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  1. Okay, first off, I'm sorry for accidentally posting that image up there. I was trying to post this with the image inside a spoiler but I clearly don't understand how that works, so I messed it up. I was too late in editing it to delete, so if someone could do that, that'd be great. Anyway. Hi everyone, I'm having two problems with my eventing that are baffling me, and I'd love it if one or more of you could help me out. Anyway, the first problem is annoying, and the second is more important because it inserts an extra event where I don't want there to be one. Problem #1: Double Death Fade While not completely necessary for a functional event, you can understand that it's just plain annoying to deal with. Problem #2: Save FerrisNils Thank you to anyone who looks this over! I've been trying to fix these problems for at least a month now to no avail. To whoever helps out, I thank you so much in advance.
  2. I haven't done anything with them yet, so right now it's just the default FE7 Pre-Ch2 World Map Events. They work just fine.
  3. Something I just can't get right: Getting my extended cutscene to function properly. I've isolated the problem - the game isn't reading Ch2's events for some reason. I've proven that is reading the Ch2 Chapter Data Editor, as the map works, and changing the palette works. However, the usual suspects all check out. Ch2 Events Reference: Chapter Data Editor for Ch2: A look at my hex editor at 0x8D80D40: Now, I know this isn't part of the problem, since nothing I change with the events is changing anything, but here is my event text file: Could one of you help me out? Anything is appreciated! Thanks in advanced!
  4. Huh. Okay, I didn't realize it went back to the original afterward. Initially, I thought it worked exactly like an MNCH but without the chapter name flashing across. Something you would use for flashbacks, etc. Thanks!
  5. Okay, thanks! That helps a lot! One more question: How does the LOMA code work? I'm trying to make an extended cutscene spanning a couple of maps, and my events aren't working the way I want them to work. When I use the LOMA code, does it bring up just the map associated with the code, and then it reads on after the LOMA code? Or does it play the events associated with the chapter ID as well? For example, with my events: LOMA 0x03 [12,7] Does it play Chapter 3's events on Chapter 3's map? Or only Chapter 3's map, and the events on that map need to follow the LOMA code? Thanks!
  6. Hello everyone, I'm having a problem inserting my events. I've confirmed that the game is reading the Chapter Data for Chapter 1, where I want it to be. However, even though I've pointed the Chapter Events to 0xD80A50, it doesn't seem to be reading them at all. The Game plays Precious Things as music instead of RoadOfTrials, as well as doesn't play any of the events. Could you look through my events and let me know what I'm missing? I'm suspicious one of my pointers is off. Here's a couple of pictures and my events to help. Event Reference and Chapter Data Editor: Events: Thanks a bunch in advance! Let me know if you want anything else. Also, side question for some future events I'm making: I know that 0x01,0x02, 0x03,0x04 are used, but I don't know what any of them are. I think 0x02 is something to do with the boss, but I'm not sure. Would one of you know? Thanks! EDIT: Nevermind, I found it. I needed a [TURN 0x0 Opening_event [1,0] 0x0 0x0 ] to start the events. Just needed to look at them again. Ugh.
  7. Awesome! It worked! Thanks so much!
  8. Here's the problem: My map isn't inserting correctly. However, I know it's reading something, as there is a weird glitch occurring that doesn't normally occur when I misplace the map or something similar. Here's what it looks like when I open up the the chapter, Chapter 1, in this instance. Everything else before it, title card, etc, play normally. The music from the events I placed in is playing. Map is placed at 0xDA028A. Nightmare's event references says that the game is reading Chapter 1 Map at 0xDA028A. All seems good on that front. Here's what happens when I place a map I know works (am using it for a fully-functioning prologue). It seems to prove that it's reading something, but just makes it more confusing. What do you guys think the issue is? If you would like any more information on the ROM, or anything else, I can get it. Otherwise, I'm just going to change locations in my free space and see if that works. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  9. Is there an easy and convenient way to change how many levels an autoleveled promoted unit gets? In the prologue map, I want to spawn a couple of promoted enemies as well as some level 15 units, but the level 15 units and promoted are coming out with about equivalent stats, which I don't want, because the promoted units are autoleveling only 9 times or so. I manually changed the mode HHM, so would there be something in Nightmare to edit Hard Mode bonuses or something like that?
  10. I hadn't known about the way that you put the choice into the text, thank you!
  11. How would you create a Yes/No text choice, as in IFYN events, that would be native to the game? I had initially thought that the IFYN code spawned in the text and choice, but I was wrong when I tried my events out. Thanks in advance!
  12. It was the That points to the Prologue Events. On HHM we need it to go to Ch.11 Another Journey events. Pretty much I had just completely forgotten about changing the EventPointerTable when I changed it to HHM... I realized it after re-looking at Arch's tutorial when he went over that. Nightmare says those are 0x38-39. I tried out 0x38, being unsure which one to put down, and it seemed to work, so... yeah. Well, not entirely working, because it just became a black screen, but I assumed that it was finally reading the events file. I just need to fix that black issue now.
  13. Yup, it's got map data at 0x8DA0000. I re-inserted with tiled map inserter to DA0000 In HxD, I hit goto DA0000, there is definitely data there. Maybe something in Nightmare Chapter Data Editor? Maybe an issue with pointers? I don't know, I'm stumped. I'll report back after I try a few things. EDIT: Map pointer for Ch.11 is 00 00 DA 08, everything looks good there... EDIT: Also, my VBA is suddenly playing everything super fast... It's like it doubled its own speed or something, it's ridiculous. It says it's not throttling... I know it's not issues with the game because it does the same thing with normal FE7. Ugh, issues are compounding. EDIT: Not an issue with the map itself, it inserts fine into regular FE7. I'll try changing base FE7 to HHM and see if it has the same problems. If I have to, I'll start over and re-insert everything. However, I really, REALLY don't want to do that. Also I would've had no idea how I messed it up so badly... EDIT: Alright, got it to not reset. However, the screen ends up being black. Is it required to start the map off with an OOBB? It's not showing me that brown text I want with TEX8.
  14. Thank you for the help, but unfortunately it is still resetting to the start screen, even with a cleared opening_event and one that immediately starts with OOBB. As if it's not finding either the map or events... but that doesn't make any sense. Let me just check some things. The game, on HHM, will go to Ch. 11, and look for its map and events. I have both pointers, the map pointer located at C9CAB4, pointing to 0x8DA0000 and 0x8D80000 respectively, I checked on Nightmare, and the pointer to the events is to 0x8D80000, so that should be fine. The map contains no tile changes; it's just a tutorial. If it goes to where the Ch.11 map would be, then I'm not sure why it isn't going there. *sigh* In order to change it to HHM I changed 15 1C to 03 25 at 0x0A06D0, although I don't think that's the problem because it's showing the world map events before Ch.11 just fine, just after those are done, it goes back to start screen. Maybe I need to change some other bytes as well? Not sure what the heck to do other than make do with Lyn Mode, but I would rather not. Also, I found that I had missed an ENIF, but that didn't really matter insofar as making it work.
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