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  1. Heya Reinfleche! Hopefully these questions are alright~ 1. What made you pick Reinfleche as a nickname? 2. While I'm at it, I still don't know where "The People's Champion" comes from, can I ask about that? 3. Do you have a favorite FE character? :o I'll stick to these three for now. ^^'
  2. Getting a picture makes sense, my bad. I have come prepared this time! (Also that Eliwood has been really good in the VG!)
  3. 6. So now that I'm as cool as you, what's the first thing I should do? 7. Is there a way to discover the meaning of a? 8. If one should discover its meaning, how much will it impact their life? 9. How many of my theories are actually accurate? It's okay if none of them are, I enjoy making them. 10. Are there any changes I should make to my Navarre in FEH? I kind of feel like he's missing something. I debated giving him a Wo Dao, but I'm not sure about it yet.
  4. Woah, I guess I understand the bit about other discord bots giving useless levels. That's a cool idea to expand upon. :o But okay, I guess I'm as cool as Haru is guys, I'm rolling with it now. B)
  5. 1. What made you decide to start HaruFE? 2. What do you make of the huge community that's growing around it? 3. Is there something in the game that you'd want to change, or something you regret ever adding at all? 4. Is there a single rule even you cannot break? 5. How do I become as cool as you?
  6. I suppose with all of the votes going her way, I should join in. ~rps... wait, that's not what this is for! @#!/dev/haru I dunno what on Earth I could ask you, perhaps it's time to brainstorm.
  7. This is coming along nicely, my bad I wasn't around to help. ^^'
  8. Hey! I agree with you on Blazing sword, it's my favourite FE as well! ^^ Welcome by the way. \0/
  9. Hey! Welcome and take it easy! \0/
  10. What about Cervantes from Awakening? Nothing quite like moustache invincibility. :P
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