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  1. Is banjo&kazooie supposed to be played as a rush down charather? I feel like I'm surprising people in my locals, and I get the impression that they think he's a campier zoning charather for some reason. It's worked out pretty well in my favor so I can't complain.
  2. I'm glad you like the series and hope you enjoy the community. I always wonder if it's better to try a sample of every game in a subgenre or to play one series straight after you like one game in it. I used to always tell people to play their first fire emblem, then play final fantasy tactics, disgaea, and shining force, before playing their second fire emblem. However, these days I feel like this would be too much to put-upon new people to the genre since most of these SRPG competitors didn't continue to modern consoles. I am more open to the idea that I just do it because I personally would like to see cross-pollination of gameplay ideas between the different ways people have made SRPGs and that single franchise loyalty is a more natural way to approach things. I think my favorite charathers in three houses were the minor Blue Lions charathers like Felix and Annete, I guess the more plot-centric people blew-over my head on my first passes through the game.
  3. Thracia's generic enemies are only dangerous in the 2 maps with Cyas leadership bonuses (which includes massive crit rate) and when dark-mages poison units are placed to overlap with each other. Case in point - you can wall up and "rout" the Manster escape maps - which gives you masive quantities of rapiers for the rest of the game Thracia has some really absurd enemy phase potential because of how automatic critical hits works, and even when using the worse characters, you can chew things up. Definitely loses out to DS FE 's higher difficulties
  4. I don't play Fire Emblem expecting it to be Advanced Squad Leader.... I think the Agrro lines of Three house makes the game more into a puzzle-tactics game than an SRPG, but it isn't as well thought out as something like Into The Breach (which I have my own problems with). I do think that Puzzle Tactics is a promising direction for Fire Emblem which I see as FEH's main appeal. The information in "classic" FE is just as easy to streamline as a veteran player just by focusing on "open slots" - you don't need to fully mind-control and predict the computer's moves as long as you know at least what they are doing with the 3 spaces per player unit. The only slight trick to it is getting attacked by the same slot multiple times because of enemy designed to do do damage and die on the counter attack to increase their slot-economy and give another enemy room for the slot (practically why steel weapons exist, especially in the GBA era) My complaint with FE being "gamey" is that it rewards the most basic tactic of "tank and spank"...…. being game-ified vs historical has nothing to do with it. I also think that having a small number of "systems" also has nothing to do with it (eg compared with Jagged Alliance or Battle Brothers) -- I think there is a GOOD place for a low-mechanic, but still intense map design SRPG, which would play a lot faster, but than what should be standard for the genre but still be tactical
  5. Kill Boss : Layout of # - Enemy has Rescue Stave Bishops everywhere, who are equipped with 5 durability "glass" weapons for the purpose of trading to the main boss - who will use this ad-hoc mobility to restock, attack you, and escape all in the same turn - Gimmick for the player is either trying to isolate him in one big turn or break the psedo teleport network by killing the bishops first
  6. Genealogy Gen 2 is a let down compared to Gen 1 and not just in Rising Action > Denoument way ---- For me it has always had a terrible tone problem. Calling Julius himself a Sautrday Morning Cartoon villian is an exaggeration but also kind of fair... We are given alternate presentations of him as A: evil for evil's sake and B: weirdly childlike and disconnected from reality - with the examples of the latter being the scenes with his Ishtar in both Genalogy and Thracia - in the one where they decide to play a "game" instead of leading their armies, and in Thracia the "let's walk in the garden > let's go shopping scene" … Honestly although he's been placed into power by the Lopytr cult he doesn't really seem interested in actually being an emperor or anything. Gen 2 also kicks off Lewyn as god of exposition - he literally has half of the lines for the entire generation, and it's suually delieverd in semi-monologues with very little narration - Lead retainers like Jeigan/Marcus/Seth/Frederick have traditionally had the most non-lord dialog, but not to this extreme of a degree. I think that the idea of this being the dark future and an apocalpyic landscape doesn't come through properly - I feel like you fight profiteering generals more so than "pawns of the new darklord" kind of thing langobolt and leptor were more interesting villians than most in gen 1, but how are their houses rewarded when they didn't fully go along with lopytr in the first place, and examples of misrule through text mentions of child hunts are too sudden and extreme to be emotionally believable. 6-7 =profiteers kind of low stakes 8-9 Thracia which is admittedly the highlight 10-Final where child hunts are mentioned most often and therefore the dumbest chapters. I mean I get annoyed in general that people will weight story>gameplay enough to say it makes up for it... but it's only Gen1 so when people say the love it enough to overlook the gameplay... do they just love that first half of it ? Enough that every other FE story is bad by comparison? Really?
  7. Amazon Prime, Netflix, Nintendo Switch Online, Subscription to the Brown Theatre - Used to have subscription to Cincinnati Shakespeare company and the Know Theatre, but I don't live in Cincinnati anymore. I did one year to Actor's theatre as well, but I had something embarrassing happen at one of the performances attended.
  8. Hubert … cause he's like a Machelevian, but his supports with the comedy character's has him like shrug his shoulders and just exasperatedly live with them. I like them even more than his supports with the actual plot charathers.
  9. Wizardry 8 - Had never experienced such "party banter" before - You use literal generics, in this game but Chaotic female voice 1 and Aggressive Male voice 2 have more personality than most characters in full RPGs - It got me real excited for Jagged Alliance afterwards, but even though JA and JA2 are better games by the same studio, they don't quite have the memorability of my first character ever dying in a party only to be met with "The dead guy, what was his name again?" Worms Armageddon - playing the game without planning and just having a chain reaction of guy going flying, hitting a mine, going flying again, killing someone else during their death animation, that second guy flying down a cliff and landing next to one of my own guys, and then drowning my guy during his death animation - MDK 2 - This game will save your health on a per-checkpoint basis, so I got put in a situation somewhere (I think 7D-7E) where I had to go without taking damage because I could only load that save file with minimum health. Monaco: What's Yours is Mine - multiplayer speedrun = good memories. I always tell people Prestige and Red Carpet were the most fun. Ace Combat 5 Mission 3 - this level sold me on the franchise due to the Osean Fleet radio chatter. I have a lot of woahmo ments, but that usually more to do with game-design than a full-on memories.
  10. I'm pretty sure I've literally killed off character's over personality before, but for the life of me I can't remember which ones. Least liked are - Conquest Corrin, Azama, Bernadetta, and Gaius.
  11. I'm trying Banner Saga. I've heard that the choice and consequences is better than the combat which supposedly becomes repetitive. Not very far... but it seems to encourage keeping enemies at low health to force them to waste turns when they could be cycling to their healthy guys. It's kinda prevents snowballying, but creates problems that are equally as bad. I will keep going and see how it pans out when the game gets harder and more abilities are involved.
  12. I play my own switch mostly for MP party games so I've got all kinds of stuff. Overcooked 2- 100% I'm so addicted to it I bought the inferior Overcooked 1 as a "level expansion" Super Mario Party - really depends on how many old Nintendo consoles you still own. I think it's about 4th best in the series, minigame rotation can sometimes let you down though. Snipperclips Plus - I think my family members like this more than I do, but they won't let me forget that they think it's better than most of my switch favorites... Worms WMD - Worms games always age well, kind of like bomberman (I think playing on a crafting disabled, basic weapons ruleset is best though) Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime - Very silly game that is kind of a turret defense, BUT, 1 player has to get out of the turrets to steer. Super Bomberman R - Bomberman always delivers - Battle mode should be 90% percent of your time, but the story mode does have 2 player max co-op. Splatoon 2 - Reasonably fun, even for family members who don't like First person shooting games. Cel Damage - This is a "Twisted Metal" clone with the mechanics and physics simplified and using cartoon graphics instead of the usual "dark realism" aesthetic. Very fun to fight with cars. Astro Bears - more of a mini-game than anything else, but it's basically a 3D version of the classic "snake" game where you don't want to run over your own trail. The 4P kicks it up in a fun way with 4 different trails and a jumping option - warning only 1 music track that plays endlessly - play on MUTE! Crawl - it's like Gauntlent except you fight each other instead of being co-operative- the Lovecraft thing might be a turnoff. Astro Bear (indie) - more of a mini-game than a full game, but it does the job. Screen Cheat (indie) - Very Goofy First Person shooter based entirely around PS1 / N64 era splitscreen (it has no blood. I think the charathers are beanies made out of thread?) The gimmick is that charathers are invisible at all times and you can only find people by looking on their screen. The maps are designed to hel p this (mostly with pastel color coating and landmarks) Puyo Puyo Tetris - I'm personally a Puyo Puyo addict, so I run into your curbstomp problem when I actually play it as against the family. We mostly only play the Big Bang mode to make sure everyone has a good time and we avoid the 8 chain every 30 seconds thing. The lack of a lot of family-bonus modes makes me prefer this to (Puyo Puyo chamipions) Wild Guns Reloaded - this is a "cabal" style rail shooter- that is a sub-genre where you shoot into the background while having a charather in the foreground who must dodge bullets. It's pretty fast and hectic... some people will prefer games like Sin and Punishment or Star Succesor- but those work better as single player score attack games than as Party games - Wild Guns keeps things kind of easy enough to be fun, hard enough to get them to try it more than once - Their are a couple of 2P max games I could offer as well, but they don't sound like what you need.
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