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  1. Never found a point using it. Usually all my battalions on my units are alive with yellow or red health by the end of a map. After I can just replenish it. I could see it useful early game where battalions are so weak, but it requires B in authority.
  2. It seems that there is a huge empathize on war master and a unit's placement is determined on whether if they can be a good war master or not. I think your tier list is accurate if war master was the best class; however, it is commonly agreed that wyvern lord/falcon knight is the best.
  3. First impression Yuri: Can't tell what his optimal class is cause he has a pretty bad proficiency spread. His growths are great, but bad in axes, lances, flying, riding. Makes him hard to become wyvern, bow knight, and such. trickster/mortal sevant might actually be his best class lol. To me he has the same problem with Catherine and Manuela of optimal class, but at least Manuela has warp and Catherine has amazing mid game and bases(could also become Falcon knight). Most likely B or C+. Balthus: Basically raph but could become okay war monk. Imo he is worse than raph cause raph gets battalion warth, but either way C Constance: Lysithea but bad speed and gets rescue instead of warp. Offensively I would say Constance is better since she makes better use out of dark flier and spd really doesn't matter. I prob would put her B+ Hapi: Prob B. Similar to Hubert but a bit better cause she could become Valkyrie These are just first impression and the tier list prob has to be re done cause of Dark flier
  4. No. Assassin is infinitely better. As people mentioned before, I would use it for wrath/vantage build, but it is too niche for me.
  5. Welp dlc dropped with new characters and new classes that affects the tier list. I haven't used the new features yet(still finishing cinder shadow), but here's a general gist of what I think. Female mages got a buff cause of dark flier. Not sure how much, but dark flier in my opinion is the better end game class for female mages than dark knight. Still early, but we will see. Unsure about valkyrie viability. Helps the transition to dark knight easier. Trickster imo is an underwhelming class, but the mastery skill is nice. Would be useful for ltc possibly, but in a non ltc tier list pretty sure it isn't that good. Can provide support and a good class for manuela, but imo bishop is better for her for double warp use. War monk: Why would you class change into this class. Its basically grappler that can use faith spells. Bad class imo. It still early and I might have looked over some things, but I think female mages deserve a bump. Unsure about the placement of the new character cause I gotta actually use them lol. Whats your guys' opinion? (Also prob not going to do cindered shadow tier list cause theres only 11 units. I see no point rlly cause you are using everybody)
  6. I was thinking just equipping a non offensive faith skill to avoid tank for healers. +20avo from skill, +20(or so) from spd. But honestly I usually have my healers equip some kind of light weight spell. If we are doing Astra we should just do swordmaster just cause Astra is so hated. Honestly we could just do Hero/Swordmaster since they both share the common problem, being inferior to assassin. (Ig hero has worse because its stat modifier is inferior to assassin and swordmaster) But yeah I nominate Hero/Swordmaster
  7. huh thats interesting and kinda funny. Never knew that. I was mainly arguing that they shouldn't be in the same tier, but he def should be out of C tier. Im wondering, is Caspar worse on black eagle routes vs other routes cause his bases r so bad early. If he was recruited later, he can auto level to the point where his bases aren't that big of a deal.
  8. Its awarding units that have more flexibility. Like mages you normally want to recruit as early as possible, but Leonie you can recruit early or late and she still be pretty viable. Idk we could still tweek the rules I am down for that. Ishmael did say that late recruitment fixes his bases so I assumed you are recruiting Caspar around that chapter. Hmmm still having difficulties placing him. Ig he can be out of C tier at least in B for now since Alois is B. Honestly thinking about it, I feel Caspar is better outside his route since you don't have to be stuck with terrible bases. Idk maybe Claude is better than mByleth. idk maybe dlc will give a good exclusive male class. One thing that bothers me though is that Ashe is in the same tier as Caspar for AM. Ig i could just move Alois and Caspar down a tier, but not sure.
  9. Assuming you get Caspar at lvl 23: Caspar: hp:47 str:26 mag:9 dex:15 spd:16 lck:17 def:15 res:4 cha:11 Alois at ch11 at lvl21 Alois: hp:50 str:27 mag:8 dex:12 spd:15 lck:12 def:18 res:8 cha:16 Their stats look pretty similar(not sure where you got Alois being much slower). But considering Alois has better Authority rank(C vs E), comes with weight-3(and could get smite at B), respectable charm stat, and no recruitment investment needed, I would say Alois should be rated at least a tier higher than Caspar, but at the very least should be higher.
  10. But y would he be in the same tier as alois. Alois has sim bases(pretty sure his is better but not sure) and comes with weight-3 and overall better ranks. If you actually want to have a good enemy phase late game, yes. Avoid tanking is really the only way for units to be good enemy phase.
  11. huh I thought she starts E. Welp ig i was wrong. Never thought about using meteor for linked attacks will use it. I am not counting team synergy so her support with few Deers would not affect her rating. hmm compelling enough argument to make her a tier above Hannaman at least, I still do think she is worse than Raphael on VW though. Im just not sure if she deserves to be in the same tier as Lysithea for CF and SS(ig i could make Lysithea higher) I never found Fallen Star to be particular good. It only lets you dodge one attack guarantee. I found waiting+alert stance to be better. I don't think Byleth getting Weight-3 is that hard imo. I usually do monastery 2-3 times a month. I can just train with Alois each time(and eventually Gilbert) and should be able to get it by ch 5. Weight-3 isn't the only skill though, he could get healing focus and alert stance+ earlier than Claude. Also if we need to consider early game. mByleth is better early game than Claude who imo is the worst out of the three lords in early game wise. I rather have a unit that has a better early game vs better late game.
  12. Well this doesn't apply to all units. Just the ones mentioned. Also its better to attack at range so you don't take retaliation dmg since hammer doesn't kill in one hit(or at least from what I saw). I had base magic seteth almost kill an armor knight with bolt axe, I'm pretty sure at least Edelgard can kill without using helm splitter.
  13. I think it is possible. Lysithea really only needs B in faith, so after that you can just focus only on reason for tutoring. Of course if you are going for dark knight then it is impractical. I mean you could use a black pearl which I believe you get by then. I personally wouldn't change him to a dancer, but it is an option. Imo i found Dedue still useful late game. Dedue could actually tank the annoying sword masters and assassin with some combo of stat boosters/meal, silver/sieros shield, Duscar battalion(forgot name), and personal. And if you get QR he becomes the only one that can actually kill sword masters and assassin. Def not as useful as he was early, but acceptable.
  14. I dont remember his bases being that good for auto level. Hilda at least train both lance and axe for auto level so she can promote to wyvern easier. You would only have to train flying with the added bonus of pegasus if recruited early+armor hidden talent. Mercedes I agree see, but I'd argue with Dorothea. One mages are not that good in Maddening and imo her offensive capabilities is worse. She doesn't train in faith and initially bad at it(unlike the other physic healers who gets it when you recruit them). She realistically isn't that relevant for most part of the game. At least Raphael is decent early(not that great of a tank but something) As mention before, damage wise he isn't going to do that much more using a bow. When Byleth uses axe he's going to do more dmg vs Claude bow. Spd wise the difference isn't that big. Claudes on average is 3 more spd but Byleth can get other weapon ranks like -3 weight and alert stance earlier and could use magic weapons to better kill armor knights. Claude has better combat art , but the options that Byleth have imo is what makes Byleth better. Still they r very close. I agree mainly because I believe that there should be 2 tier difference between Linhardt and Lysithea. Lysithea can get warp much earlier and is in house. If we are valuing warp as Ishmael, then Lysithea should be bottom of S and Linhardt A.
  15. Imo I think you should drop ashe for leonie because exp is scared in maddening. Ashe isn't that good tbh and I would say the worst unit out of all the blue lion students. You could make him your dancer if you are worried about ch 13. Dancers don't necessarily have to have good spell list since most of the time they are, well going to dance. But I think you should be fine since you got a flying Byleth that can fly. Recommend Catherine or Shamir because of base advance class. Makes the mid game easy imo. Lysithea's class path is fine, but i recommend instead of bow breaker, go for dark tome flaire. You can get it early enough because of her personal. Personally I found bow knight Felix to be better. Also I found that having too many fliers isn't that good because there isn't many flying battalions. I would recommend making Sylvain a palidin for swift strike+lance flaire(class)+DB+lance flaire(from S+ lance) and other good skills like +mov or lance lvl5
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