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  1. In honor of Mr. Driller on the Switch Direct
  2. Mr. Driller should be played by everyone, and will probably be like a 5 dollar release - NO EXCUSES. Panzer Dragoon, is one of the great last hurrahs of the rail shooter genre - so it'll be good, but I gotta be honest and if you didn't like (Starfox 64) you won't like this much either. Of the PC ports I think Burnout/XCOM/Warhammer Mechanicus (although it can be viewed as a lesser game in XCOM's genre) are by far the most interesting for people who only play console. Borderlands is a big release, but I personally hate the franchise's gameplay, glad a new audience will get to try it and (many) love it, I guess.
  3. Pure (2008) There was always a bunch of minor ATV games existing in the extreme sport genre but personally I feel like most of them never reached much higher than being "rally" games - but PURE rises far above any other - Personally think it's worthy of being the 3rd member of the pantheon with Tony Hawk and SSX - Twisted Metal, Interstate 76, or Vigilante 8- I need a Car Combat game again
  4. Team 17 put out a demo for "Moving Out" today - I played it and it has 4 Player local co-op ! Pretty fun and as an Overcooked fan I'll probably go and pre-order off of this.
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