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    I play a plethora of video games, Sonic the Hedgehog, Pokemon, Fire Emblem, Smash Brothers, Kid Icarus, Star Fox, Xenoblade and some others to name a few. I also am a musician. My favorite game in FE is FE7 because it was my introduction to the series I have played awakening and (JP) Fates.
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  1. I have remembered my password returned 

  2. What skills should I have on my Laswald/Laslow? I currently have Rend Heaven, Duelist's Blow, Strong Riposte and Good Fortune. Apparently, Line of Death/Life and Death are really good on him.
  3. Long time no see everyone!

  4. Ok,so you know how in chapter 16 of conquest you have to interrogate soldiers right? Is there anyway to prevent a lot of money from being stolen this chapter? Also, Is ashura always the soldier you talk to? Because he is for me most of the playthroughs I've done. Any help at all will be appreciated!
  5. This thread is going to be mainly disscussing the Supports from FE7. Which one was your favorite? Least? Also please keep in mind I haven't read ALL the supports in the game. I also don't care about spoilers (for example a characters background)
  6. Let's make a baby Castle Address: 18427-46479-60410-61917 IGN: Edward
  7. Oh I'll still use Ghostly Gold but don't you get really basic weapons the first time you complete it? If so I'll just sell those.
  8. What about the one that rewards weapons (not sure of the name at the moment) can I at least gring money off of those weapons?
  9. Ok so it's obviously impossible to grind exp in Conquest. But what if you abuse the DLC? Does it help even a little? I need to promote a few characters and a few units need to be a higher level because the final chapters 2nd part is where I really have trouble and at least one unit dies because they didn't have good enough stats. Can anyone help?
  10. No, I get it. When it's so bad I had to edit the post the first time? Yeah, let's just talk about something else, eh?
  11. And as a former MU x Olivia guy, "I'm just barely resisting tearing apart the OP." I almost broke a sweat at that. This whole thread was a bust wasn't it?
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