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  1. I know I'm way late and this has probably long been abandoned, but I just wanna say thank you. I'm a massive FE4 fan and this is not only an amazing, high quality remake but it manages to refresh the game while still feeling faithful. I'm on chapter 2 now and genuinely enjoying everything. Thanks a bunch, OP. Really.
  2. FE12: Ogma FE6: Rutger (that clutch 106% critical) FE4:Sigurd FE14:Ryoma FE13:Walhart FE7:Hector FE8: Ephraim FE9: Titania
  3. Thanks for the tips. I had totally forgot about Silence staves, and I'll definitely try the flier and Rescue methods.
  4. If they're going to be an attacker, I'd say Lifetaker would be more suitable simply because you can recover HP on any kill, whereas Bow breaker is gonna be more passive, giving that unit an advantage only over units with bows/yumi's.
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