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  1. I'm voting for gatekeeper. EDIT: If we don't then he will NEVER be in the game.
  2. I actually just picked up the game. I'm doing a Luna+ run with same-sex marriage hack. Lots of grinding
  3. So I recently started playing this game again and I installed the same-sex marriage hack from Unassuming Venusaur. This not only allows units of the same sex to S-support but it also adds S-support options for characters that previously didn't have any (Say'ri, Anna, Flavia, Basilio, Tiki, etc) or they had a limited selection (Chrom/Sumia). This opens up a great amount of possibilities for optimal pairings, so many that there are probably many different ways that you can pair all of your units and all your units will be great. Here are some of my pairings (ignoring MU). (Note, G indicates that the child has access to galeforce from the mother, A indicates that the child has access to armsthrift from the mother). Finally, my pairings are more focused on classes and skills because after maxing a second gen character's stats, units like Noire!Kellam can still destroy apotheosis thanks to brave weapons and rescue. This doesn't mean that I will completely disregard stats but they will not be a priority. ChromXGaius or ChromXCordelia With Gaius, Lucina still gets galeforce and the stats aren't bad for her. IMO this is her most optimal father, but this hack also allows for ChromXCordelia which makes for a good Severa. I tend to like having armsthrift and galeforce on my units so this pairing allows Lucina to have both, while Severa can have Aether. If you pair Chrom with Gaius then he won't have a second child and that kind of feels like a little bit of a waste but not the worst thing in the world. NOTE: These two pairings are the only two that the hack adds to the game for Chrom that allow Lucina to have galeforce. G LissaXAnyone Owain already has a lot of the skills that he wants. You could pair Lissa with Gregor for Armsthrift but others like to go for a magic dad/mom like Libra. A lot of people are fans of MaribelleXLissa and that's totally fine but I like to use Maribelle to get galeforce over to Laurent. SullyXOlivia or SullyXDonny Either pairing gives Kjelle access to galeforce. MirielXMaribelle Laurent can have galeforce and they are both magic mothers. Brady also gets access to sorcerer so that's cool. G SumiaXFlavia Alt: SumiaXGregor I like this pairing because Sumia is Flavia's only pairing where the child already has galeforce but doesn't have armsthrift. It fits and Cynthia gets light colored hair, but you need to wait for later game to make this one a reality. GregorXSumia or VaikeXSumia allows this to happen much earlier but I'm biased towards FlaviaXSumia. G MaribelleXMiriel Magic mothers and both kids get galeforce. Also opens up sorcerer for Brady. PanneXSay'ri Adding Say'ri into the parent pool is one of the most exciting things about this hack imo. She has access to dark flier so she can pass galeforce down to sons. I would give it to Yarne just because all the stats line up, the hair color is alright, and because I just like to imagine a romance between Panne and Say'ri. It's important to remember that Panne will pass down her weakness to beasts and Taguel class to a second child so I wouldn't pair her with another parent character, because Taguel just isn't that useful. GA CordeliaXCherche or CordeliaXSully I think that Cordelia makes a really good mother so giving her to any of the kids that don't have galeforce is a good option. I chose these two pairings because it gives Severa that oh so desirable red hair. NowiXDonny or NowiXGaius Nah still gets galeforce. Just like Panne, be careful about Nowi's second child. They will only inherit the manakyte class if they are a daughter, but they will always inherit the dragon weakness. The only thing is that Nah really doesn't need armsthrift since there is nothing special about dragonstones but this is just a leftover pairing. TharjaXAversa or TharjaXMaribelle AversaXTharja is a pairing which is Aversa's only really good pairing (the other options are Cordelia and Sully). The only problem with it is that Noire won't have access to sage so shadowgift isn't super useful and you need to wait until the end of the game. Maribelle is also a good mother for Noire but I would probably save her for Miriel since Aversa can fill the role better. GA OliviaXSully or OliviaXChrom I don't really think that Inigo really needs much so I think that Olivia is good for pairing with other mothers so she can pass galeforce down. ChercheXCordelia Cordelia gives Gerome the galeforce that he always wanted. He also gets armsthrift and Severa gets Cherche's reddish hair. Everyone wins. And that's it. It should be noted that if you want every child to have galeforce then Miriel, Panne, and Cherche all need to have wives. The remaining kids that don't have inherent access to galeforce are Noire, Nah, Kjelle, and Lucina. This means that you need 7 parents who can pass down galeforce. Gaius and Donnel can pass the pegasus knight class down to daughters and Chrom can pair with most of the mothers. This means that for everyone to have galeforce, you need at least 4 same-sex pairings. These pairings can be between the mothers, Say'ri, or Aversa. Let me know what y'all think about this analysis. If you have any comments or questions then let's discuss them. 🙂
  4. In Fates we have two bisexual characters who are not Corrin, Niles and Rhajat. If there were more bisexual characters who do you think they would be and why? This is ignoring the fact that you would miss out on children obviously. Rinkah: I believe that Rinkah could have been a bisexual character. In Japanese history, women would sometimes take on male roles in society. Becoming a blacksmith was a male role. When a female would take on a male role in society she became a third gender. This third gender was expected to marry a woman as opposed to a man. Due to this history, I think that Rinkah, a potential blacksmith, could be in a relationship with a woman, as a sort of reference. Soleil: So I don't really think that I need to explain this one here. She clearly likes girls, so she should be able to be in a relationship with one. Azura/F!Corrin: I could see this one, because the two don't become girly besties. They develop a close and serious relationship that could become more intimate. She's also path neutral. Silas: He's a nice guy whose pretty dreamy, and a childhood best friend of Corrin. He could at least maybe cross that line with Corrin, even if he wouldn't have a relationship with other guys. (But as long as he's bi you may as well make some other options) He's also path neutral so he gives gay guys a sweetheart no matter which path they choose. Benny: He doesn't really look like he'd be into guys, but his personality says otherwise. A strong woman would be a good match for him, but I could also see him forming a strong bond with a guy. Kaden: He's cute and weird. That's all I have to say about him. Keaton: Again, kind of cute and weird. He could be gay too.
  5. Lol oops. Didn't mean to be biased or anything. I just wanted to make the most childish men have a romantic relationship with Elise, because you know, she's young.
  6. What if each character could only form an S-support with 2 other characters (excluding Corrin), and one additional character from a Rev. path? Which characters would be able to have an S-support with each other? A few of my pairings would be... AzamaXSetsuna/Rinkah/Effie HayotoXSakura/Orochi/Nyx XanderXCharlotte/Selena/Hinoka RyomaXScarlet(bonus)/Kagero/Rinkah/Camilla ScarletXRyoma/(maybe some female units? She could be another bi unit) RinkahXRyoma/Azama/Benny KageroXRyoma/Saizo/Arthur OboroXTakumi/Hinata/Niles CamillaXBenny/Keaton/Ryoma TakumiXOboro/Hana/Elise LeoXNyx/Felicia/Sakura HinokaXSubaki/Silas/Xander EliseXOdin/Keaton/Takumi SakuraXHayoto/Subaki/Leo AzuraXSilas/Kaden/Laslow SilasXAzura/Hinoka/Effie MozuXKaze/Arthur/Kaden (Btw I know that this would screw people out of so many kids, but it`s just for fun so don`t worry about details)
  7. I beat the game, but didn't finish Thabes. I almost got to mini Grima then Alm died and I haven't really tried since then because I watched Thabes playthroughs. It was the only part of Echoes that I didn't play blindly.
  8. Then maybe Grima took down Chrom right before he was able to perform the Awakening. Maybe Timeline C is Timeline B where Robin still got possessed by Validar and killed Chrom.
  9. We start with Timeline A. This one is the one where Chrom was betrayed by Robin, then Lucina lived an awful life, a stone was shattered, and she went to Timeline B with her squad. Grima followed her. This world either fell into darkness or revived after Grima left. Timeline B: A few changes happened here. -Robin has dreams and visions of Grima's past memories. This allows him/her to alter fate. -Lucina helps Chrom and squad -While Grima is in the world, Risen spawn. With Risen roaming the world years prior to when they started roaming in Timeline A (in Timeline A, risen didn't exist until Grima was Awakened), Chrom and fam are able to gain more experience and forge closer bonds, making them stronger. -Thanks to those 3 factors Chrom and co are able to kill or pacify both Grimas from Timelines A&B. Timeline C: The Future Past Timeline: This is a failed Timeline B. In this timeline Grima was able to kill Naga and Chrom after Chrom's falchion was Awakened. (but Naga's spirit remained so Tiki could become new Naga). With Naga gone, Grima became extra powerful. Naga of timeline B warped Chrom in to save this timeline. I don't know what made this timeline fail. Morgan: There is much debate where Morgan comes from, due to her/his sibling remembering her/him. The best answer that I can think of, is when a person goes outside of their timeline they get memories from their self who is in the timeline. We know this because Robin got memories from Grima. My guess is that the siblings never actually knew Morgan, because in Timeline A Morgan never existed. Robin never got married and they had a random Father (or mother in Lucina's case). The reason they remember the avatar as their parent or Morgan as their sibling is because their future (maybe unborn) self in timeline B is messing with their memories. Morgan exists in Timeline C, because Timeline C is just a failed Timeline B. That's my theory anyways. Thanks for reading.
  10. Given your ideas I think this theory makes the most sense: Grima awakened and focused on killing other things that got in his way, (like Tiki who was able to use Naga's power to ward Grima for a long time.)
  11. Well? What do you got? Like what was Grima doing her whole life?
  12. In Lucina's future most of the main cast dies, but there are a few exceptions like Lissa. So my question is: Is there anywhere in the game that states, implies, or denies Flavia's survival or death in Lucina's future? I assume that it is unknown whether she survived or not, but I am wondering if there is anywhere in the game.
  13. I would comment, but I agree with what others have said.
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