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  1. Yeah I love me some Battletanx, especially when I finally started turning off the default control scheme so I could drive/move turret seperatel and finally kill Goliaths without taking their return fire.
  2. Steambot Chronicles 2 (Bumpy Trot 2) I think Steambot Chroincles is a really fun flawed gem on the PS2, with a lot of sandbox-feeling (Choice and Consequence) for the pseudo Action-RPG is wanted to be. The thing that stops me from calling it a good game and recomending it is... well everything involving the actual Steambot itself - which used ACTUAL tank controls, and a game could lag painfully whenenver expositon effects, including basic range weapons, were used (didn't help that the setpiece big army fight took place in a sandstorm). There was a PSP sequel/sidegame called Steambot Chronicles:Battle Tournament (which had better combat, but stripped down the non-combat part of the game) but any of hope of the sequel coming out ended with the total dismantling of Irem's video game division.
  3. Playing Nino-No-Kun, Warth of the White Witch --- Not having too much fun so far. Unhappy, First 3 hours of the game were pretty railroaded... game is "kind of" opening up now, but with samey fetch quests. Dialog/story sections look like they will folllow the quest compass model for the rest of the game. Combat... seems like it's lying to me - I was told to try out new party member > party member arrives at level 1 instead of scaling to match current charather's level > can be beaten to death by any random encounter > I'm too old for this and just play "solo mode" to funnel everything to my original charather... Combat seems too easy against bosses / too hard against generic mobs - That is it feels like you can mitigate almost all of a boss's attacks, while with random mobs you cannot avoid trading at least some hits - it's very dependent on your infinite item-space and topping off after every battle which doesn't feel good... (so I'm hoarding up to avoid doing dungeons in multiple trips) I'm going to treat the game like NES Dragon Quest going forward and it's loses in that comparison for me
  4. N64 Banjo Kazooie >Mario64>Banjo Tooie> Rayman 2 > Rocket on Wheels > DK64 > SSSV > Conker's Bad Fur Day > Glover > Gex 3 > Chameleon Twist 2 > Spider Man > Duck Dodgers > Gex 64: (Gex 2: Enter The Gecko) > Indiana Jones and Infernal Machine > Chameleon Twist 1 > Tonic Trouble > Earthworm Jim 3D Hybrid Games such as Third Person Shooter / Platformers and Puzzle Platformers will start being better than "Pure" Platformers starting with Chameleon Twist 2 - eg Turok 1&2 / Jet Force Gemini / Blast Corps / Lode Runner 3D -- also it's a harder argument to make but Tony Hawk 1-2 are almost Sports-Platformers)THPS argument also applies to PS1, PS2,GCN Rocket on Wheels, besides the Charlie Brown music, actually has the best physics engine on the N64, and a lot of interesting stuff is going on in its levels. Space Station Silicon Valley has the cheapest graphics you'll ever see in a 3D game (unless you go pre 5th console gen to jumping flash or something) but it humorous, and the puzzle heavy level design makes up for the somewhat cumbersome movement of some of the animals you control in the mostly short levels. Glover has moments of incredibly cleverness with riding on top of the ball, dribbling for platform movement, changing between balls that float and sink on water levels, etc - but a lot of the rest of the game is generic fog-filled levels unfortunately - Gex 3 is a shockingly big and bland game, but well it does an okay job of having secrets to reward exploration - ignore the 100 Coin goals and the game will still outstay it's welcome, but not by as much - Chameleon Twist 2 is actually very nostalic to me as a game I played in my first year of N64 ownership - the Tongue's polevaulting and Bar Spinning are very clever on occasion - It is a weekend rental game with only 6 levels. Spider Man is a very linear game, but movement is surprinsgly repsonsive and I enjoy it overal - Duck Dodgers tries to be a colletathon, but with very few stages and easier difficulty - The sound design (especially the Tiptoeing) is so spot on to the cartoons that I can't help forgive it though. Gex 2's best stages are more charming and creative than Gex 3 - such as the Looney Tunes stages, snd pace, aRezopois ... unfortantely this is the exception rather than the norm, and the medivel/arabia/kung fu stages are generic X100 and worst of all the Cyberspace stages - the rest of the game has a Medium-Bad Camera, but the Cyberspace stages have the worst camera EVER. > Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine is a VERY bad game on PC, but the N64 game was substationally upgraded by Factor 5 (The Star Wars Rogue Squadron guys) that said it's shimmying , heavy movement, occasional item use is just completely outclassed by the likes of Tomb Raider or Prince of Persia. Tonic Trouble is a prototype of Rayman2 (The salesman in one of R2's cutscenes comes from this game) it has some ropey worlds, but at other times it works pretty well. A little too primitive to play through. Earthworm Jim is the bottom of the barrel. If you play a game that you start to think is worse, then stop. (This shouldn't reflect backwards on it's good 2D games) Gamecube(Includes and supercedes Dreamcast Ports) Prince of Persia: Sands of Time > Mario Sunshine > Rayman 3 > Sonic Adventure 2 > Billy Hatcher > Tomb Raider Legend > I-Ninja > Vexx > Sonic Adventure 1 > Tak 2 > Dr. Muto > Tak 1 > Warioworld Hybird Game such as Metroid Prime 1 and 2 Third Person Shooter/Platformers and arguably Metal Arms:Glitch in the System will start being better than "Pure" Platformers around Sonic Adventure 2. Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 are definately DAMAGED in their porting to the GCN - on Dreamcast itself I actually rate 1>2, but they are dense games with plenty to do. Billy Hatcher is a case of "promise and potential" rather than quality a lot of the time, but does a competent job at having themed worlds and collectibles and has its moements where the mechanic uniqueness of rolling a ball around at all times shines through > I-Ninja has 90s edge humor, but if you got through Tony Hawk's Underground 2, you can live through it - It's secretly one of the more focused 3D platformers (Crash Bandicoot obstacle course style) on the gamecube - Don't go in expecting a collectathon and it'l be great - Vexx is the platformer with the most dense movement - you can stack your jump, uppercut, sideflip, etc - Essentiall it has similiar strengths weaknesses to Mario Sunshine with better feeling movement than most of competetion but somewhat underwhelming stages to go with it (also higher difficulty than normal for genre near the end) Tak games where clearly made by a fledgling studio and treat the player with kid gloves (definately a young platformer) but are competent engouh. More Crash obstacle course style than collectathon. Dr. Muto is a guilty pleasure of mine (for the music) It's filled with jumps that are more finnicky than they should be and you should stop looking for games before you get there. Warioworld is some kind of hybrid Brawler with occasional Light platforming in the form of those throwback puzzle rooms (similiar to the "platforming" in Paper Mario game) - it doesn't quite nail it and is really like a Rental game you can 100% in a weekend. - I also want to pause and say that Donkey Kong Jungle Beat is like 5th-6th in my 2D platformers of all time and is easily better than everything below Rayman 3. PS1 Ape Escape > Crash 2 > Crash 3 > Spyro: Year of the Dragon(Spyro 3) > Tomb Raider 1 > Tomb Raider 2 > Spyro:Ripto's Rage (Spyro 2) > Spyro 1 > Tomb Raider:Last Revelation > Crash 1 > Spider Man > Gex (Gex 2: Enter the Gecko) > Tomb Raider 3 > Tomb Raider: Chronicles Hybrid Games such as MDK - Third Person Shooter / Platformer and Legacy of Kain:Soul Reaver - Zelda Clone style ARPG / Puzzle Platformer will start being better than "Pure" Platformers starting with Spyro 2. I've seen some people really positive on Tomb Raider 4 (Last Revelation) as the PS1 Tomb Raider with the most feautures - personally I think 1&2 are the peak and that while better than TR 3 and TR 5(Chronicles) it still adds in the wrong direction just not as obviously as TR 3 and TR 5. PS2(Includes and supercedes Dreamcast Ports) PsychoNauts >Ape Escape 2 > Sly Cooper 2 > Maximo:Ghosts to Glory > Sly Cooper 1 > Jak and Dakter 1 > Ecco the Dolphin:Defender of the Future > Ape Escape 3 > Pac Man World 2 > Battle for Bikini Bottom > Sly Cooper 3 Hybrid Games such as Ratchet and Clank2-3/MDK2 Third Person Shooter / Platformer will start to be better than "Pure" Platformers starting with starting with Ecco 3D - Psychonauts is a great game but it will basically require half of an entire memory card because it's save file is basically as uncompressed as the PC version. Ape Escape 2 is a very early PS2 game and technologically very close to Ape Escape 1, but it also has the most over-the-top setpieces in the series (Eg the Wrestler who suplexes T Rexs) , Sly Cooper 2 is Incredibly Cutscene heavy, but has very satisfying gameplay and can deliver, The first Maximo has areas that are slavishly made to evoke Ghosts and Goblins and it's incredibly brutal (the 2nd one is more of a Brawler than a platformer) it's worth beating though, Sly Cooper 1 is a nice and not-too-long cross between an obstacle course platformer and , Jak and Dakter 1 is the only good game platformer in the Jack series as the rest of them are third person shooter/platform hybirds. Ecco 3D had me sceptical because usually dolphin movemnt is used in small doses as a single area or for a few minigames (Rocket on Wheels and DK64 for instance) but it works surprisingly well > Ape Escape 3 is a let down to me considering how much I like 1,2, and the Racing game spin off, but it's competent and has large themed areas. Pac Man World and Battle for Bikini bottom both have cult fanbases but you can live without playing them even if you don't go anywhere past the first 3 games on the consoles. Sly Cooper 3 isn't actually bad as a game, but the platforming is used to connect an endless string of concealed minigames - also you'll notice the mix of context buttons to normal jump movement is way different in Sly 3 - compared (non mission) roof to roof movement in the first two games for an obvious example. Other My Short List N64 - Banjo through SSSV PS1 - Ape Escape and Crash only GCN - Prince of Persia through I-Ninja PS2 - Psychonauts through Sly Cooper 1
  5. I'm going to give it to Roller Coaster Tycoon like usual I've been known to Worms Armageddon in the top spot the day after a Good multiplayer session, and back when my total number of games was low and I replayed just the few I had (eg pre highschool) I usually had a Platformer in my top 3 (DKC 2, Banjo, Rocket on Wheels) Nowadays RCT and Worms are far less likely to even have temporary demotions from their top 2 status. If anything it would be Tony Hawk doing the debunking nowadays and not a platformer.
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