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  1. Alright. That works. By they way, I have another post like this on another site, and someone just made a Dark Mage avatar so that is taken.
  2. I already made a post about this, but...I really didn't get any comments on it, so I'm doing it again, but just for submissions. I'm doing a run like Mangs with just Corrins or Kamuis or whatever you want to call them. GROUND RULES (PLEASE READ): 1. Corrins must be level 6-10 2. Corrins must have one skill bought from a mycastle. 3. Corrins must be reclassed into a class listed below. 4. Post that you are picking a class BEFORE you make it. 5. I'm using a US 3DS Classes (I'm trying to get one Corrin of every class): Vanguard Grandmaster (Taken) Great Lord Ballistician Witch Shrine Maiden (Not Monk) Lancer The other five must have specific names and be a specific Corrin (Long story): Dark Mage (Taken) Apothecary Pegasus Knight Lodestar Knight
  3. Basically, I'm trying to do a playthrough of Conquest with only Corrins as the names suggest. However, due to region locking and other issues, I have not been able to get the avatars of four of the people who I was going to get Corrin from. I wanted to ask if anyone would be willing to make a new file with a specific Corrin and let me recruit that Corrin? I'd also need you to buy a skill (Of any kind as long as it's not hacked) for the Corrin if you do this. Corrins: #1: Name: Logan Body: F1, Hair: 06, Accessory: 01, Hair Color: 22, Face: 02, Detail: 06 Boon: Strong, Bane: Dull, Reclass: Pegasus Knight #2: Name: Brianna Body: F2, Hair: 01, Accessory: 04, Hair Color: 08, Face: 01, Detail: 02 Boon: Sturdy, Bane: Weak, Reclass: Dark Mage #3: Name: Merth Body: M1, Hair: 09, Hair Color: 21, Face: 07, Detail: 04 Boon: Sturdy, Bane: Unlucky, Reclass: Doesn't Matter. (He's gonna be a Lodestar) #4: Matthew Body: M2, Hair: 09, Hair Color: 17, Face: 04, Detail: 03 Boon: Calm, Bane: Unlucky, Reclass: Knight That's it. Please comment before you start making one of these if you decide to do it. After these four are made, I'm willing to take some people's Corrin's if they want.
  4. I have some ideas for an FE Rom Hack, but I need help with like sprite, music, hacking...so I made a discord server. I can explain more here: https://discord.gg/QQcNDH9
  5. Does anyone have an avatar with bow breaker?
  6. I recently got and figured out how to use the Fates text simulator and I'm looking for some ideas to write using these characters. I'm not sure if I'll ever post the things I make since they'll be awful, most likely, but I at least want to write some supports in my free time
  7. Sorry if there is already a topic for this. Anyway mine are: 1. Radiant Dawn- I know this game has plot problems and the support system is awful but I haven't felt as invested into a Fire Emblem game as this one for a long time. I also really enjoyed the gameplay and the soundtrack is amazing. 2. Fates- While this game has even more plot problems, it also has probably my second favorite cast of supporting characters in the series and some amazing gameplay. There's also a lot of content to keep me playing as well. It's soundtrack is also pretty great as well 3. Path of Radiance- This game is this high for it's pretty great story and probably the best cast in the series imo. It is a bit short and it's OST isn't as good as Fates or Radiant Dawn 4. Sacred Stones- While this game is pretty easy, I still love it for it's great story cast and Villians. Oh, and it's soundtrack is also amazing. 5. FE7- This game does have a good cast, story, and gameplay. I just feel like it's story is outdone by 8, 9, and 10 and it's cast is outdone by all four games mentioned above in my eyes. It's not a bad game by any means, I just don't like it as much as the other four. 6. Awakening- I still like Awakening but even I have to admit that's it story has huge problems and it's gameplay is incredibly easy to break. I still like it's cast, however. 7. Sword of Seals- This is probably the only FE game that there is almost nothing redeemable about in my eyes. It's story is incredibly bland and the cast is even worse (with a very small amount of exceptions). Gameplay-wise, it's either really boring or ridiculously hard from my experience. It also has the worst lord in the series imo.
  8. I don't know if I'd say I hate these characters but I was moreso indifferent to them Mitama- I didn't like her design (specifically her eyes) but after reading her supports she has become one of my favorite characters in the game Camilla- Her supports completely changed my opinion on her and she has become not only one of my favorite royals but one of my favorite characters as well. Sakura- Before I played the game, I didn't really have an opinion on Sakura but during my first three playthroughs, she got ridiculously blessed, which really brought up my opinion of her. Along with having some pretty good supports and amazing dialouge on her chapter in Conquest she is also one of my favorite characters.
  9. I'm probably late on this but I usually have Benny pair up with Camilla and Azura pair up with another 8 movement flyer. Then I have Camilla and Benny move as far as they can and have Azura and the other flyer fly up and dance for Camilla. If done right, you should be able to get Benny to Ignatius by turn 2.
  10. I'm wondering which parings I should do between these two options. I'm mostly asking this from a support perspective since I know the former is overall better from a gameplay perspective
  11. The only voice in this game I actually think is bad is Male Kana and maybe Peri Most voices have grown on me (Nyx, and Selkie specifically) I actually think the dub is pretty good for the most part I honestly think most of the problems with the voice acting is the writing of the lines themselves This isn't a problem for many characters but then you have characters like Velouria, who has a great voice, but horrible crit quotes
  12. Does anyone know where I can find a good Radiant Dawn rom?
  13. I don't think it will return but if it does, it needs to be at a good time Ike promoted at the perfect time in POR, but the GBA games lords , especially Roy, promoted way too late. I don't mind it if it's done well
  14. Takumi X Oboro: Tauminis nice to her throughout the whole support which is pretty rare from what I've seen. It also isn't a bunch of Oboro going "Why won't senpait notice me." I also love their S-support. Sakura X Hayato: This support doesn't give the most character depth to either but I think it's very sweet (no pun intended) and they have great chemistry. Subaki X Hinoka: These two have great chemistry and explores a lot of both character's pasts before the events of the game Xander x Charlotte: Need I say more? Camilla X Kaze: I LOVE the A and S supports for these two and even before that, the C and B aren't bad at all. I love their chemistry and I see a natural bond forming between them. It's also a Camilla support without the avatar, which is a plus. Leo X Nyx: Like most Nyx supports, this support delves into Nyx's backstory and I love how much Leo tries to help her with it. Another supports with great chemistry Azama X Setsuna: The supports are funny but Azama never comes off as too mean, like in some supports (Sakura, Oboro, Kagero) and I like how he talks about turning over a new leaf in the S-support. Mitama looks great bluish hair as well. Keaton X Azura: I really like the A and S supports for these two and it's just all around a great paring imo. I also love Wolfskin Shigure (which you can see by my profile pic) Beruka X Niles: I love this pairing. It delves into both of their backstories and they have a great S-support. Doesn't give the best Nina but that's ok.
  15. I'm not surprised about the amount of Silas hate on here. I agree with many of the points against him though I never really liked him in the first place. I liked Sophie a lot more than I thought I would though On the other hand, I really like Hana, and I'm kinda surprised at how much she's on here but to each their own
  16. I want to make it clear that I don't hate these characters I love Inigo in Awakening
  17. What characters did you like at first but have begun to dislike recently? For me, it's Percy and Laslow I really wanted to like Percy but I don't like how he's literally his father again (and I'm not a fan of Arthur) and he has never been good for me. Ever. (Though I don't think I gave him a good mother when I have used him) I loved Inigo in Awakening both in character and in gameplay. However, in Fates, I've found that he isn't as deep as he was in Awakening (Though he does have good supports with Peri and Xander) and-and this is reason I don't like him as much~his stats. He is way too slow and he just doesn't have the defense to excuse his low speed I've always found Selena to be better in basically everything except Skill, Luck, and strength (and even then Selena's strength has always been pretty good for me)
  18. I honesty think there are too may S-supports in this game. I get why they do it, but I would prefer if IS would make it so each character only gets like 8 or so S-supports and then makes each one really good The amount of supports in this means that there are so many filler supports that just aren't very good
  19. I prefer Fates' overall It's gameplay is vastly superior, there's no ambush spawns, it has an amazing pair systems and some great maps with good gimmicks in Conquest I think, overall, Fates' cast is stronger than Awakening's I think the characters that are written well (which is most of them IMO) are significantly better than Awakening. However, I think that the badly written characters in Fates (Hisame, Peri, Soliel, Peri, Nina to an extent, Peri) are worse than Awakening's cast. I'm neutral about the plots of both. Conquest is a complete mess but it has it's moments, Birthright makes sense but isn't as interesting, Revelations is ok, and Awakening has a good first arc, an ok second arc that has almost no plot relevance later on, and a meh third arc Awakening did the children signicantly better than Fates' tho. I also think Lilith and Izana's deaths specifically were horribly written. The rest I'm neutral on besides Elise, Ryoma, and Flora (all of which were fine IMO)
  20. So I was going to pass down Sol to a Beruka!Nina but Beruka got Rend Heaven during Nina's paralouge so Nina inherited that So Does anyone have Sol on Nina?
  21. I agree that the festival DLCs will be in another map pack but I assume that the reason that the festival DLCs were not included with Heirs of Fate because they are taking/have taken significantly longer to translate
  22. So I'm playing FE12 for the first time and when I was deciding my team, I ended up with 15 units I know this game has low deployment slots so I was wondering if 15 is too many There are two units I'm willing to drop but I want to know if I have to.
  23. Does anyone have a Dwyer with Astra and Amaterasu (I think I spelled that right) A friend wanted to pass those down to their Dwyer but accidently didn't
  24. I want to do a run of Revelations where people pick my pairings Rules Only pick up to 5 pairings (First or second-gen) The avatar's gender can be picked No incest (With the possible exception of Azura X Corrin Don't pick pairings with characters wo already have pairings picked for them
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