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  1. I updated my old MeMU with the 7.1 Gapps and it works a little more better than the, so thanks again to Mental_Offense and all the guys for the upgrade.
  2. I wish this forum had the "Like" feature that a lot of other ones have, this twitter picture is about my two passions in life together <3
  3. Suzuki Corrin MKI and Chevrolet Xander, not so bad as ideas.
  4. The "Alm" name sounds like a Hyundai's branding pattern.
  5. Soul proposes the Micaiah 1-9 4-turn to be banned. It will force basically every player to RNG abuse to get her Spd up, otherwise you just fall behind hard. It's just stressful to pull off, and people will get away saying they got "lucky".
  6. It's a minor problem, so take all the time you want! Thank you a lot for the response and having this resource in place.
  7. Name: Nico Nico Ni. Friend ID: 9346868184. Lead: PA!Azura +RES -DEF | TAdept 3 - Wings of Mercy 3 - Drive SPD x2 (2/1). I also wanted to make aware to @Elieson that the list has a sketchy font-color problem, I'm using the dark theme "Night Forest" and there are a people data with unreadable text. I'm sorry if I bother with this kind of things, I'm accustomed to dark themes for anything ^^'.
  8. I'm scratching my head to find how to upload an image to use it as signature, the "oldies" (Photobucket and bunch) are really restrictives these times.
    Maybe I shouldn't use a sig..

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