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  1. Most memorable bad game - Cookies and Cream - marketed as a kiddie game, developed early in From Software's career. It's supposed to be a game that a child can play co-op with a non-gamer parent, but it requires the two charathers to synch up way too precisely to work that way.. It's much more playable with the control scheme that gives one player control of both charathers, but even that requires a lot of dexterity since you are watching both sides of a split screen. Terrible hit boxes, and enemies that will combo you to death from full health. It tries to use a timer based health, but unlike (Yoshi's island etc) this makes the game harder instead of easier... it's easy to get booted out of a stage for running out of time. Finaly the cutesy kiidie graphics and sound effects exist to taunt you for having a hard time with the game. And the stage select theme involves bleating animals>< I hate is but I'm drawn to this and have finished like 4 times with a different co-op partner every time. Most disappointing bad game - Evil Genius - I wanted to love it since it has the rare semi-city builder/RTS hybrid with independent acting NPCs … and it's themeing is godlike. BUt it's on the bad end of "cheese or be cheesed" it ramps up too fast and hard to have fun with, and once you know how to "solve it" you are railroaded into busy work anyway instead of getting to try what you want and have fun. Most hated bad game - Shozo Kaga's arthouse anti-strategy RPG
  2. I don't like Fallout 1 and 2 combat at all -Generally the most important thing to expand the number of areas of areas you can safely explore is armor... it scales much better than it should to the point that tactics don't really matter if you get combat, or powered armor. The chem "Psycho" is basically super armor and though limited, can you rush to the later-game areas to get your permeant late game armor early or to win a pseudo-boss fight at will. Ammos- I actually played both Fallout 1 and 2 with Heavy Weapons on main charather. Fallout 1/// the only ammo type you use for 90% of the game is the flamer. Rockets/gatling ammo is basically only attainable and used in the 2 main story dungeons. For most small guns, you will never run out of ammo. Energy isn't too bad but requires more tedius selling and menuing. Fallout 2, ammo is fine, even for heavy weapons (at least, for the minigun variant heavy weapons) Stats - The setting and dialog are the fun part of the game... but if you really don't want to use lopsided stats... you can use in-game drugs to temporarily alter them. The combat drug's with agility buff also negates the other thing … most people refuse to play without a full 10 AP for quality of life, but I feel like you only really need that much a few times in each game. Endurance is a special stat because Low endurance and Medium endurance are functionally almost the same thing... for most combat only your armor matters rather than your raw HP. Having a high Endurance stat is only a factor in lategame areas (miniguns and deathclaws) against enemies that have a high critical hit rate that bypasss armor.... Even then it's a playstle thing... If you want to saveload. don't bother. armor's good enough. But this stat does technically allow you a safety blanket that makes ironmode-esque playstyle consistent despite people's claim to contrary. Traits - Fast Shot - Access to aimed shots is a major playstyle thing (moreso in Fallout 2 compared to 1). It's earlygame advantage is crazy, and if you want a heavy weapons main character it has no lattegame drawback. However many people remember the games fondly for the "critical hit system" that hugely favors the player, especially at higher charather / gun skill levels. You can experience the fun of the "0 damage instant death" at your own call. Nothing else really feels like it closes or opens major playstle difference and is mostly either quality of life or a flavor thing.
  3. What to hope for - Neutopia 1 or 2 - very likely tbh. Neutopia is very interesting as an ARPG because it lets you see the "road not taken" It uses hardware of the same level of Link to the Past to deliver a Zelda-1 esque type game (as far as dungeon and enemy design go). It's aged better than other Zelda-1 clones because it's arcade- enough to justify the weaker role of exploration and absscence of puzzles. Battle Lode Runner - I'm the kind of person who puts Lode Runner on top list of video games in cold blood>< but it's still a great puzzle game for people who haven't tried a version of it, and this is probably the most influential other than the original and championship. Chew Man Foo - Puzzle game that I like. Mesopotamia - A wall clinging platformer that is kind of like playing a game as a gravity defying slinky. Not very long, but movement options are interesting for a 2d Legend of Valykrie - unlikely. Kinda top-downis ARPG... Closer to Beyond Oasis In gameplay than Link to the Past. Zipang - The better than original spiritual sequel to the famous puzzle game Solomon's Key Parasol Stars - Basically Bubble Bobble 3. Air Zonk - I think it's technically the 4th "Bonk" game or maybe more of a spin-off, but instead of a platformer it's a horizontal Shump and space themed instead of caveman themed. The artstyle of Zonk and Bonk still lets you see the connection. Gomola Speed - A weird action puzzle game that uses "snake" for its core mechanics"eg eat pellets- grow longer - don't crash into self" Has a lot more focus than what it's based off of and gets pretty hectic. Photo Boy - simple but funny game with a scoring system based on photography. Heavy comedic tone. Better Konami Ports - Hoping for 1943 and Parodius… personally. Turbografx doesn't do full justice to all of their games Salamander but a couple important Shumps come in fine. Will I buy - depends entirely on number of 2 player games tbh, and even then. I've never really bought into the Dungeon Explorer = superior Gauntlet thing.
  4. Super Mario Maker 2 Panzer Dragoon Saga - the JRPG is less interesting than if they had revived the Rail Shooter games, but I want to give it a chance and maybe it'll blend them into enough of an ARPG to be rail-shooter esque (although I can see this backfiring and making things too simple) Doom Eternal - sure to be excellent Dragon Quest 11 - looks like a good time, and i'll be honest. Square Enix trying to be "clever" with battle mechanics in Octopath Traveller was BORING and easy to solve. I'm usually happier with the DQ team for at least giving me some fun damage races and party wide damage from bosses.
  5. I think it will be bad again, but still better. That said I am the target demographic, so I'll buy it anyway.
  6. I got 14/20 I feel like I might have confused the survery, since I transitioned from being a mostly singleplayer gamer to mostly multiplayer gamer (according to my own standard) while also playing more of each than most other. I feel like I had a lot lower conscientussness score than I should have, there weren't really any questions about feeling worried FOR OThers, which I do a hell of a lot more than for myself. I don't really get the movement to "medicalize" gaming, but I do remember that when I took a class on Budhism back I college that at one point we brought up how in terms of forming worldly attachments, movies and tv area are on the same level as drugs and alcholol. I would apply that to games too if I was still there trying to come up with a topic for midterm lol.
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