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  1. so i second sealed nowi earlier into a manakete again after she got to level 30 since none of her stats capped but im wondering, is this a good thing to do or is there something better? do i keep them at one class till all their stats cap, then once they do just go to another class and get all those stats capped too(not just with nowi, i mean with anyone)? i always use to just stop after level 20 then maybe second seal them, and if theyre a manakete i would just keep them at 30, but obviously that doesnt get you as far as you could go with stats. so what should i do?
  2. so i accidentally married chrom off to sumia, so i cant have chrom as inigos father. and im mostly wondering whos best for severa? i heard libras good for her, but i was gonna marry him to maribelle. also, will lucina good mother for morgan? if not i was gonna do tiki
  3. alright ill be sure do buddy units up then, i mean why not have all units have a friend right? unless thats too much, i just kinda want really really high stats for most of my units and good skills for my castle stuff and streetpass stuff, but also parleys, also dlc too later, so i guess for everything then also buying skills and stuff feels kinda wrong?? idk i just like obtaining stuff on my own. ive done it before to get replicate for myself. really really good skill and all so im not complaining or anything, glad i got it really also maybe replicate would be good for kiragi? unless making kagero a mechanist isnt a good idea?
  4. ok! should i use the rest of the guys as units to i guess get to a or a+ with each other so they can all use friendship seals too? i can do that with all the kid units right? or is that just a waste of time
  5. already married azama to orochi and me to hinoka(i sinned) and rinkah to subaki i was gonna marry hana to ryouma, theyre already at A support so i mean ya i have alot of guys left over at this point, jakob, hinata, silas, izana and hayato, which ones best for mozume?? i dont have her yet but ill get her, unless its too late? im on chapter 22
  6. oops sorry i meant kiragi not shigure lol, sorry i mixed up their names. but kagero is ok for a speedy kiragi with lethality right? also kaze died for me, and im pretty sure i wont be using azura, unless maybe i should?? but ya true, ill marry felicia and hayato then
  7. oh ok well i think ill go with sakura then, but i already have selkie and her mother is oboro, do you think shes an ok mother? she seems pretty good to me also i was gonna marry kagero to takumi, will she work alright?? i wanted to make shigure speedy and hopefully give him lethality if i can and i was gonna marry felicia to hinata to give hisame him luck, itll give him luck +1 at least right?
  8. sorry im relatively new to fire emblem, my first game was awakening. but my setsuna's only a level 12 archer right now and saizos only level 15 and still just a ninja. should i use a master seal on them both then marry them? or have one or both of them use a heart seal to get different skills to pass down?? also are there any skills i really should give to asugi? or maybe he should have a different mother?
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