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  1. Star Control : Origins It's a shame this game is known more for the lawsuit than on its own terms, because it really is a nice little game. That said, I don't like the combat nearly as much as SC2.... The main problems are Too much homing, and Too much (Circle based) AOE - it really puts a damper on using fast ships and maneuverability, and emphasizes raw HP. I also don't like the light deceleration, since I prefer the full momentum and inertia/physics thing. I went through the story in 18 hours (20-24 is reported as average). I went on to put up a speedrun of the game. In SC2 I always used All follower ships for combat, but in the speedrun, it's Flagship time all day. I did use all follower ships in my blind playthrough. Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim Still as fun as ever. Coming back because... Someone showed up to speedrun it. I'm showing them what I know.
  2. Growing up - Between the Lions Today - Mister Roger's Neighborhood
  3. Seth Alois Jagen Marth Dagda Garcia August Dimitri Calill Dozla Hubert Annete Takumi Arran Kellam Charathers I thought about - Leaf, Othin, Halvan, Saleh, L'arachel, Mordecai, Gregor, Gunter, Kagero, Felix, Hanneman
  4. The RPGs and Hybird games I played immediately before Three Houses - Grandia 1, Persona 5, Battle for Wesnoth, Into the Breach, Wargroove,) More than anything else, I think about the enemy preview (which evokes Into the Breach heavily) This makes me feel like Three Houses presents itself more as a puzzle game than a as a (SRPG)whatever that is. No Fire Emblem game other than Heroes really comes close to such a feeling. I feel like this is a real positive within Heroes, but a net negative within Three Houses, although perhaps nice on the first playthrough. Within a "main" FE title it kind of half-painful to have the (always present with the series) tag-based enemy priotization overtly visible to the player. Even in the few games (bonus difficulties) where enemies are on parity with player charathers, the fact that you can borderline mind control them plays too large a part on the strategy. Anyway, TH isn't strictly more guilty than the FE games before it, but the way it presents itself leaves the impression that it is. Maddening for me was the biggest disappointment because it's basically plays out with Player uses more turtly- playstle than usual Chapter 1-5 > Same as Hard mode 6-11 A brief one-off hard bit for Chapter 12 at beginning of time skip > Same as Hard mode 13-2nd last > one last stat inflation jump for the endgame map. --- I liked the game overall, but I didn't have as much tactical fun with it as the DS and 3DS games. It reinforces my opinion that FEH's (Infernals and Chain Challenge) are the actual peak of the series when it comes to giving the player the ability to express themselves with rag-tag combinations of very different unit/movement compositions.
  5. Flayn in the battle of Gronder field as Blue Lions - I remember using the strode gambit to kill the original ballista user right at the start but when they sent Petra up I just ran away (I didn't know Gambis bypassed Evasion at that point). I didn't realize that Petra qualified for the ballista, so she smashed Flayn. (Then next turn Lysithea disintegrated Petra from full health, which was even more terrifying). I only had Flayn deployed because I had done no recruits and didn't reach the deployment limit. No one else died in the part 2 maps, although Ashe and Sylvain probably would have if I hadn't benched him and just used 6 BL + random Teachers.
  6. I don't see how it couldn't be AW - Felix is almost as silly an earlygame advantage as Dedue and RallyAnnette. You have extra 1range delete options because Dimitir is a high strength tempest lance and Ingrid has a +3 on it with her personal(although her enemy phase combat is garbage until reclassed).
  7. Low concept. I feel like I see deconstructionism go too far a lot these days in a lot of fantasy material - I don't like slipping into the point of tackiness. I also think that a honest to goodness use of the most vanilla fantasy can be Refreshing - It's uplifting to see chivalry treated straight every now and then - and what's more it can be FUN. I also don't think it is as "creatively stifling" as people make it out to be, and I think even in cases of freely borrowing and widespread use of stock charathers (Fabilau come to mind) that there is a lot of room for voice.
  8. I complete forgot Close Counter. Probbably an Uber skill in itself even if it's "just" for archers. I think you can make the case that in Maddening you might want to keep it unequpped if you learn it really early because a charather that doesn't counter can turtle more safely (probably stuff like the Miklan map), but I feel by chapter 9 on that it is as worthy as it is on Hard mode.
  9. I consider Beginner and Intermediate Class mastery skills to take about 6-7 level ups to earn. I consider practical weapon skills to be A+. I consider practical non-weapon skills to be B+. I do like things Alertstance+, Quick Riposte, but even in a playthrough where I make 6 Wyverns or 4 war masters, Like only 1 of them actually learns the skill. These go to NU Uber Deathblow - you are dying to level up strength as much as possible from lvl 10-q9 anyway so learning time doesn't cost you much. Fiendish Blow - Alert Stance - The C rank version is what you will be working with, and it's good enough. OU Sword/Lance/Reason etc - you learn these anyway, and having hit and avoid is a no brainer Authority - you probably want these in the C range even unequiipeed for the Battalion stat stick, but in the interim period before learning other abilities the + MT to gambits is nice, especially since you want to use them a lot more than normal on maddening. Rally Speed - Comes at lowish ranks for 2/3 of people who learn it (Crimson Flower can forget about it) Magic +2 - - The movement combat art is more important for 4 move till lv 30 and you tend not to miss being 1-2 levels behind for your lvl 10 class Weight-3 - More learnable than "spend 5 levels in a beginner reclass" thanks to study and point-free group activity. UU Strength + 2 In my experience it kind of takes ~7 levels as fighter rather than the ideal 5 levels for the immediate level 10 intermediate class, but it does come pre-packed with a movement combat art (shove) that you can use forever. I also qualify everyone for fighter since I make everyone in maddening get D bows for curved shot anyway. Defense + 2 Like the above except it comes packed with Reposition as the combat art - might not ever be replaced. Rally Charm - Gives one charather per turn 100% accuracy with Gambits on everything except the House leaders in Gronder levels. Only for Manualla and Dorothea. Battalion Wrath - learned by a decent amount of people, kind of usuable (don't need to start map without replenishing in my experience) RU HP+5 charathers have a high chance of learning it in the process of getting to level 5 anyway, and sometimes it gives them enough bulk to cross a survivability threshold Speed+2 - Just isn't as practical in maddening, but if you try for not getting doubled thresholds instead of doubling thresholds its okay outside of othe ~5 levels of investment Rally Strength - I wouldn't go out of my way to recruit Raphael, but it is kind of nice if playing Golden Deer anyway. Rally Defense - I do actually think Seteth / Gilbert as practical charathers in Maddening - Gilbert only needs two months of study to Wyvern Rider Baseline>< Its effects are also easy to reach 1 turn tanking benchmarks with. Rally Magic - Lower Authority requirements, one on a char (Ingrid ) who you might recruit out of a house for the weapon. Special Dance - only one charather, but they won't turn it off NU everything else I don't consider mastering lvl 20 or lvl 30 class skills except by accident Alertstance+ Mov+1 MIGHT be reached, but even times when I make 6 Fliers, usually it's by 1 of them and not 3+ of them. Wrath (from Warrior) and Quick Riposte (from Warmaster) can sometimes come online for ~2-3 maps at end of a route Things like the Faire Skills and Range+1 skills are great as reclass passives, but unpracticall as equipped skills since you won't learn them.
  10. I play stuff on MAME all the time and before that I always got the PS2 era "genesis collection, Capcom collection, midway collection, etc) My absolute favorites though- Dig Dug - One of first things I ever owned was one of those plug-n-plays that Namco puts out and unlike everyone else, Pacman/Galaxian wasn't my favorite on it. Gauntlet Legends - Played this on a physical arcade and it I thought (and still think) it is the hottest thing. I have a brother who loves Capcom-style 2D beat em ups and the Warriors series, but personally I've always preffered this game (and Dark Legacy) over all of them. It does have obvious flaws, but it's worth coming back to over the console versions - Console's Ice world is an abomination (as long as half the game combined) compared to the Swamp/Desert of the original. The original also retains timer based health and doesn't emphasize buying up stats by letting you "toggle off" powerups and then selling them. So it feels like a real arcade experience instead of a bad psedo action RPG. Smash TV - I can play this for hours and it still stomps out all the popular indie twinstick shooters. Rampage: World Tour - I love this extremely. It was also somewhere in my first 10 n64 games (good conversion only real change is to the health bars). Has a slightly weaker sequel (universal tour) and a Gamecube sequel (total carnage) but the original is still the best because it acknodlledges itself as a time waster and keeps you away from worrying about "progression" since you have to go out of your way to actually get to the moon and finish the game. I also feel like the "mini games" and cycling level challenges makes competition among players more fun than in the other games. If you asked a couple years ago, I really love Daytona and even more Ridge Racer, but I barely manage to think about cars in videogames without going to Forza these days. I feel like it would be cheating to put Puyo-Puyo Tsu, so I won't - but it overqualifies, I just mentally think of it as a Genesis game before an arcade game.
  11. Kind of encompasses too much. A turn based competitive game sure - I think most positive in a war-game or maybe RTS context, but even a turn based game RPG or deckbuilder it's beneficial... mostly because I think it de-incenvitizes setting up "engines" with "draw engines" being the most boring and spectator unfriendly example. The main competitive thing I care about is puzzle games and it's good to have variation to avoid guaranteed perfect clears lol. I could go on about how block and color generation is beneficial because it makes the timing aspect of VS puzzle games possible as opposed to a raw contest of mechanical skill/speed, but that's something I could go on about forever.
  12. I expect the next Paper Mario game to release before the next Fire Emblem game tbh. FE4's media footprint is still kinda small outside of the niche FE community, despite increased exposure in Heroes, etc. Don't see it on the horizon anytime soon. Spinoff and The a new FE17 make the most sense to me, but I think at most that the franchise will maintain a release every 2nd year rather than picking up the pace further.
  13. Remaster Eye Toy Play 2( Or straight Eye Toy: Play Trilogy) I still think it blows every party game from the Wii/Kinect era out of the water, the main weakness is that it wants a very specific level of light, I almost exclusively played it in a garage and had to physically move lamps arounds and the only times I got it to work in an actual living room was by making everyone wear bright shirts. Rocket: Robot on Wheels The most impressive physics of the N64 platform games, had a fairly unique themeing Charlie Brown music and developed by a company that went on to become famous on PlayStation afterwards. Main touch ups would be camera related, maybe tweak some of the bomb-grapple puzzles. SSX Tricky / 3 - The Second most important Extreme sports game after Tony Hawk and it's still relegated to slumming it out on PS2 - No excuse not to have a closer presence to THPS, and be available for everyone. Remake Steambot Chronicles - Hard to explain it, but you can think of a an open world GTA/Bully type of a game, but with an early industrial revolution steampunk hybrid setting. The optional content and town part of the game is glorious. The weakness of the original game was combat.... The steambot's themselves used tank controls, and also caused enormous slowdown, and additionally, most ranged weapons were garabage, so you had to use an awkward targeting system and melee things to death with tank controls. The game's loading screens were also too slow, especially the 5-6 that would be used to combine segments of a town (although the vignette text intro was cool). Won't be remade because Irem software got rid of it's videogame division. Going to work ATM, but will probably say something like Wizardry 8 / 3DO Battletanks
  14. I went something like Byleth - Assasin Claude - Barbarossa Lysithea - Gremory Lorenz - Dancer Marriane - Bishop Hilda - Wyvern Leonie - Wyvern Raphael - Started War Master and then changed to Fortress Knight for a change of Pace Ignatz - Benched, would have gone bow knight, but I took shamir to get 4 supports out of the way.
  15. Mario PuyoPuyo Donkey Kong Banjo NBA2K Wizardry Unreal Tournament Descent Ace Combat Star Wars: Rogue Sqaudron Worms Gauntlet Roller Coaster Tycoon
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