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  1. Por-*this comment has been censored*
  2. Banned for assuming the above user's age.
  3. Because they have a chibi sprite profile pic.
  4. I'd exterminate them with possibly a machine gun. What would you do it a Pokemon grew attached to you?
  5. Purple green and yellow. Not too sure about my least faves.
  6. Pop Team Epic is one of my personal favorites. Are you random?
  7. Banned for having an old meme in your sig
  8. You are not allowed to be a mad manakete! You must be a happy manakete!
  9. Banned for liking the same FE as me.
  10. A good unit and a good character indeed! I love him oh so much. <3
  11. What are your thoughts on my favorite FE character, Saul?
  12. You are not allowed to pick a girl!
  13. Gokigenyou! My name is Miracle-Flora, and I'm a huge fan of Fire Emblem! It's super duper nice to meet ya!
  14. True Fire Emblem fans don't like Heroes!
  15. Why do you assume that I lewd family members? Incest is gross.
  16. Flora. Which character would you see working as a chef?
  17. Wow. Pretty judgmental of you, asshole.
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