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  1. Star Control 1 - AMSTRAD Version The 14 Races have been boiled down into just 8 and Why is Vux on the title screen? Why are Mycon an Alliance Race? Why is the 2nd most expensive Alliance ship now the Cheapest? It's actually kind of entertaining trying to justifying the Chenjesu/Earthling/Mycon/Yehat vs Ur-Quan/Ilwrath/Androsynth/Umgah as a early-war conflict. Other Weirdness Earthling is OP beccause unlike the final game, it's pointdefense has no cooldown or energy cost. Androsynth is hilarisouly bad, because when it impacts in comet mode it does 1 damage, is forcibly frozen in place, and does "super knockback" to the opponet. Ilwrath and Umgah are GODS because unlike in the final game or SC2, nothing can shoot through them (and speed is standarized for all ships) so they finally live up to their vacuum cleaner of death reputation.
  2. Colony Wars : The Super Titan was hard for me to beat, mostly because you can't really strafe that well in that game and I had to find an alternate form of movement to deal with his 24ish laser turrets Jet Force Gemini - The Ultimate Electric Jump Rope boss... not counting the one in MDK2, but that's technically only the 3rd boss and not the final boss...
  3. My little brother really enjoyed it playing for the first time in 2019. Personally I think it's a much better zelda clone than something like Rareware's Star Fox Adventures. I think the optional content (Beads, Bounties, fishing, bonus combat only dungeons) has VERY little appeal compared to comparable in zelda. The dungeons themselves are more about setpieces than puzzles (many powers are glorified keys that can't be used outside of their puzzle area) That said the setpieces are GOOD enough to have fun with it. And the game can feel alive with the personaliy of the minor charathers you can talk to (the 4th wallish main comic relief has ups and downs of being endearing / too much). I also enjoy the combat since using mirrors to suplex counter versus overpowering people with swords/whips makes me like every option (The player will eventually gravitate toward swords just to speed up random encounters as much as possible) Not a game I would ever 100% or even within like top 80 games I would revisit.
  4. Let me look Alundra - Basically Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past on PS1 MDK - One of the only good 3rd person shooters ever made. A Lot of fierce debates over where MDK or MDK2 (Shiny vs Bioware) is the better game Mr Driller - Not filled with all the variants and sidemodes that Drill:Land has, but the core-gameplay loop of one of the greatest arcade-puzzle games is already in place. The final challenge of getting to 2000M is pretty tough. Devil Dice - Brilliant Puzzle Game. I've only played the PS2 sequel Bombastastic though Colony Wars + Colony Wars: Vengeance - These are somewhat lightweight but fast paced 6 Degree of Freedom space games. The genre namesake (Descent) is based on flying through caves instead of open space so they feel very diferent in that regard. Recomendation is mostly because of atmosphere. The 2nd game's story tries to convince you that the 1st game's story was propaganda all along. Crash Team Racing - Stages are better than essentially any Mario Kart... but the in-depth drifting mecahnics means that this is almost Mario Party 1 levels of hurting your real-life hands Ape Escape 1&2 - The best 3D platformer of PS1. Can feel short if you don't have a completetionist attitude because you don't NEED all monkeys in a level (but mario doesn't need all stars in a level either tbh). I think the 1st game is mostly better, but 2 does have a wrestler that suplexes dinosaurs in it. Tony Hawk's Pro Skateboarding 1&2 - some of the greatest game's of all time. RPGs - Grandia 1, Final Fantasy 7, Front Mission 3, Vagrant Story. ---- ALL 4 of these games have some annoying qualities that prevent me from using them as general recomendations - Also any of them are 4 times the time investment of other genres, this being PS1. Grandia 1 has 2 appeals = the unique timeline battle system, and the "childhood wonder" story theme it has for disc 1. Technically Granida 2 and espeically the recent indie Child of Light can showcase the timeline battle system with a ton less playtime, but I just really didn't like the charathers/world in them. Final Fantasy 7 - I like this game because it has themes of vulnerability and false idenities. This game also breaks up tension with humor which I feel like is really rare for PS1 even though SNES RPGs did it all the time. I feel like it has much better pacing than most FF games, although it doesn't quite get into Chrono Trigger / Dragon Quest (Hustle you along) territory. Front Mission 3 - I consider it the best PS1 SRPG > FFT and Tactics:Ogre. This is mostly due to problems with bloat in the latter two games. Although FM3's mecha theme and superior music certinaly help. Vagrant Story - A single charather RPG that is kind of a 3rd person action game but has you use a psuedo turn based thing for individal sword swings (without leaving the overworld). After the 2nd~ area equipment and level up skill choice can become extremely important and many players quit in frustation from doing single digit damage. I feel like it's a great game but I don't recomend it much because of this.
  5. had a 1 hour argument on discord after getting home from night shift
  6. Let me think of a few Starfox 64 - The voice clips made the bosses stand out. I would say the Macbeth Boss (Train Conductor) and Andross himself were the most memorable. MDK2 - The first boss (The Pilot) is such an over-the-top screen shaking setpiece that it beats out Schwang Schwing later. The 2nd Boss (Sparky) is memorable for being the most extreme "electric jump rope" boss in any game I've ever played. Rayman 2 - Jano (The Bad Dream) is memorable because of having a big chase sequence before the boss fight and really creepy cutscenes. Admiral Razorbeard is good at the end too.
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