the future. It's just, we gotta find some way to make screenshot LPs viable... or give you more reason to do them again. x.x But yeah, if nothing else, we'll have your Markyjoe LPs preserved on my website. I would recommend that you find a way to preserve your other LPs somehow. I can give you some pointers on how to quickly get your posts into an HTML file if needed. I unfortunately don't have much author commentary to provide. The only thing I can think of is just that maybe I should have made the great knight reinforcements take a few more turns. Rushing and camping are both supposed to be viable, but near equally challenging strats, but because I feared the camping strat would be too simple and shit, I may have went overboard.
  8. Red = My replies Blue = Moniker's commentary EEEEEEE~ It begins again! Also, don't think this'll be the last hack I make. I've been on a productivity streak lately, and I'm already working on what I'll call a remake of Super Hard Lyn Mode. Out of inspiration, I even made a brand spankin' new player phase theme for it. And now... For the coveted developer's commentary. *checks in-jokes folder* Uhh... I got nothing. No in joke here. This is just the kind of shit EvilEggoWaffle would say. Mark: The damage is already done. Nonsense! If you don't know what the real Marc's Precious is, then you can just make up what it is and tell yourself it's that! But I wanna know what FdRStar thinks my precious is! :V Markyjoe is the middle sibling, and also clearly the most successful, since he has a youtube channel. Well. Funny you say that. EvilEggoWaffle and I frequently debate on who is the more successful between us. He thinks he is because he has a well paying job, a wife, and he's soon going to have his own house. I think I'm more successful because of my many talents (music, videos, hacking, etc.), my success as a content creator, and the fact that I'm going to be the only one in the immediately family to have a bachelor's degree. As much as I'd like to have my own house and maybe a girlfriend, the flipside is that EvilEggoWaffle does not seem to have any big dreams or ambitions, and is heavily dependant on me to get creative projects done. For example... EEW: I suck at Fire Emblem. I think EEW barely even plays Fire Emblem. Did EEW help with the hack's writing? No, he probably had a hard time typing with those skinny waffle arms... ... you guessed here that EEW probably didn't help with much of the writing. Believe it or not, this entire hack was his vision, and he did most of the writing. As for me, I did literally everything else, and that includes adding in some writing of my own, and editing his writing to be less in-jokey so you don't need a fuckin' MarkyJoe Encyclopedia to understand what the hell is going on. You know, I was kind of expecting us to negotiate or something. Pssh! Who the fuck does that? Diplomacy. HAH! Only wimps do that! TheMoniker's Tier list for Marc's Precious: Revenge, and my replies. SPOILER ALERT. So, wait, hmmm... You could've sent him an e-mail, but never did... and you also lost contact with him entirely? This guy appearing suddenly feels a bit... weird. I feel like we're missing a piece of the story, here. Is the only reason Dufur's helping us is to bug us about sending the email? Is the only reason Dufur heals us is that we can't send him the e-mail if we're dead? Wait... what if the reason he's accompanying us is because he died IRL, and now he's a ghost, but he can't move on because he has unfinished business... AND THE E-MAIL IS THE UNFINISHED BUSINESS? I'll leave it up to that wild imagination of yours. Much more entertaining that way. Looking at my in-jokes folder, that's... everything, actually! Looks like we'll be without guidance when trying to understand the rest of the jokes in this hack. EvilEggoWaffle was very eager to make a reference to everything we've ever done. I felt it was more important that the jokes stand on their own merits, so I generally discouraged him from doing it too much, and I had to rewrite some of his dialogue so that it would have a broader audience. Though, some references failed to make it in just cause we didn't have a good spot to put it or I was lazy. He's stronger than the other GAMFs, with a crazy inventory, even having a special weapon! I kind of feel like we're not supposed to get too close... does he move when it's time for us to hurry up or something? That's the only different-looking generic I could find. He's just there as a counter measure against certain camping strats. Without him, Avraxas (creator of Tales of Purt and Heirs of Rage) was able to get into that bottom left corner and cheese the entire chapter. And thus ends the first developer's commentary in a while!
  9. Download: Marc's Precious - Revenge v1.0 What the heck is this? This is Marc's Precious: Revenge, a ROM hack of Fire Emblem 8: The Sacred Stones. It was made by EvilEggoWaffle and MarkyJoe1990 as a response to the ending of FdRStar's Ragefest IV Submission, titled Marc's Precious. What is Ragefest? It's a Fire Emblem hacking contest hosted by me, MarkyJoe1990. The goal is to make a difficult, but enjoyable Fire Emblem chapter. You can watch my playthrough of every submission here, or you can play them for yourself here. What does this hack have? 2 custom chapters, with new story, characters, and level design.
  10. Yeah, it's disappointing. I was always so excited when people would post in the Ragefest IV thread. Now, it's just like... why do I even bother posting the videos here? Maybe I should jump into the serenes discord and post the videos...? But then that'd be kind of intrusive and spammy.
  11. Decided to redo the video for Julius's Revenge because I wasn't happy with it. For this video, I decided to focus entirely on discussing the submission and being constructive, rather than attempting to be funny or improvise.
  12. Neeeeew episode! Today, we're doing Julius's Revenge by Darrman from FEU! ... Also I don't know much about FE4.
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