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  1. As part of the Custom Robo community, someone on our discord pointed out that Switches set to JPN region have a slightly different library and that we could start doing online play of the n64 Custom Robo game through this. Also disapointed that the New Mario Party doesn't keep the map specific costumes when playing on the Mario Party 2 maps
  2. Let's seeTurn 2D - Fighting Games - Offense better in most, but in fairness the occasional game filled with Aerial Campers or Projectile charathers in the entire high tier tends to just fail overall in attracting a commun 3D - "Arena Fighter" - Games such as Custom Robo or Virtual On - Very defense focused, even with occasional strong offensive charathers like Strike Vanishers, because Spacing to gain advantages defines the game both when going all with the Aerial Beuaty/Big Head, OR to give you the edge when two offensive players meet. Real Time Strategy - Probbably the most famous "Defense Wins" Genre in many cases (especially in the medium to high Elo level before Offense comes back at top level) Games like Age of Empires, provide simple counters to opponets being aggresive early on (in the feudal era) because siege damage just isn't available until the castle era, so walls and towers simply can't be overcome except in lucky circumstances.... Command and Conquer (Kane's Wrath) features Turrets that build at full health, although in general it is a more offensive RTS. Starcraft might have the trademark on early-game cheese but because it is so well known most players actually overprepare for it and gurantee that games get to point of 3-4 base buildup. Company of Heroes is kinda interesting on the offense vs defense because of how your income is tied to your objectives held, and that psuedo/artillery units are given many drawbacks, but on the other hand the way penetration mechanics and supportive fire works can really punish reward defensive play. Turn Based PVP RPGs - I think most of these are offense focused but tbh I think when defense gets a noticable advantage (per generation/patch) It can really drag down the game... Skarm/Bliss was NEVER that good, but it did troll low elo people, 4th gen celebi + Resttalk suicune + torment Heatran on the other hand, was a stalling nightmare, especially as premier offense back then needed setup turns instead of being good out of the gate. (6-7th gen Regenertor Cores would have been oppresive if they had appeared 1 generation earlier but were too late to handle to scaling of offense) ... Monster Santruacy is probbably a more extreme eample than pokemon, with teams that stack debuffs being generally more oppresive than teams that stack buffs.
  3. Custom Robo Battle Revolution (The Gamecube one) Playing online only for tournament practice.... my full thoughts on the state of Custom Robo Netplay are complicated by A: being on the balance council, and B: Hating the community patch that has become the new standard C : there being no counter argument to how broken and imbalanced the vanilla game is. Availabiity of players is a bit of an issue, because it is hard to get worthwhile practice against people other than other members of the top 10 to be blunt. Wizardpunk (Indie game based on Custom Robo) Should have been labeled more clearly as an early Alpha / Early Access for its Steam launch. Compared to Ionaxxia it's barely a demo. I also think that the "endurance gauntlent" setup of the game is one negative that will never go away - on the one hand it prevents me from binging, but I think Custom robo is interesting because of mix of playstyles, while with the health carryover for ALL battles Wizardpunk encourages campyiness above all else for preserving your HP. Has many other problems but most of them will probbably be removed, but the gauntlent thing is intentional so I can't really be that positive with my long term prospect.
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