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  1. Finally maxed out Roy's merge levels, he's now as strong as he'll ever get!

    Roy Maxed Out.png

  2. Slightly disappointed that Sigurd lost, but whatever, its just a measly 500 feathers anyway. Just glad I pulled an Ephraim during the duration of this VG and he was fun to build and use during the event.
  3. Another Voting Gauntlet, another win for Tharja...

  4. Still got about 8 more Merges until he reaches his maximum potential, but he's getting there!

    Roy Maxed Out.png

  5. Getting 30,000 points in Tempest Trials was a pain in the ass, but it was worth it!

    Marth Heroes.jpg

  6. Smite Corrin with the Sword of Seals, cuz he/she is a dragon after all!
  7. MyManZephiel (this one is kinda charming actually)
  8. Finished another Hero, he's actually pretty useful

    Xander Heroes.png

  9. Finished making ya boi OP!

    Roy Heroes 2.png

    1. aniallator


      this is the face of our true boy


  10. One of the units who consistently gets the shaft for me is Ricken. He very rarely gets Magic Growths for me prior to Promotion, and instead ends up with a lot of Luck and Skill that I can't take advantage of, because his damage output is darn low.
  11. While I recognize that Fates is superior in terms of game design and balance, I like Awakening's cast so much more than Fates' that it shifts my opinion in favor of Awakening. (Plus the older Fire Emblem fanservice like the Legacy characters and Legendary weapons is pretty cool too )
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