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  1. I rate him 9.5. Pros: Battalion wrath+vantage combo Amazing bases str and growths. 12 str + 60% Great base skills level: D+ lance(tempest lance) and D authority Great bulk. 28+55% hp, 7+40% def Works well with multiple builds: Dancer/wyvern dodge tank, Paladin/high lord. Gets Windsweep Cons: Bad at axes. Makes it really difficult for wyvern. Can't tutor for some time post time skip. Need to rush authority A to be effected post time skip Low spd in the beginning(base 7 tied with Dedue does have 50%spd growth to make it up later thou) Has pretty glaring weaknesses, but the strengths are amazing. One of the best units
  2. This might be a bit bias as petra is one of my favorite units, I rate her 8.75. Pros: Amazing bases. 9 str and 10 spd! 1 more str means she can use training sword without being weighed down.(not that important, but would like to mention it) Avg str growth at 40%, but good spd growth 60%. Going to be your fastest unit and. Amazing proficiency. Good in axes, bows, flying. Comes with base D flying. Dont have to train her in flying for pegasus(heck you might not even have to train it at all for wyvern). Female. Can get the darting+death blow combo Make great wyvern/falcon knight/sniper. Dodge tank builds work well for her especially with battalion wrath Amazing early game due to her bases and the fact she doesn't get double by every single enemy. Con(all of them are pretty minor): Kind of squishy. Gets hit hard from magic attacks(res 2 base growth 15%) Combat arts are not the best. No crest Bad personal Have to train for lance to get tempest lance There really is no glaring weakness of Petra, its rather that her strengths are not broken like some top tier units like Edelgard's galeforce CA and Dimitri's battalion wrath+vantage
  3. I just label anything that might be significant to sway my reasoning. prob should've mention that gremory is arguably better for her.
  4. Sorry but she is being way overrated rn. 6 Pros: Good spell list: physics, thoron, meteor Female(yes being a woman is actually a pro in FE): have access to gremory Good at reason, faith(once unlocked) Cons: Bad at riding+neutral at lances. Difficult to raise as dark knight Pretty bad at magic compared to other magic units. 40% mag and 11 at base. Base E faith and bad at it before you unlock. Going to be difficult to support early game. Terrible early game. 4 move and limited spell use. Provides great support mid-late game with meteor and physics, but she really does hold you back early game.
  5. Like people mentioned before, Annette isn't that great of a dancer. Imo make dorothea your dancer for physics+meteor utility You should consider using Hubert as an adjutant for some time to give Edelgard dmg boost. Also I recommend replacing one of these units with Sylvain/Ingrid to give dmg boost to Felix. Don't do trickster it honestly is a really bad class. Yuri doesn't really benefit from the class since he doesn't have a great spell list and loses swordflare. Just stick to sniper Yuri. If you want still want to use offensive magic unit, use Hubert. Or if you want to still use a mix unit, use Jeritza.(Death knight class has access to reason magic and more move!) Do not use miracle. It really is a niche skill. Fiendish blow will be much more useful most of the time. Sorry this build just really confuses me. Don't do archer and pegasus. Hit+20 doesn't help since magic is already really accurate and darting blow barely helps because she isn't doubling anyways since magic weighs her down a lot(She is also very squishy. Going to be difficult to grind for all of these). Dark knight or dark flier is better than Valkyrie especially since you plan on having her use Thyrsus. Move is better to have than range(not to mention valkyrie doesn't have tomefaire). Or Gremory for double wrap use
  6. My opinion on her has changed. Thought she was avg to below, but now I think shes one of the better units. I rate her 7. Pros: Good combat art: VeNGeAnCe and encloser Good personal skill. Combos well with vengeance. Amazing player phase/boss killer Have curve shot already Some small things: battalion wrath, pass, crest, Female(Can become pegasus/falcon knight, imo paladin is the best end game class cause of guard adjutant) Cons: Terrible base stats. 8 str and 7 spd and her str won't get much better since her 35% growth rate. Bad proficiencies: Bad in axes really hurt since she can't get DB which is a skill she would really want she does need lots of investment in the beginning to be effective. (later need to tutor for axes for brigand or flying for peg) E+ lance. (not a sure big deal, but matters when comparing to other units that have it at the start. Ex. Ferdinand) Terrible enemy phase unit Overall she can delete enemies on player phase the most reliably, but she sucks at enemy phase. Good thing most chapters are kill boss, which helps her rating a lot.
  7. I rate him a 4. Pros: (they aren't amazing) Can make decent ish grappler or wyvern Good personal consider hit rates are pretty bad early game. Gets battalion wrath. Cons: Terrible bases. 9 att is meh and 6 spd and 4 cha is awful. Terrible proficiencies. Bad in authority and bows. Not to mention he is only good at 2 things. Growths are meh. 45% att and spd. No good combat art There really isn't anything outstanding about Caspar that other units can do. Battalion wrath doesn't really help him due to his terrible speed and meh bulk. Cannot really be an enemy phase unit(not to mention he has a bane in authority, making it harder to get the skill). Imo he does better in out of house routes so you don't have to deal with him terrible bases. I rate him 4 that is the lowest I will rate a grappler/wyvern.
  8. Unpopular opinion, but I rate him as 8. Pros: Warp&physics Has D+ faith in the beginning so super easy for him to get physics early. Cons: Terrible base stats 10 mag and 5 spd ew Bad offensive spells Doesn't like doing chapel. Makes raising faith harder. I've seen ppl say that him being male is a negative, but imo I don't think so because I always go the bishop route anyways for any of my healers. (imo lysithea and maybe dorothea is the only ones worth using gremory)
  9. I say 8. Would normally give him a 8.5 or 9, but Edelgard is a 9 so I have to scale down. Pros: Swift strike. Broken. Your early game tempest lance user. He is the only one in black eagle that can use it at base. Every other house has at least 2 units that can do it at base. Versatile in that he can be an enemy phase unit as a dodge tank wyvern or a player phase unit as paladin. (you could do that dodge tank dancer but imo that is just a waste of dancer ability). have good proficiencies that can make him into different classes like brigand for DB, armor knight to get the def boost, etc. Cons: Base stats are not the best. Not the worst, but they could be better. Growths are alr too. Gets overshadowed in mid game where he doesn't have swift strike and tempest lance becomes less valuable(still is, but not as much) since other units would have it at this point. Ex. Petra, Edelgard is going for pegaus knight, Bernie, and other out of house units.
  10. First you should choose one of the difficulties. A unit's viability in hard vs maddening differs a lot. Ex. Annette's rallies are much more valuable in maddening vs hard, thus maddening ppl would rater her higher than hard ppl. Imo do maddening. There is bigger differences in unit's viability in maddening compared to hard. So it helps make each unit's rating more unique.
  11. Here is my take. Three houses standards, no. He isn't garbage like fe6 wendy, but just not great when almost every other unit is just as good or better. 1. Anything Ashe can do, other units can do better Wyvern: Petra, Ferdinand, Sylvain, Cyril Sniper: Ignatz, Felix, Shamir Bowknight: Leonie, Bernadetta 2. Offers nothing really unique/good compared to other units similar to him. Bernadetta has vengence, encloser, and dmg boosting personal Ignatz has rallies, hit+20 as personal, and break shot Petra has better base stats and growths, can fly as early as lvl 10, base D in flying Claude has better base stats and growths and encloser Leonie, Ferdinand, Sylvain have better base stats and growths and a brave effect combat art 3. Has a garbage personal skill, pretty lackluster combat art, bad bases and growths 4. Wrath+vantage combo isn't unique to Ashe and there are units that can pull it off better/easier Dimitri gets both Battalion wrath+vantage. Caspar, Bernadetta, Petra etc gets Battalion Wrath at C authority. It allows them to access the combo much earlier than Ashe Byleth, Felix gets Battalion vantage so instead of mastering vantage as merc, they can get other better skills ex. death blow, hit+20
  12. I feel like this should be this should move down because it isn't the skill that is good, it is just faith turning from bane to boon that is good. And any seal skills can probably go down a tier
  13. Don't you get Seteth automatically too? It is possible to beat the game with just the core GD students, but I recommend at least to recruit some students/faculty members for tutoring or adjutants.
  14. I heard FE8 is kind of hard to ltc due to most of the maps being rout.
  15. Recently, I got interested in trying ltc and 0% growth, but since I am just starting out and had no experience prior, I am wondering which games are beginner friendly to ltc or 0%growth.
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