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  1. Since there are so pairings in this game, obviously there are some bad ones Since I'm bored right now, I'm wondering what sole of the worst in the game My least favorite are Niles X Peri Keaton X Peri Sophie and Kana's S-support (The rest are great) Azama X Sakura Corrin X Nohr siblings Corrin X Hoshido siblings
  2. Does anyone have Forrest with Quitoxic?
  3. Thanks!I recruited her earlier.
  4. Does anyone have replicate on Caeldori? I meant to have Subaki pass it down, but I accidently passed down Seal defense instead
  5. Does anyone have a Selena with Cavalier skills? (Aegis, Luna, and Armored blow specifically)
  6. Alright, I got the Nyx skills. Thanks!
  7. I'd like to get Tomefaire as well, but Rend Heaven is probably what I'd pass down to her child, so yeah, I'll take it
  8. does anyone have an Nyx with Diviner skills (specifically Rally Magic, Tomefaire, Rend Heaven, and Quitoxic)?
  9. Sakura and Hayoto are already married in my file, so I'm doing Leo X Nyx
  10. I'm grinding for "optimal skills" to pass down to kids in a Rev file and I realized that Nyx's best A+-support Option is Orochi for Diviner The problem is thus my Nyx is already at an A+ support with Effie Does anyone have a Nyx with Diviner skills I can recruit and buy the skills off of?
  11. I've heard that once you start using eternal seals and grinding units past level 20 promoted, you get very little experience from kills (like 5 to 6 experience) If this is the case, then is there a way to grind units past 20 promoted quickly? Or no?
  12. I should've mentioned why I'm not doing Kana x Selkie Kana and Selkie will be siblings since my avatar is going to be marrying Kaden I do like Hisame/Rhajat, but I really wanted replicate on Rhajat and I think Asugi and Rhajat have a cute A and S support That and I don't know how good Asugi x Sophie is...
  13. Sorry, I meant Rhajat X Asugi This is what I get for typing these pairings late at night lol The goal is to have decent pairings support-wise since I know some of these pairings are terrible gameplay-wise I mostly just wanted to see if people thought these were okay or had suggestions for better ones since I haven't seen every single child pairing one the game
  14. So...I wanted to ask for opinions on suggestion on second-gen pairings Shigure x Mitama Shiro x Nina Siegbert x Caeldori Asugi x Rhajat (This originally said Nina, but it was supposed to be Rhajat) Kiragi x Selkie Midori x Percy Forrest x Soliel (I just wanted a romantic Soliel support) Ophelia x Ignatius Dwyer x Velouria Sophie x Hisame OR Kana I prefer Sophie's supports with Hisame, but I feel so bad about not pairing Kana Opinions and suggestions?
  15. I'd consider savage blow, but Midori already gets the wyvern rider class set from Camilla As for Kaze, I will go Luna then Still undecided about Camilla, but I agree that vengeance is probably the worst choice I just put it up there in just in case
  16. So I'm grinding for skills in my main revelations file, but I'm not sure what skills to pass down into my Camilla!Midori For Kaze, I'm stuck between Luna or Astra (Though I guess armored blow could work too) For Camilla, I'm between Sol, Vengeace, and Lifetaker
  17. I just tried Igantius' paralouge this morning and he doesn't need wary fighter to survive I found a way to get Benny to Igantius in two turns which is before the master ninjas can As for Midori, I don't think any of the skills lucky charm are THAT useful (Maybe good fortune) so I think I'll still go for sol and another activation skill I'm not sure whether it should be Luna or Astra tho
  18. So I'm going to start grinding for skills to pass down to child units in my main revelations file and I want to ask if my choices are good This is only part 1'because I'm only picked skills for 7 kids For the rest, I'll either make a part 2 or just post them in this topic Skills- Hinoka!Caeldori-Replicate, Trample Effie!Ignatius-Astra/Rend Heaven Oboro!Kiragi-Death Blow, Vengeance/lifetaker Camilla!Midori-Sol, Luna Hana!Shiro-Pavise, Replcate Charlotte!Siegbert-Death Blow, Replicate Kagero!Asugi-Sol, Aegis Are these good?
  19. I got: Males Corrin Jakob Dwyer Asugi Saizo Laslow Arthur Xander Hayoto Females Charlotte Elise Kana Camilla Midori Azura Flora Selena Sakura Yeah, I know that's 18 units not 16, but I was doing this while talking to some friends on Skype and we decided to do it another roll for lols I can get rid of Sakura and Hayoto if it is a huge problem tho
  20. Beruka/Niles and Arthur/Felicia Beruka and Niles have pretty great supports and one of my favorite S-supports of all time A lot of Beruka's dialogue is even changed for her supports with Nina The problem is that Beruka!Nina's caps are bizarre She gets -2 strength and only +2 speed (which is still hilariously higher than Ryoma and Kaden) for only a +3 defense The problems with Arthur/Felicia are pretty obvious Percy's strength goes down to a 0 cap for +3 magic He also has to deal with bad strength and magic growths To a much lesser extent, Benny/Effie as well The only thing it really gives Igantius is better strength and a bit more speed for less defense and Resistence He also gets the troubadour line which gives pretty Meh skills (Tomebreakee is like the only decent one)
  21. I've seen Beruka/Kaze and Camilla/Niles I agree that Kaze and Beruka is really cute I'm doing Beruka/Niles because they have pretty intersting supports and an amazing S-support Also, most of Beruka's dialouge in her supports Nina is completely different Camilla/Niles is pretty good too and the A-support is amazing development for Camilla, but I feel like the romance is kinda sudden (though most are in this game) and I wish there was a support before the S I kinda prefer Kaze and Camilla just slightly though I really love Azama x Effie, but I'm trying to avoid Revelations exclusive pairings so I can do these pairings in Conquest and Birthroght runs I totally plan to do that pairing eventually I'd do Orochi, but I like Setsuna as a unit and she has an awesome voice in my opinion, so I wanted to pair her with someone I like her supports with Azama the most, so I decided to do that
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