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  1. actually no its not the # letters its the wolfy fucking period punctuation reads.
  2. omega is a wolf cause his name has five letters outed
  3. Dear Penitence, You are the Time Eater, from Slay the Spire. Clock Strikes Twelve(Passive): Once per game, you can block all other non-shot actions, and halve the number of shots targeting you(round down). High priority. Dark Echo(Active): Shoot a player, other than the target of your factional shot. Any beneficial ability used on or by them gives you 1 point; whenever you reach 12 points, this counter resets and you gain a one-shot roleblock. You can’t use more than 1 of these roleblocks a night. True Survival(Passive): Once in the game, if you end a night with 0 BPVs, you will regain 2 BPVs. Tackle(Factional): Shoot a player. BOSS FIGHT(Standard): It’s important to be tough to be a challenge to players. You start the game with 2 BPVs. You win if you are one of the final 3 players remaining.
  4. New World Order has been called out for misbehaving. It's funny because they're dead. The aliases Peter and Right Arm of the Forbidden One have been added to the game. The aliases Ill, Mafioso, and Van have left the game, but no associated player left along with them. Fable has died, but their alias and role are not flipping for whatever reason.
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