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  1. Yeah, I read the supports in a whim and I ended up really liking them Purple haired Midori is awesome too
  2. So after about a LONG time, I have finally come up with my pairings for my main Revelations file (not including second gen) Route-neutral Avatar x Kaden Azura x Keaton Jakob x Mozu Kzae x Camilla Silas x Selena Hoshido: Ryoma x Hana Takumi x Oboro Subaki x Hinoka Hayoto x Sakura Saizo x Kagero Azama x Setsuna Hinata x Rinkah Nohr: Xander x Charlotte Leo x Nyx Odin x Elise Arthur x Felicia Benny x Effie Niles x Beruka Laslow x Peri Yes, I realize that a good amount of these pairings are not optimal by any means (*cough* Arthur x Felica *cough) but I pair more for story than gameplay I'll probably do a run with optimal pairings eventually though. Thoughts or suggestions?
  3. Huh This sounds like a pretty cool idea I always want to do PMU runs, but I never get around to finishing them (or I don't get enough votes) I'll have to try it some time
  4. I'm trying to decide my pairings for my main Revelations file. The problem is that I can't decide whether I should do Kaden X Azura and my Avatar X Keaton OR Avatar X Kaden and Keaton X Azura I realize that the former is better cap modifiers wise and growth rate wise However, I like Kaden more than Keaton and pairing my avatar with Kaden would give Selkie easy access to replicate in my avatar passing it down My avatar's boon is speed and bane is luck Suggestions?
  5. @Ehrzeth Actually, I was wrong Leo X Nyx would give Nyx maid @Eclipse Ok. Will do
  6. Alright All of these work except for the Adventurer Leo and Maid Nyx post I can't do Leo X Nyx and have maid Nyx (at least I'm pretty sure) You can only get Maid Nyx from doing Jakob X Nyx I can do adventurer Leo tho
  7. Alright. That works What should I name him though? Just Corrin?
  8. I can't decide pairings for my main Revelations file, so I want to start a Pick My Unit run. Ground rules- The avatar's gender and appearance can be picked You can pick the promotions of the units you pick I'll use a team of 13-16 units No more than one or two Corrinsexuals
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