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  1. I love you guys for the help! Ive brainstormed a bit, i want it to be more like an action dungeon crawler rather than traditional fe. Open world too, what version of rpg maker should I use (:
  2. I just logged back into this account 2 years later and, echoes happened and boy was it the best thing of all time
  3. So I have little programming and coding knowledge but ive always been willing to learn and teach myself many things, like I taught myself art. But I have a super ambitious project that I will go through any hoop to create. I want to make a single player fan game with an original story that mashes up all the stories throughout the series. The main character will likely be an OC. but the most ambitious part is I want to make a system that allows you to get most heroes throughout the series. Sounds impossible I know, but im willing to dedicate all my free time to this. My question to you guys is a simple one. What programs should I do this in, the gameplay doesn't even need to be like fire emblem, but just have fire emblem skinned over it. and if anyone is willing to help me with this who has more knowledge Id love it. Ive wanted something like this for a long time but it doesent exist, and if no one else does it, I want to do it myself. Any suggestions please. (PS I have played every game in the series and know the stories all fairly well) Thanks guys!
  4. For me its a tie between zephiel and lyon, I dont know if anyone else gets the hitler vibe from zephiel though, hopefully not just me
  5. I think the characters when you look into their stories a little more, but the game is very repetitive and even though the gameplay is decent for the time, but the level variety is meh and the way leveling up and promoting works is just ridiculous, we need a remake for this game in a modern engine
  6. thank you rob, i ended up fixing it by repeatedly copying and pasting the character info in the database and that somehow fixed it, it must have just not saved properly before, thank you though!
  7. i changed the second entry in the actor section to my custom actor and saved it and everything but when i make a unit and make it load actor 2 it keeps loading the preset one which was "swordy"
  8. for some reason the textbox in my chapter is blank
  9. How do you make the playtest window bigger in fexp?
  10. thank you ritisa, but do i just put that anywhere after to end it?
  11. I get a syntax error everytime i try to use a custom description
  12. I still have no clue what to do, someone help please
  13. I set the chapter conditions to make you win when the boss is defeated, but the chapter ends as soon as i start, what am i doing wrong?
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