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  1. Corrin in Fates:Conquest is actually the Twilight Zone villian Anthony from the "It's a Good Life" episode --- Everyone falls over themself for fear of their psychic powers , the continent has no name, because locations outside of their attention span cease to exist, they really CAN supernaturally win battles without casualties when they are in the emotional state to do so, and finally, and most horrifying of all they can force the ghosts of people who opposed them to admit that they were in the wrong and loved Corrin after all.
  2. abstract strategy games are kind of a different iceberg Fire Emblem's depth problem is probbably due to the "eaiser" comparision with non RPG strategy/tactics video games. Defender's advantage is one thing but "mind control the enemies to suicide into your highest def unit due to their target cloesest AI" is a bit too much.
  3. I don't know if these even count as remixs but, man I found a whole channel of them and it's such a treasure.
  4. I was the spectator to someone playing through Star Control 2, and I was in the weird position of them insisting they don't care about spoilers... but myself (due to it being a funny and story based game) kind of wanted them to see a lot of things fresh It was a very hard weighing how much to give away and how much to withhold. In the end I (and the other main person watching the stream) wracked our brains trying to remember what the "Non-Melnorme" In game hints/sources of information were to direct him toward those rather than giving direct quest locations information. Does anyone have similiar experiences/advice?
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