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  1. Yeah I love me some Battletanx, especially when I finally started turning off the default control scheme so I could drive/move turret seperatel and finally kill Goliaths without taking their return fire.
  2. Steambot Chronicles 2 (Bumpy Trot 2) I think Steambot Chroincles is a really fun flawed gem on the PS2, with a lot of sandbox-feeling (Choice and Consequence) for the pseudo Action-RPG is wanted to be. The thing that stops me from calling it a good game and recomending it is... well everything involving the actual Steambot itself - which used ACTUAL tank controls, and a game could lag painfully whenenver expositon effects, including basic range weapons, were used (didn't help that the setpiece big army fight took place in a sandstorm). There was a PSP sequel/sidegame called Steambot Chronicles:Battle Tournament (which had better combat, but stripped down the non-combat part of the game) but any of hope of the sequel coming out ended with the total dismantling of Irem's video game division.
  3. Playing Nino-No-Kun, Warth of the White Witch --- Not having too much fun so far. Unhappy, First 3 hours of the game were pretty railroaded... game is "kind of" opening up now, but with samey fetch quests. Dialog/story sections look like they will folllow the quest compass model for the rest of the game. Combat... seems like it's lying to me - I was told to try out new party member > party member arrives at level 1 instead of scaling to match current charather's level > can be beaten to death by any random encounter > I'm too old for this and just play "solo mode" to funnel everything to my original charather... Combat seems too easy against bosses / too hard against generic mobs - That is it feels like you can mitigate almost all of a boss's attacks, while with random mobs you cannot avoid trading at least some hits - it's very dependent on your infinite item-space and topping off after every battle which doesn't feel good... (so I'm hoarding up to avoid doing dungeons in multiple trips) I'm going to treat the game like NES Dragon Quest going forward and it's loses in that comparison for me
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