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  1. Here is my take. Three houses standards, no. He isn't garbage like fe6 wendy, but just not great when almost every other unit is just as good or better. 1. Anything Ashe can do, other units can do better Wyvern: Petra, Ferdinand, Sylvain, Cyril Sniper: Ignatz, Felix, Shamir Bowknight: Leonie, Bernadetta 2. Offers nothing really unique/good compared to other units similar to him. Bernadetta has vengence, encloser, and dmg boosting personal Ignatz has rallies, hit+20 as personal, and break shot Petra has better base stats and growths, can fly as early as lvl 10, base D in flying Claude has better base stats and growths and encloser Leonie, Ferdinand, Sylvain have better base stats and growths and a brave effect combat art 3. Has a garbage personal skill, pretty lackluster combat art, bad bases and growths 4. Wrath+vantage combo isn't unique to Ashe and there are units that can pull it off better/easier Dimitri gets both Battalion wrath+vantage. Caspar, Bernadetta, Petra etc gets Battalion Wrath at C authority. It allows them to access the combo much earlier than Ashe Byleth, Felix gets Battalion vantage so instead of mastering vantage as merc, they can get other better skills ex. death blow, hit+20
  2. I feel like this should be this should move down because it isn't the skill that is good, it is just faith turning from bane to boon that is good. And any seal skills can probably go down a tier
  3. Don't you get Seteth automatically too? It is possible to beat the game with just the core GD students, but I recommend at least to recruit some students/faculty members for tutoring or adjutants.
  4. I heard FE8 is kind of hard to ltc due to most of the maps being rout.
  5. Recently, I got interested in trying ltc and 0% growth, but since I am just starting out and had no experience prior, I am wondering which games are beginner friendly to ltc or 0%growth.
  6. 100% agree with @LoneRecon400 regarding mages being unable to tank physical hit. Also what class would Lorenz actually would wanna class change to get +10% def. The classes that boost def are: Armor knights, cav, paladin, fortress knight, wyvern rider, wyvern lord, great knight, dark knight, holy knight. Dark knight/holy knight are too late where it doesn't make a difference(not to mention it is 5% not 10%) and cav+paladin boost 5% def not 10%. And I def would not want to make him an armor unit(trash class). While I agree he has a good spell list(B ragnorock is amazing), the reasoning in this argument is very flawed. As mentioned by @DarthR0xas, Hanneman's spell list is pretty similar(Imo better because he gets thoron). Also Sylvain is not a good magic user. He has base 5 mag and only a 30% growth rate(40% with class growth isn't that good either especially compared to other magic units). When coming up with examples, make sure it actually makes sense. Also it is important to look at damage output rather than just unit's mag stat or spell mt. Iirc between reason B to A, Lorenz has the highest dmg output out of any magic units, but outside that range, he does one of the least amount. Also you are putting too much hype on Agneas arrow. It is just a 1 more mt spell than ragnarock that is super heavy. Lysithea has warp at B and not to mention she has a boon in faith, making her the fastest unit to gain access to warp(this is especially useful for ltc/efficient runs). This makes her a better support unit that Lorenz. I think most people can agree that warp>recover. *average strength. He has base 8 str and only 40% str growth. That isn't high, that is just average. Also Lorenz does not double consistently. He only has a 40% Spd growth and base 7. Byleth doesn't consistently double, there is no way Lorenz can. Anybody can technically use a hero relic. Sure he gets pavise/aegis. I don't know the exact skill proc rate, I imagine it being less than 50%, but it is extremely dangerous to rely on such a low percentage and most(myself included) would not rely on it. Gremory being good is unit dependent. While I do agree with you dark knight being better offensively, but some units prefer staying as Gremory ex lysithea for double warp and Dorothea for double meteor. Poison strike does not make Lorenz more bulky... That's not what the skill does. Also this really only benefit him on pp. Lifetaker is a very situational skill because it only works on player phase and the enemy unit have to actually die in order for it to be useful. Not to mention, you are sacrificing your time being in warlock(which gives him x2 spells and black tome faire), which significantly nerfs him offense.
  7. You should prob edit the op to include this because context matters a lot. Also like many people mentioned before, include your play style. Is it ltc, semi efficient, turtle, etc. This matters a ton. Before you start arguing/debating with other people, do this first because we need to establish common ground.
  8. I agree with you. I also wished there was some kind of reward for keeping him alive considering how annoying it is. This and the last map imo were the only good maps in CS. Everything else was meh. Imo I think CF is the best route map design wise because it doesn't have stupid Hunting by Daybreak and time skip Battle of the Eagle and the Lion and it had good maps like Capturing Deridru and ch17.
  9. Dlc gives you new characters, items, classes, 1 new map(only playable in CS), aux battle, new prologues, new skins(if that counts), and monestery stuff like sauna. It doesn't add anything that significantly changes your experience other than making maddening easier. Personally, I had more fun not using dlc additions(some are very broken. A gem that gives you DC, +3 mov boots). Also if you want to get the golden screen, I believe you cannot use them anyways(might just be you have to do NG and not NG+ idk). Tbh, I didn't find CS that difficult so really I don't think buying dlc for you is necessary.
  10. I haven't seen much on this forum talking about the maps in 3H but here we go. You can include any maps from any route, even dlc. Imo, map design is probably the weakest part of 3H. There some good and bad, but lots of mediocre maps that are recycled. I understand it being recycled due to multiple route. But I am really disappointed when we got unique/special like maps we seen in conquest. Best maps: VW ch 22: I like the concept of the map where you have to defeat all the elites before defeating nemesis. No idea why there are chest on this map, but still I like the overall design. Also, the music is amazing. I have a separate save file just to play this map. Battle of the Eagle and the Lion ch7: The map itself the design isn't great, but the concept was good. Having to face two different armies was really fun. Even though you don't have to, the map incentives you to kill the other two army before they kill each other with the objective and the army raising morale after they defeat a number of units. Worst maps: ch5-Miklan map: Slow, ambush spawns with merc that have pass. Gilbert is so annoying keeping him alive because it is really easy for him to die and he always suicides. I sometimes just drop the run because I hate this map so much. ch13 Hunting by Daybreak: I like the concept, but everything else I hate. Especially on a blind playthrough.
  11. Personally, I find 25 boost to all be better. If you use gifts/flowers to motivate student, it really helps you save money/flowers. Doing this helps saves activity points for other things like: tournament(helps with money/fast professor exp), sauna, cooking, and tutoring. Objectively, dining is the worst thing you can spend activity points on(or 2nd).
  12. Realistically, Byleth ain't doubling much in the first place(tbh nobody really does). Regular desperation could work well with defiant crit, att/mag. But that's really stretching it. tbh kinda disappointed in the skill combo in 3H. Can't be creative as awakening/fate.
  13. Uh armor knight is really bad so I highly advise against this. Just put her in brigand/pegasus. If I had to choose, I'd choose Yuri. Personally, I just don't think Yuri is that good. He is like average at best. Also there is nothing wrong having too many fliers. You always can dismount and ignore bow weakness. If you are worried about too many fliers, you could also make Ferdinand a Palidan. He can become a swift strike player phase unit. (having Lorenz as guard adjutant can help). Well you are planning on going brigand, and you need D+ to at least certify. And if you do plan on making her wyvern rider, you should invest until C so you can min certify(assuming you pass flying). You don't need to heavy invest thou. You should prob focus on lances thou cause Byleth is prob gonna use lances more than swords(cause lance faire). For your class path: As mentioned before, Bishop for Lysithea for advance class. Petra can become wyvern rider for advance. Have Felix and Ignatz become brigand instead of brawler/archer for DB. Unarm combat sucks and Ignatz has hit+20 already so DB would benefit him more.
  14. Once you obtain the skills, class change into wyvern. You need to train in axe anyways and you prob have the flying rank to do so. Early game everybody gets doubled and gets destroyed. I'd say this is the time where tanks shine. Personally, I think avoid tank is the best way to enemy phase end game. Ppl have diff opinions. @Shadow Mir mentioned it but Bishop has a class skill that gives you +10 more hp when healing. Gregory doesn't really provide anything for healing other than giving you more magic. The trade off is not worth it. Gremory is only worth using for units that are great offensive and utility. Ex. Lysithea. Another tip, make Lysithea a bishop for advance class. Lysithea gains nothing from warlock because she uses dark magic. With Bishop you at least get another warp use and other more uses on other spells. Valkeryia is an option, but I only would do that if the end game class for her was Dark Knight instead of Gremory.
  15. Battalion wrath. Which this combo is exclusive to Dimitri. There really isn't a lot of creative skill combos you can do in this game like you can do in awakening/fates.
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